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oceanone and gina,
ditto sparklin's note. . . and thank you for reminding me how lucky i am!
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I can't put it any better than Sparklin but Oceanone and Gina, you are both in my thoughts and I hope that things get better for you soon.

lots of and
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((((((((((((((Oceanone and Gina)))))))))))))) feel better soon

Well, I have had an interesting few days. I had a GI virus and got dehydrated to the point that my MW told me to go into L&D Triage. So we went but since I am less than 16 weeks pg (barely!!) I had to go to the ER. I waited for 3 hours then I was finally put in a room and given some IV fliuds, labs checked, baby checked. I am feeling a bit better now. I am just glad the baby is fine and there are no other problems.

This pg has been so much harder than the last 2, I hope that's not a sign.

I am going to put a belly shot in. I am HUGE for being due March 5.

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Oceanone and Gina, I too hope that all goes well with you and that your bleeding stops quickly! It's wonderful that your babies are doing so well and that they are obviously thriving despite the problems with bleeding, though, so hopefully all will be well. And Oceanone, I'm sure it is great to know what is actually happening. I think we all try to be as low tech as possible here, as much as our comfort levels and our needs allow...so if I were in your shoes I'd be doing the exact same thing with the ultrasounds!! Take care of yourself!

2girlsmom, what a scare! Glad that everything looks good, though...and if this is your third pregnancy, and you've got two munchkins to chase around, it's bound to be hard on you. Take it easy! Can't wait to see a belly shot!

Sparklin, here's my theory on that great big belly o' yours...since you haven't felt movement yet, and the preg. test didn't come back positive till July, I think you will be due in March with twins or one big baby. Are there any other reasons you would be measuring ahead?? But I'm definitely leaning towards the twins...not that it might help your sanity much!!!! Time will tell, I guess!!

Bebeluna, nice belly for you, too!! And it sounds like your birthplan is exactly what you need...which is what it should be. How are things going with the roommate and job? Does Talin like to play with the little girl, and do you enjoy the company of the mother? Hope all is well!

Steph, sounds like the right decision about u/s! And I was on a different but non-ap message board my first pregnancy and it did grate on me at times. Glad to have found this place as well!

yogamamaof2+1, "the house is trashed" Ah, and isn't it so funny that no matter how messy it is the kids never mind?? Hopefully baby will cooperate and you'll get to bond with your boy or girl as a boy or girl in utero...

I don't really feel like I look as pregnant as you ladies do, but when I wear more belly emphasizing clothes I do look about 3 months pregnant, so that's right I guess. I went through my maternity clothes and boy, how pathetic!! I somehow made it through my last pregnancy with about 7 shirts (from two seasons) and 3 pairs of pants in each of two sizes, plus one pair of overalls. Probably won't buy any more clothes, but maybe I'll sew myself some shirts for fun My uterus has just gotton so big lately, by my estimate it's now at about 16/17 weeks, but I have an appt. with my back up doctor on Tues so we'll see what he says. I have also been feeling definite movement, yea!! I spend my sleepless time feeling my belly, and this morning one of my cats came a purring and lay down right on my uterus, which the new baby seemed to enjoy. The cats both did that a lot with Peri, too, and sometimes when she was big enough to kick back they'd get startled, but it was like they couldn't stay away from my belly.

Sigh, anyone have second thoughts about paying out of pocket for a homebirth?? I know that I'll relish the experience, and that I definitely do not like the hospital that my HMO uses, but at the same time we could use that money for so many other things!! I've been working 30 hours a week doing childcare, and still I only get about $200 a week from it...not quite enough to pay my share. And DH has his grad school preliminary exam coming up in January, so he's working a bit less this semester. Maybe he'll work more next semester or next summer, but sometimes I feel he's just an underachiever and would rather take out student loans than work (we've already got tons, all from him, and I just dread having to pay them back). But he never spends money, and I do spend some on my hobbies, so who knows?? Sometimes I feel like if there were only an easier way...And I know that if I could somehow drop the insurance through his work I'd qualify for the state pregnant women's health care and they would pay for a homebirth with my midwife!! It's so frustrating that our country is so goofed up on it's care. And since I've been reading all these pregnancy/birth books for my doula classes the ironies hit home, sigh...
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Okay email address for belly shots:


this will only be for belly shot pictures and I will post them online once a week (prolly on Thursdays). I will then post the link on the March due mammas thread.

