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Talk About the Little Things We Did *February Edition*

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I remember reading somewhere in TAO that super long threads were slowing down the server and seeing how popular the "talk about the little things" thread was doing I thought I would make a February Edition where we can post the things we've done thus far this month and what we would like to accomplish.
Here is the original thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=823790

I for one want to organize the top drawer of the computer desk and pack away clothes DS grew out of very soon and today I reorganized DS toy area.

Good job in advance and good luck everyone!
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ripped off all the tacky wall paper in our bathroom. It's been bugging me for 3 years.

That's it. I was way lazy today.
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Today was a pretty good day for me... I'm really on a cleaning and organizing kick!

I put away most of our dishes into storage, leaving only two or three of everything in our cupboard. What a difference! No more mountains of dishes, no more stumbling upon mountains of glasses hidden in DP's office, no more trying to cram everything into our tiny cupboard!! And it just looks a lot cleaner too. Yay.

I also finally got rid of some hardcore stains on DD's white shirts... from a tip on here to use Oxi clean and boiling water. Worked miracles and it made my day! I am thrilled about it!

I started fly lady, and my sink has never looked better!! woohoo!

organized my bathroom.

Got high chair and exersaucer ready to sell.

Added more junk to my donation pile to be taken away tomorrow!
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DH and I went through our 'keeper boxes', giant tubs of mementos and such. We had three stuffed full, plus another smaller one for DD that I still need to locate. We downsized to one each, plus one for DD that is mostly empty until I locate the small tub. Very proud of DH for how much he got rid of this time!!

The house is also totally clean since I was scheduled to have a daycare interview tonight, but they didn't show up. No worries about cleaning in the morning when my Foster DD's CASA is coming to visit.
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oo, great work! i walked a long, long way today and with the sleep deprivation, i didn't accomplish much else! i did get a car share membership

i have begun walking around with a silent mantra of 'home'. i pick up and object, put it in its home. home, home, home. i get a lot done even though i'm a zombie today!

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Today I washed six loads of laundry and actually folded and PUT AWAY four of them. I also cleaned out the "junk" drawer in my dresser and turned it into a much needed sock drawer. Along the way I found six shirts and a pair of pants to donate.
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These "little" things that you all have been doing, are awesome. I remember that I also removed and xmas cards and pics from the fridge and put up a pen and pad of paper and I have to say it looks so much less cluttered in the kitchen. Keep up the good work everyone.
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I listed my crib, the mattress, and the bedding (& mobile) all on craigslist today. My DS never used it, but it still makes me sad. I hope it sells quickly. DH saw me list it and kept making me up the price, so now I'm worried it will be a long and painful process ~ or worse, I won't update it and never sell it. Ugh.
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It has been a week since I started doing 10 min challenges & just general d,o,&s Its working!!!Thats what I did yesterday
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Continued to organize the canning closet. I should seriously post before & after pictures. I'm thrilled that I finally managed to tackle that monster!
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For the last 2 days I went through all the baby clothes and maternity clothes I was hoarding... ummmm. saving. Almost everything has found a good new home. It felt great.
I really want to paint my small bathroom this month. There. I said it out loud.
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Great job everyone, I like seeing all the successes!

Last night I walked threw each room in the downstairs and EVERY single little thing that was out of place, went home. Everything, including all toys and books, which I do often, but even those litttle things that have been sitting in the same place for weeks. Now the blender, some earrings, misc candles, movies, everything is put away. What a difference it makes!

Hoping to finish our bedrooms today.
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I started a home management binder as posted in this thread:


The binder is a work in progress, but off to a great start!

I also didn't go out and buy the 3" binder, instead I FINALLY cleaned out the 3" binder that has been sitting on my desk with all my nursing school notes from over 5 years ago!!!

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Brought 7 bags to Salvation Army - an assortment of mixing bowls and kitchen utensils, extra bowls and plates and coffee mugs. The kitchen is so much easier to maintain when we have enough plates for everyone but not oodles extra. Loving it!

Vaccuumed the brick around my fireplace and the ceiling in that room - wow! what a difference. Finally understand that little Dyson attachment!
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This is more of a big thing than a little thing.

Dh and I emptied his home office, yesterday. I've washed the floor and am taking a break in the middle of waxing it. The wax needs to set up for a few before buffing. We have a great electric upright buffer that is fun to use. We plan to get the new (not actually new) furniture moved in by early evening so dh can get started on sorting his odds and ends back in, reset up his computer, etc. It'll be nice for him to have desks the right height for the computer. I just hope everything fits that we want to get in there!

And I hope to get a nap this afternoon.
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that's intense, 4ever!

i pulled the greenery off of the planters and hanging baskets to let the bulbs show off their sprouting greens, took the girls cycling to soccer despite terrific sleep-deprivation, decanted lots of dried goods into glass jars, soaked two types of beans, and now i'm hoping to take out a bunch of recycling on my way to the butcher + the library. i set up dates to pick up a free jogging stroller raincover (yay!) from one mdc mum and free worms for my compost from another mdc mum (hurrah!) and a new library card from a different district, this week!

i cannot wait to take away all the stuff for storage + giving away. even taking out the garbage is like a cleanse

i also spotted three double-debits during my banking, so i have over $450 coming back to me!!

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I have just cleaned out my laundry cupboard, including a couple of bags of rubbish (mostly rags we never use that had gone moldy). I have labelled all the shelves - cleaning products, laundry products, etc. - and am in the process of putting things back, but only the things we actually use.

I am 10 weeks pg and have been nesting for the last five - perhaps by the time I get big I'll have most things done and be able to relax!
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Today I went through and sorted my toddlers clothes. Folded them, organized them and put them away. I also weeded out two big boxes of outgrown clothes and will be donating them on tuesday.
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In celebration of Imbolc, we did a little spring cleaning today and brought a trunkload of electronics, housewares, and clothes to Goodwill. I also freecycled a bag of maternity clothes and set aside a bunch of others to send to a pregnant friend. The last batch of clothes got its pictures taken and uploaded to photobucket so I can list them for sale tomorrow. I told myself if I didn't get the pictures done today, I'd freecycle the clothes, because I knew if I put it off, it would never get done.
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i removed a few more items of clothing from our closets that will be better for spring, but i'd really like to pull out everything and store things by size - some adult clothing doesn't currently fit

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