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Anyone know what this type is called - I saw it in a magazine somewhere. No shoulder straps, just goes around the torso, but this particular one seemed to have a padded/supported seat for the baby - not just a cloth. I've been trying to google, but I can't find it. TIA
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Ask this on TheBabyWearer.com
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I've seen the ads in Mothering..its an AA woman with a baby on her back, right? Great....now its gonna bug me...
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Yeah, that's the one Lotus - I have a couple copies of Mothering, but I just moved and I don't know where they are.
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I think this is what you are referring to:

I don't think it's sold in the US anymore, at least I couldn't find anywhere.

I actually have a new one if you want one cheap.

But to be honest, I never used it since I liked so many of my other carriers and it doesn't get good reviews from others. It's a good concept, I think they made it more complex than necessary.
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Those look neat but the price confuses me...are they really over 100dollars!!!!
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Originally Posted by UmmIbrahim View Post
Those look neat but the price confuses me...are they really over 100dollars!!!!
I don't think that's US dollars is it? I think when they were new they were only about $60 or so?
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Yes, that's the one I was looking for! Is it hard to get on? My 2 month old has reflux and wants to stay upright all day long. I want something I can wear him on my back and get him in and out fairly easily. I have a regular wrap, but it's too complicated for me. This appealed to me, cause my shoulder have been sore from my regular sling. I might be interested in buying yours - how much would you want? (You can pm me if you want.)
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I would suggest trying a Kanga. it really is the most comfortable carry I have found for housework. They typically are only about 15.00. Here's a site, I hope it helps! http://www.peppermint.com/kanga-baby-sling.html
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It was called The Baby Wrap. I'm auctioning off my used one on the TP right now. (Is it ok to say that? Just thought it was pertinent.) I've had lots of carriers and it wasn't my favorite, but there are some good things about it, like no shoulder straps, holds baby close, you can be mostly skin-to-skin, etc.
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if it's a torso carry it's a Khanga or kanga they sell them fairly cheaply online

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