This will be so darn fun!
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Hi Ladies,
Just checking in. I am glad to see that some are feeling better; I have all of you experiencing problems in my thoughts. And great belly shots! Mine is sticking out now (MW says uterus is tipped really forward), but its just pushing out the little "pooch" of fluff that was still left (I had lost a ton of weight before getting pg).
I feel like I am having a relapse of ms. The past two days I just want to sleep, have that nasty metallic taste in my mouth like in the beginning. And I had really started to feel great. Hopefully it won't last. Then I began to wonder if I had managed to get pregnant again! I actually knew a woman that had that happen. She was pg with her husband but didn't realize it, left him and had a fling with a stranger and apparantly got pg by him too. She said she was mighty surprised when she delivered twins, the girl was a fair redhead like her and exdh, the boy (a few weeks younger) was a dusky brunette like her fling. Can you imagine!
I spent the past week reading up on homebirth, particularily UC. Boy, I am smitten with the idea now. Good thing since the birth center plans are a scrub now. I am actually really looking forward to the birth now, as opposed to the mild trepidation I felt before. I was really worried that somehow I would get transferred for a c/s again and there is just NO WAY I am going to let that happen (unless a true dire emergency of course). And since I would have had to be in the hospital anyway, that is just too close to a surgeon for my comfort, progressive hospital or not. As you said in another thread to me Sparklin, maybe the birth center closing IS a blessing in disguise (for me at least, I still think it a valuable resource that shouldn't be lost in the community). I never would have looked into UC seriousely if my original plans had not gone amok.
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hi march mamas,
thanks all for the kind words of support- it surprises me how comforted i am when someone notices and says "hello in there"-
i have a question: is anyone experiencing pubic pain- don't know how else to describe it- an aching in the pubic bone area?- due to my bleeding and paranoia i don't know how to guage normal preg. symptoms- i was so busy when preg. w/my dd i didn't even notice a lot- anyone feeling this odd ache?
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Yeeeeessss! I am. And I think it's exactly what you are talking about--deep in the crotch (sorry but that word explains it best) and it definitely feels like a bone thing. For me, this is exacerbated by walking/jogging and other exercises where there is a constant back and forth leg movement. I had this with my second pregnancy, but it started much later. This time it started almost immediately. My thought is that it's the softening hormones already at work.
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I had that crotch pain with my second child. I was amazed at how early it started. It felt at times like my pubic bone was going to split in half. I haven't had it with this one, so I don't know what's up. Maybe it's because there is more time between this pregnancy and my last as there was between the first two.

I've been feeling pretty good lately. I'm still tired a lot, but I can live with it. Since school has started I don't really get a chance to nap often, scheduling conflict with pickup..:

I'm 14 1/2 wks and I haven't felt anything close to movement, though I have to be honest and say that I'm not paying attention. I'll likely feel movement around 16 or 17 weeks for sure, before that I waver between "was it or wasn't it" so I just wait till it catches me by surprise.

My dh loves my little tummy. He thinks that I'm very sexy and beautiful when I'm pregnant. It's pretty sweet to have someone think you're beautiful when you're feeling fat.

I've been so crabby lately. I've had this headache that I can't quite get rid of. It's behind my left eye and it's driving me nuts. I've resorted to Tylenol as it's the only thing that makes it tolerable. It will finally go almost totally away, but it's still there just enough to let me know it will be back. I hate the headache month of pregnancy.
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gina, I'm joining your club for achy crotches I have been overwhelmed with how many different sensations I've felt this time around. My midwife says it's not unusual for 2nd and 3rd time pregnancies to make you feel more physical sensations/aches/pains than the first, which is just the opposite of how I thought it should be. And I feel really uncomfortable with a seatbelt on right now, too. I think it's because 'niblet' is just above my pubic bone and gets squished by the belt.

I got a cold Friday, and after 2 days of ineffective homeopathics I finally broke down today and tried some of that Afrin decongestant spray. Dr. Sear's recommends it in the pregnancy book as the safest treatment for congestion/sinus infection. Since I'm way too prone to sinus infections, I thought I'd give it a try. The stuff is HORRIBLE. Maybe it's because I'm not used to medication like that, but it totally burned my nasal passages for 2 hours and made it feel like I had swabbed my sinuses with wasabi. And it tasted nasty, too. Next time I think I'll go straight for the wasabi!

do you recommend any books about UC? I am happy with my midwives, but they are pretty far away (1 1/2 hours), and I feel I need to know more this time around in case the baby is ready to come before they arrive.

