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and we were off to the ER with the newborn...

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we had quite the week here at 8500 feet. as you know, dh, dd1 and i all came down with the colorado plague right after faith was born. well she got a bit of a cough at 1 week. we spoke daily/every other day on the phone with our local family doc. then on monday we woke up and she was a funky color. she also hadn't eaten through the night and didn't keep down her "breakfast". we called the doc and he came right over (lovin' the fact that he does housecalls). he said her lungs sounded clear but we should take her to the er due to her coloring. we headed out and by the time we got to the hospital she pretty much wasn't breathing and was totally grey. it was like a scene from the tv show "er" - 8 people immediately all over her, mum pushed sobbing to the corner of the room, cutting her clothes off with scissors, O2, boluses in the arm, needles everywhere...oh lord. but she perked back up pretty quickly, thank the divine. we stayed in the hospital for 3 days of monitoring. they tested her for everything, but it turns out it's just whatever unknown virus we all had. it's just that her little body was too new to handle it. so she's still on O2, mainly because we live at altitude. she should be off of it by monday, they think. she's doing really well, but oh my goodness was that scary.

on a lighter note, laurel now deems it necessary to tell most everyone where faith came from.
at the hospital a version of this conversation happened again and again -
"so you're a big sister now?"
"uh-huh. faith come out mama's yoni."
thankfully, most of the nurse-types who were inquiring didn't really understand and just smiled and nodded .
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Oh Laurel!

Holy cow, I'm so sorry for your scare! Geez!!! I'm so glad to hear Faith is okay now.
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I'm so glad she's OK! What a terrible scare!

My DD tells people that our baby came from mama's yoni too! Oh, toddlers!
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scary!! i'm glad she's ok now!!
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Wow, that's scary! I'm glad everything turned out well. And that is pretty funny about your daughter
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how scary! glad you're all on the path to wellness!

and ot, where in co are you? we're moving to denver in june!
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im so glad you are all okay.
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What a trip! I'm so glad to hear that things have calmed down. I hope you all feel better soon!
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My heart started racing just reading....how scary. Im glad she is on the path to wellness!
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Hugs to you mama!! That must have been so so scary....I am glad she is doing better.
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thanks, mamas. i appreciate the support.
hopefully we'll be able to take her off of the O2 tomorrow. we'll see. she's fighting this virus so hard that pretty much all she does is sleep. i can't wait to see her eyes some more.

jenn, we're about 4 hours from denver, in crestone, but let us know when you move out! we have to go to denver sometimes, as it is our "big city".
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glad everyone is doing better!
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glad to hear a happy ending
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Is your baby off the O2 today? How are things?
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Is your baby off the O2 today? How are things?
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I am glad to here that she is doing much better. Weird reading your story, I just spent 6 hours at the ER with Jacob, today 3 weeks, just last night. He too has a cough and is sounding really weazy. X-rays were take and they were monitoring his 02 levels, BP, and heartrate. In his case it turns out that it is a build up of mucus in the throat and it sounds much scarier then it actually is. I was worried b/c when we got home from the Hospital my DD had croup. Oh the fun kids give us! (((HUGS)))
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she's off of the O2, thank goodness!
our EMS coordinator (we have ambulance service here in the boondocks, thankfully) came over yesterday to check her saturation levels and all is back to normal. we'll keep the O2 for awhile, just in case, but i'm feeling like we've come out the other side of this blech and we're not looking back~! onward and forward in health and wellness!
bizzibee - sending you thoughts and prayers of perfect health for the wee ones .
thank you, mamas, for your hugs and support!
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oh i'm so glad to hear that! I have been checking back to hear how she is now!
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