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dont know if this will be a double post or not sorry if it is. I am sorry i sub'd and ran. I just want to make sure I am on the right thread. Is this a thread for sept 04 or pregnant moms in sept. I am just wondering b/c if is for preg moms in sept I will have to unsub since I am not preg and cant get preg again. After Jacob my baby born in sept. I had to have a emergency hysterectomy. I really want to find ladies that have baies the same age (3.5) as my son. Right know he is : but usually is like this jumpers:
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Krystal! You're in the right place. All of our lovely children were born in September 2004. My DD, Elizabeth, was born on the 24th.

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I just wanted to make sure that I was in the right place hehe otherwise I would be really Anyway congrates to all that are pregnant. Another reason I was not on was because my computer wanted to act up ugh!!!:
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Oh yeah, Krystal, you're in the right place, it's just that Augs and I are freshly knocked up and frankly, these women are more wonderful to talk to than my DDC

My kiddo is DEFINITELY 3.5. So much so that sometimes I can't wait for 4 because it's rumored to be less obnoxious. Perhaps you could enlighten us on that as the parent of an older kid

and Chrissy, and Leigh, so could you!!
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First I have to say Congrates!!!!!! yeah
Four was a great age. At first it is much like 3.5 but when they get closer to five they are calmer. They want to do more around the house too. Atleast boys going to preschool do hehehe jk. No my oldest son does like to do things around the house but I am saying it wouldnt matter if they were going to preschool or no.
I want to homeschool both boys but dont have a cirriculum and dont have the money for one either right know so yep I put my son in preschool. sometimes I get the because I am "crunchy" all the other ways.
That is all I know about older kids sorry I am of no more help.
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Hi Krystal. If you haven't already you might want to check out the GD forum. I found it really helpful when I was wanting to learn more about GD and be a more GD mama. Welcome!
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Originally Posted by AugustineM View Post
Tony doesn't want to move but he said if I feel like "slashing my wrists" that he will move.
wow. he's setting the bar pretty high.

OTOH, you may be just experiencing cabin fever. 'just" (sigh).

I get it every winter in the catskill mountains. we're housebound for many, many weeks on end, it seems, with the ice and snow. yes, we can drive places, but we can get out and walk, feel the sun.

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hi Krystal, welcome aboard!!!!

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goodness, you are all still in the Feb thread??? LOL

Well, very quick update - we are selling our house in Atlanta and moving to the NC mountains temporarily to dh's family's house until the house sells. Then we'll have to figure out where to go. Our current house is giving us too many problems, so we just want to sell it. Ah, the joys are packing and moving with 3 kids....should be interesting....
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you could move by me closer to the beach in north carolina. i dont have that many women here that i know that have the same mothering style as i do. there is a forum here for around our area but they havent been on awhile hehe. but no you could move here
but where in the mountains would you be moving we go that way when we go back to missouri to visit DH family.
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or by me in charlotte!

ashley, !!!

jen and ashley, how are you guys feeling?

hey jen, are you making a trip to the ha outlet anytime soon?

it is spring here- yay!!!
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Originally Posted by chrissy View Post
jen and ashley, how are you guys feeling?

hey jen, are you making a trip to the ha outlet anytime soon?
How I am feeling? Thanks for asking. To quote a word I just saw in the Dec 08 DDC: pukatronic. Haven't yet, but I have that OH-so-delightful queasy-all-day feeling that I had with T - although I haven't written any songs yet this pregnancy (last pregnancy I wrote a song all about feeling pukey to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and unfortunately, that section of the Sept 04 DDC has been deleted. Oh well!) Plus, this week, even more wonders of the pregnant body: constipation and hemorrhoids. : I'm tellin' you, I cannot WAIT until I am on the other side of this blessed event and can have those suckers surgically removed.

And no, sorry, I'm not going to the Hanna outlet anytime soon. I haven't been there in years. We've shifted all of our shopping primarily to the thrift store. But if I am going I'll let you know!

xoxo j
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Jen. I thought I remembered that you had been really sick with T too. It's so hard. How long did it last with T's pregnancy? Oh, and constipation and hemmorhoids too?! How unfair!!
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Oh, well, last time I remember that on Valentine's Day, one of my students gave me a pretzel dipped in caramel and chocolate and I really, REALLY wanted to eat it (despite the fact that chocolate was the one thing that had actually made me throw up), so I did, and it tasted SO GOOD. From that point on I think I was feeling better and I know for sure that I was better by Mardi Gras because I traveled for work and was no longer sick - I was, rather, just more focused on when the next time was that i could eat

So... that means i was sick for around a month and a half, maybe 2 months, after I found out. I found out I was pregnant a month ago on Monday, so I've got another 2-4 weeks of this and then I hope it's DONE!
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Originally Posted by CatskillMtnMama View Post
wow. he's setting the bar pretty high.