Bathrobe Goddess: You Rock!!!! I am so exicted, I'm going to go get the camera right now!

Take care everyone,
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Hi Sahara,
I don't have any book recomendations, I've been surfing the web right now. Here's a link to a birth story by a woman who had three UC. She has lots of book recomendations and other info in one of the chapters, as well as a really amazing story.http://www.birthlove.com/~naturalbaby/index.html .
I'm sorry you have a cold, there are two things you could try. Peppermint oil (diluted) rubbed on the sinuses is really great for opening up stuffy noses. Also, have you ever used a netti pot? I got one when I had a horrible sinus infection last winter. You fill it with warm salt water and flush out your nasal cavity. It can be really gross, but oh what relief. My infection was so bad that I had blood and little green "aliens" coming out (sorry it TMI), but it cleared up in a couple of days just using the netti pot, no medication at all. Hope you're feeling better soon.
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aretmesia, thanks so much for the link and the info! What a great resource for learning more about UC.
I have been doing the steam inhaling with eucalyptus, but hadn't even thought of a neti pot. I'm going to call DH and see if he can pick one up on the way home from work!
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Hello everyone~
First off I want to send big hugs and support to all the mamas w/ bleeding, aching, and nausea! I hope all this will pass soon!

No "aching crotch" here... but plenty of rouynd ligament pains. Ouch!! I didn't have that at all w/ ds!

Hey Jish, I was having headaches like that also. I feel for ya! I have heard that hadaches in 2nd trimester can be quite common... due to hormones (of course!).

I agree w/ one of the other mamas whose theory is that you either have a big baby or twins. It seems to make sense once I think about it. If you didn't test posative until July and aren't yet feeling movement...
Are you getting an u/s??

overall I feel pretty good. My appetite has definately decreased, but my energy has increased. No physical complaints, other than the round ligament pains. I love watching my belly blossom! My roomate is working out good. Talin gets along pretty well w/ her daughter. My only compalint is all her Barbie paraphanelia... and their bad diet. My son tends to want to eat what they are eating and it is so different from our diet. But they leave each day at 8:00 am and don't return until 6 or 7 pm, so at least there's a big chunk of time he isn't exposed.
Dh is doing great. 2 months being sober now. We are getting along great. I think our next step is counseling to move past the difficulties of the past year.
Anyways, I am looking forward to all your belly shots. I will email a new one this week!
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Hi everyone,

Sorry for not checking in for so long. I've been sooooo sick! The Zofran helped with the vomiting but not the nausea and I was basically bedridden. I actually had to go on short-term disability from work!

I am sort of better now, but have a nasty chest cold so am coughing up a storm. Today's my the first day of my second trimester so I am hoping things will look up from here.

I will try to write to each of you later. Hope all is going well!
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Hope it's not too late to join you!

Hi there March mamas!
I hope it's not too late to join you...I've been lurking for awhile.
I'm due on March 29...and I am so glad to have a great board like this one! I love Mothering mag!

We had 1 miscarriage last October, so this will be our first child. We are very very excited and are looking forward to a homebirth/waterbirth w/midwife. I've had a pretty "normal" first trimester...just nausea and fatigue.

I've been married just over 3 years and I'm loving every minute of it. I look forward to getting to know y'all better! I posted my belly pic to the email...hope to see all of your bellies soon!

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Welcome Joyfulmama17! Glad you're here. There's a lot of homebirht mamas And, no -- it's never too late to join. All you need is a somewhat accurate due date of March and you're in. What a club, huh? Wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy!

Thyme glad you're somewhat better. Hope you can get over that cold and onto bigger and better things like enjoying the 2nd trimester.

So I'm beginning to feel less morning sickness. I've actually had a few days without it here and there. I'm hoping that's the trend. With my son I was sick until 16 weeks. I've been looking at my positive test date, my belly and my symptoms and I think I'm definatly due in March. Probably mid-March. That was confirmed today when I had a MW appnt. Looks like that's where I'm at officially! Yeah, I'm a March afterall!

Also, I think this is just one baby. I think I just show fast. And, I think it's a boy. Ok, that's all for my predictions tonight. Hope all of you are feeling good and enjoying your growing bellies!
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Claire, sounds like you've found some peace, and I'm really glad that you'll be with us for the long haul. It would have been so sad if you left!!!

