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The Ants have taken over my house (mostly the kitchen). know of any non-toxic remedies to make them go away????
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I wipe them all up with a damp towel. Then when it's dry, take a dry bar of soap and draw a line around the area they're entering from. There's something about the soap -- I don't know if they don't like it on their feet, or if it tastes bad, or what, but they won't cross the soap. We've used this trick for years!
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I've heard that ants will not cross a chalk line - and they do not like the scent of hot pepper sauce (like tabasco). worth a try.

We tried it for termites and it worked, but never used it on ants.
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Thanks for the tip SoHappy. I have been using euclayptus oil, but the soap works too and is a lot less smelly I just tried it. It will probably last longer too.
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Thank you for this thread!
We have ants in ds' room. I will have to try the soap.
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I was just coming in here to post this very same question! We moved into a 10 yr.old house last June and on the second or third day after the move it was like a scene from Amityville Horror with ants coming in swarms in several rooms! We've had the Terminix guy come and spray outside once a month during the summer months, but I would really like to find a non-toxic solution for inside the house especially. I really think the house must be sitting on top of a huge colony! Yuck!! I've already seen a few ants here and there inside, so I'll give the soap thing a try and see how that works. Any particular kind or just any kind? Thanks for posting this question!

mom of Megan and Emma
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I too have a serious ant problem. They are everywhere - even in areas with no food! They swarm in the bathroom, kitchen, and computer room. I tried ant traps but they don't work. Every day I kill hundreds of them with bleach, but they just keep coming back!
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Make celery water by boiling celery and store it in a squirt bottle. Use it to wipe down counters floors wherever you see the ants. It erases the chemical trail that the ant leaves for its friends to follow so instead of a million ants you only have one or two. I did this for 2 weeks in my last apartment and then never needed it again.
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I have also read that ants do not like citrus, so I use a citrus cleaner on all floor surfaces in the kitchen and bath. We don't have much of an ant problem here, but we did in our old house and that helped a lot.

Anyone know a healthy way to get rid of moths? Our new apartment seems to have a huge population hanging out in the kitchen, mostly.
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I think vinegar will do the same thing as the celery water. I have also used baby powder as a 'fence' that they won't cross. The soap sounds less messy. Ants communicate by chemical deposits that they read with their feet, so certain things really bother them to walk over and disrupt their communication.
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peppermint oil

I have heard that peppermint oil will work. I bought some, but have not had an "ant attack" since I bought it.
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I tired microwaving some of the ants and still they did not die! I don't understand. Also they once got into the refrigerator.
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Greaseball, how exactly did you go about putting them in the microwave?
DH bought some of that Martha Stewart mint spray at KMart and it kills them in just a few seconds. It doesn't seem to discourage them from coming back, though.
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They were already crawling around in there. Ha ha!
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