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Which books to read???

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Please give me your insight ladies...

I am anti vax and have done as much of the web reading as I can wade through...

Which books do y'all highly recommend? I'm specifically interesed in books that have the referneces to back up their contentions. Don't care how long it is....

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My dh and I just got done reading "The Vaccine Book" by Dr Sears. It was interesting even though he is a selective vaxer, still worth a read, IMO.
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I really like the book "Immuzainations: The People Speak!" by Neil Miller.
It is in Q&A format. Very easy reading and very insightful!
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I came here to see the consensus on Sears' book.....can you elaborate,PP? I did recall reading him taking a pro-vax stance on some vaxes.
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I heard the Sherri Tenpenny video was good...although I have never seen it myself. Would anyone else recommend this?

Here is the book that is the same as the video I think. http://www.amazon.com/Vaccines-What-...1912685&sr=8-1

And she has several others listed on Amazon as well. More "parent" oriented.
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Vaccines, A Thoughtful Parents Guide by Aviva Romm


How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor by Mendelsohn

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Originally Posted by blessed2bamommie View Post
I came here to see the consensus on Sears' book.....can you elaborate,PP? I did recall reading him taking a pro-vax stance on some vaxes.
He comes across as more of a selective vaxer then a pro-vaxer to me. He never came right out and said you need X vaccine, but did suggest a few are worth getting.
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The best book I've ever read was by Aviva Jill Romm - Vaccines: A thoughtful Parents' Guide.

It has a foreword by Dr. Sears but is way better than his and is much more accurate. Mostly I like it because it is totally unbiased.
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I highly recommend Dr. Jay Gordon's DVD - Vaccines. Loved it, and one of his best lines "breastfeeding is more important than Vaccinating"...or something around those lines...
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Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
I read both of those and agree. The first gives a herbalist and nurse's perspective, and the second (written by a physician) seemed to give a good balanced perspective (ie. there are risks either way...just balance them in making the decision that's right for your situation). Both contained references to all statements made.

In Canada, the Canadian Pediatric Society published "Your Child's Best Shot" and it's the standard recommended reading by the medical establishment. So...to be fair I read it. While it presented some good information on the diseases, I was amazed that there was NOT ONE reference to any information they presented. And it was completely biased towards vaccinating and obviously targeted towards those who fear mercury; Each vaccine had a section where they listed ingredients... Get this: All they said after the heading "ingredients" was that "this vaccine does not contain mercury". Like we're stupid enough to think there's nothing else. And to top it all off, it is disclosed on the second or third page that the principal author is also a PAID consultant to three pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines. Canada is definitely not immune to incestuous ties between public health policy-makers/influencers and pharma-companies! So any fellow crazy canucks out there - don't waste your time on this one!

In Canada, I also referenced the BC Centre for Disease Control website that has reports on disease outbreaks. This really helped. For example, the most recent report indicated there had not been one case of acute Hepatitis B in anyone under the age of 18! Surpise surprise...all those needle sharing babies in daycares (ha). However, meningitis and pertussis were more frequent than I thought.
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Pertussis is more frequent than anyone thinks. It is endemic. In spite of many, many years of intensive vaxing. Herd immunity doesn't work for pertussis, either from vaxing or from having the disease.
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Thanks y'all. I ordered "...A thoughtful parent's guide" from Amazon. With twins on the way (almost here) I'm going to take it one book at a time.
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I'm really appreciating Neil Miller's Vaccine Safety Manual. For the most part it reads like pretty straight reporting of data and facts. His ire was definitely raised in the Measles chapter when reporting the Senegal/Los Angeles outrage. But when he gets editorial, you can easily hear his change in tone, and it hasn't happened too often. Granted, I'm only halfway through it.
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