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2008 in 2008 February thread

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10 more random items - mostly recycled

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5 socks without a mate left
3 pairs of socksthat I've never likesare going to the thrift store in the AM
along with 3 items of baby clothing
2 toys hit the trash after travelling through toddler poo

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Wanted to update my numbers here:

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Total from January 1163/2008

239 more items gone!


17 cans of old paint off to recycling depot
8 bottles of motor oil off to oil recycling drop off
57 books
23 toys
4 backpacks
6 Avent bottles
1 Avent microwave bottle sterilizer
10 receiving blankets
20 baby washcloths
5 pacifiers still in original packaging
1 baby food grinder
1 LARGE computer desk with a hutch
1 book of experiments sold for $10
26 articles of clothing
1 framed poster from Ikea
1 Baby backpack
1 old jolly jumper in the trash
16 assorted babyproofing items

And a whole bunch of other stuff

New total 1402/2008
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Ok, Baby makes 4, it's time for you to spill the tips and tricks to getting so much done in such big chunks! I know you have moving motivation, but wow!
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I am trying my best to declutter. I am moving and expecting #4 in September so both great motivators. Haven't counted though!
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Got rid of 28 more items today! Random gift bags that I won't use, ugly wrapping paper that we won't use, boxes that someone else can use when they move, some extra hand towels, wash rags, and a few work out clothes.

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At last count in January I was at 469/2008...

just a few items over the last couple of days:
a candy mold
a microwave
a jar full of twist ties (I swear I've had those for years

= 472/2008
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Cleaned out under the bathroom sink while DS was having a bath tonight and trashed/recycled a dozen things.

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11 items found in DS drawer. Hes growing like a weed!

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Haven't been on for a while so just going to update my numbers.

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25 more items to trash/recycling:

17 old magazines (and there will be more )
3 catalogs
3 random medicine cabinet items
2 old cat toys

New total 101

I'm on a mission for the next couple of days so I hope to be adding a bunch more!
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let me just say how much i love freecycle. i'm passsing on some stationary and bathroom stuff tomorrow and i'm thinking of counting each card and envelope separately
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Absolutely nothing happened while we recovered from a nasty bug, but I'm back in the swing again!

(1) 10 compartment hanging shoe rack - sent to MDC mama
(22) undergarments - tossed
(1) pair of ripped, unrepairable jeans - tossed
(3) pictures - put up on walls where they belong, instead of stacked on the floor

Total: 271/2008
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Sold a Djembe on craigs list!
Boy, that piece was taking up a whole corner in our bedroom. Feels nice to have it gone!

I also sold homeschool books and a Nintendo game!

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My totals today

To trash:
5 half used lotions
1 shampoo
Broken heating pad

To compost:
7 things

To Goodwill:
1 pair of pants
1 top
1 bike helmet
5 plastic balls
2 drain covers
1 jump rope
1 sweatshirt
1 coupon holder
1 Fitness and Nutrition Journal
1 cordless phone

To friend:
1 bike seat

TOTAL: 587/2008
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Nothing new to post, just finding the new thread for Feb

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