I think you're right that you may just show early...how much did your midwife measure you as yesterday? My uterus has really just sprouted in the last few weeks, going from barely noticable by my midwife at 12 weeks to a 16-17 weeks size with the Dr. yesterday (14 weeks). And that is exactly what I measured it as at home, so it was fun to be "verified" and gain just that extra amount of faith in myself. It's also a little fun to be in the "measuring ahead" group now...I'm proud of my overachieving uterus, and didn't have this experience at all last time as I was always on for dates. It was a bit funny, though, the Dr. moved my due date a couple of days when we were talking because I knew my ovulation date (he didn't even blink, even though it was only two days, which was really nice) but then when I was measuring ahead he said maybe your baby is really 16 weeks...so funny that opinions can change within minutes.

Welcome Joyfulmama17! How wonderful to be expecting your first child, it will be great to have you with us! Congratulations!

thyme, hope you're feeling better with the new trimester!!

bebeluna, maybe your good eating habits will rub off on the other mom/her daughter??? Congrats to your DH for 2 months sober, sounds like he's definitely on track and that you'll all be together again when the time is right! The fact that you are all facing this challenge together is really a testament to your relationship...

I'd get a belly shot taken...but I'm just wearing regular clothes and they mostly cover things up!! But I'll give it a try!! And thanks so much for doing this, bathrobegoddess!!

Have a great one, ladies!!
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Happy Wednesday everyone.

Welcome, Joyfulmama. . . .and congrats on your pregnancy! I'm pretty new here too.

Claire, I too am happy you'll stay with the March Mamas!

Great photos, everyone! I'm hoping to get up one soon. But, no digital camera, and a full roll of film in the camera means it may be a few weeks.

Sign me up for the headache club. Just in the past few days I've been noticing them, and this morning i have a baaaad one. I'm trying to stay hydrated, doing lots of neck stretches but I may have to resort to tylenol. Any homeopathic suggestions?

I also have frequent sinus issues and am curious about the netti pot. I've never heard of it. Is it something only for when you have a bad cold? I use peppermint oil when I do yoga, and i helps some. My issues seem to be mainly allergies, but I have a deviated septum and inflamed nasal passages (found out this summer I am a surgical candidate but will not even consider that until after baby comes). Anyway, I'm constantly stuffed up!

I'm glad to hear that those of you suffering from ms seem to be feeling better.

A good friend of mine just called--she's been ttc for quite a few months and had some fertility issues, but is 5 weeks!! She's very excited, I'm very excited for her, and I just told her to check out the May board. I want her to have a beautiful, natural experience, and I think she wants this too, but with months of visits to fertility specialists, I think she is in a pretty "medical" frame of mind. I told her to buy The Pregnancy Book and The Birth Book by the Sears'-- any other suggestions? She told me there are numerous CNMs affiliated wth her OB practice. I am heavily encouraging her to see them instead. She is not a homebirth candidate as she lives in the Rocky Mtns, over an hour away from the nearest hospital. Anyway, not sure why I'm sharing all of this, I'm just so happy for her. Thanks for listening!

Other than the headaches and achy crotch, I feel pretty good. I had lots of ligament pain last time, but haven't noticed it this time at all. I think the pregnancy hormones are so wonderful! Things can get pretty hectic around here with my kids and life in general, but I just feel good!

The weather is beautiful here today, I hope it's the same for all of you.
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I think that serious yogis use a neti pot every day. It looks like a little tea pot with a long, slender spout. The tip of the spout just fits against your nostril, and you fill the pot with warm saline water and tip it into your nose, first one nostril then the other. You tilt your head so that the water runs out of the nostril you don't have the tea pot stuck into The neti pot is my new best friend, thanks to artemesia! I thought it would be uncomfortable, but as long as you tilt your head the right way you can breathe while you are doing it and it doesn't go down your throat at all. My pot came with pictures and instructions. I found it at the local healthfood store.

Claire, glad you are here to stay!! And I know you are glad to know about when the baby is coming!!

Jster, you should be proud of that 'overacheiving uterus'

thyme, hang in there, I'm glad you are starting to feel better!

Welcome joyfulmama! I'm glad you're here! We had a homebirth with our first baby, too. It was the best experience! Looking forward to another one with this baby.

Well, everything's ok here. Everyone is still asking me if I'm sure about this pregnancy since I'm not gaining weight as quickly as they think I should be. I have an appointment with the midwives next week, so hopefully that will calm all the family members down. Why does everyone look for something to worry about when they know a pregnant woman?

Ya'll take care,

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Alas, I am only an aspiring serious yogi!

I am definitely going to check out the neti pot. thanks!
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