OTOH, you may be just experiencing cabin fever. 'just" (sigh).

Yeah, I think the bar's come down a bit. He now realizes that it would be impossible to live somewhere that I was unhappy for oh, 6-8 months out of the year. I have come to think that I may be extremely sensitive to seasonal depression. I never really had it in seattle, but we don't have a huge daylight change there, and the weather is never such that it's nearly impossible to take small kids outside (which it is here a lot). We've had winds of over 30 mph for the last week... I think this is normal weather for here. And with it only 30 degrees ambient, it makes it like 15 degrees outside. I also realize that I'm not really even looking forward to the summer... maybe that's because I am depressed, but all I can think about is how I want to go to seattle for the summer! And the truth is, I don't think even Tony really loves it here... he even mentioned maybe we should move to Hawaii for a year, then move back to Seattle. That sounds pretty nice!!

Chrissy -- I am actually feeling a lot better... not as much sickness at all. It started getting better when I got a B6 shot from my doctor, and then was pretty much gone by about 11wks. I think I'm close to 13 weeks now.

Jen -- Ugh, yeah, that's what I had, was the all day pukey feeling. And then at about 5pm I would get so exhausted I couldn't get up. Eating, not eating, drinking... it didn't matter what I did, it all made me feel sick!!

Mamabear -- Hope the packing goes OK! It IS hard but hopefully over quickly!
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Hi, all! I'm embarrassed to admit I've been totally lurking occasionally and never posting - can't even remember the last time I posted!

So a BIG congrats to Jen and Ashley! And lots of wishing for the yuckies to go away.

Becca - sounds like things are really rough right now

Jen - 4 is better....but 5 has gotten rough again. M has become a total drama queen (like running into her room, slamming the door, screaming "I can't staaaaaaand it, no one loovvvvvvves me" at the top of her lungs. Sigh.

R is a total monkey - a whirlwind of joy and occasional obnoxiousness. She torments her big sis something terrible.

I will be finished with my MBA in June - hallelujah! I hope I can make it through these last few weeks. It's been rough. But I can't believe it's been almost two years since I started! And I start a new job on Monday - nervous jitters...

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello
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Wow! I saw "Sept 04" and thought... hmm... that was a while ago... and then realize it was MY DDC thread! (I'm also in Sept 07, so I get a little confused! )

Congrats, Jen and Ashley! How exciting!

And Jen, so sad that you're not heading to HA anytime soon! I've been pulling out Iain's old clothes and found several of the pieces you got for us waaaaay back when. We finally got a store here (regular one) - 9 months ago - and I've never been! I got to an outlet near Chicago once last summer, but will they put one here? Of course not! Ah, well. If my sister marries this (great) guy we think she will, then I'll just have to go visit them in Chicago and go see Hanna while I'm at it.

Mama Bear, I don't envy you a move at this stage! I hope it all goes very smoothly for you! How is Vytas doing with the twins? I'm hoping, for your sake, that they're still in the immobile stage! Has the last six months flown by for you, as it has for me? :

Well, there's really no chance I'll "catch up" here, but perhaps I'll be better able to poke my nose in once in a while now that I'm subbed.

Take care, mamas!
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Oh jen -- dont' get the 'Roids cut off!

A surgeon aquaintance of mine who does the surgery said: she used to do them routinely for people, but unless they are big and really painful (like don't get better with time) she doesn't do them anymore. She says that unless they are serious ones, like medical hazards, the pain will be worse after the surgery than before.

I.e. leave well enough alone!

My mom said she got one for each child and named them after us ! Hahahaha!

OK .... now not for the squeamish .... skip if you are grossed out ...
Mine only come after birth ... like a few months post partum. They got irritated then went away after a week. But now i have like some kind of lump stucture there... i mean, does that ever go away???@!!!

ok... nuff from me

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oh no. no no. there is no well enough to leave alone. they were so horrible with T that I was doing sitz baths every night for 1/2 of my first trimester. They have continued to recur for the past three and a half years. And if I am to have one for each child, I would have 6 children by now. Very LARGE children.


They keep me from my two favorite forms of physical activity - inline skating and most notably biking - and at this point I feel very willing to trade some healing pain to have them permanently gone.

All right. enough about my a**.
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
And if I am to have one for each child, I would have 6 children by now. Very LARGE children.


You definately gave me a chuckle on that one!

Woman, yes, in your case, surgery would definately be recommended. OK, OK, no more about your poor arse.

Feel good.
BTW, any sense if it's a boy or a girl yet??????
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