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What are you doing in regards to caffiene

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I still drink several cups of tea a day

eta double tea bag IKES
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I still have a little each day.

When pregnant with DD, I cut caffeine completely and immediately began suffering from migraines. Doc told me to drink a Dr Pepper a day! He said there was no proof that a little caffeine would be harmful and it would make for a happier mama.

As I've said before, humans are a hardy species.
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For the most part, I've cut it out...I actually started drinking decaf coffee a while ago to avoid the jitters, so it was an easy transition. Who knows what to think about all the new studies that are out. My mom had caffeine the whole time she was pregnant with me, and I turned out normal
Sometimes, I think pregnancy is hard enough that you must indulge yourself in what makes you comfortable, to a point.
Now, if I could just get my sugar consumption under control!
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I stopped drinking any, since the recent study on caffiene and miscarriage. It probably is less of a concern now that I am at the end of the first trimester, but I have lost my taste for coffee or tea anyway. If I want soda, I have a little Sprite or ginger ale.
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I dropped my morning cup of coffee right away (utterly lost the taste for it) but haven't cut out caffeine altogether. I still drink a daily soda (or two .) Yesterday and today I was sort of craving tea, but when I tried it, the caffeine was really too much and I couldn't even finish a single cup.

The study talked about caffeine in amounts greater than, I think, 200 mg. A single soda (not that I'm arguing it's health food) is like 35 or less.
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I usually love coffee, but with all my pg's lose the taste for it with m/s. I switched to green tea for about a week this time, because I was so sluggish in the mornings. I'll still have some if I feel like I need a boost. I drink sweet tea (here in NC ) sometimes. I had a half a cup yesterday, though and it seemed to be a bit much for me. I do know that caffeine affects your absorbtion of calcium so too much is not good. I guess I'm pretty much off caffeine at this point. With my 2nd pg I drank sweet tea almost every afternoon. With my first pg I was pretty much off caffeine as well.
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I have as much caffeine now as I ever did. Um, like on a high-caffeine day (which rarely happen) that'd be like 2 cans of cola and a chocolate bar. So <100mg.

A normal day would be a glass of black tea--or 40 to 60mg.
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Originally Posted by goldfinch View Post
The study talked about caffeine in amounts greater than, I think, 200 mg. A single soda (not that I'm arguing it's health food) is like 35 or less.
Unless it's diet. Those have more caffeine.
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Stopped drinking tea. Have had an occasional hot chocolate, made at home.

Socially I would have tea I suppose, but I just haven't wanted any.
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I was having about 2 cups of coffee a day until I read the new study. Now I am down to about three-quarters of a cup each day. I occasionally have a soda but am trying to phase that out too.
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I still drink caffeine. Every pregnancy I vow to give it up and every pregnancy I end up drinking it the entire time.
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I drink a cup or two of strong black tea. It really helps with the nausea. That latest study was pretty crappy- a retrospective of women who've had miscarriages.

I'm a big moderation person anyhow, though. I drink probably two glasses of wine each pregnancy spread out over 4 or 5 occasions after the first tri. I don't really take the listeriosis risk, but I'm a veggie and do plenty of puking without worrying about food poisoning.
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I have almost entirely cut out soda. If I want one I just get a few drinks out of Dh's cup and that satisfies me. I will drink tea when I have time to make it, but lately that seems like never. I'm ok with eating a piece of chocolate or a hot chocolate now and again, but am mostly just sticking to plenty of water. I almost always feel dehydrated lately so the more water the better. I think the air at work is really dry?
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I have almost given it up. When my headaches get out of control and nothing else will help, I will have a small cup. I had about one a week last month for a total of 4 all month.
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Every morning I have 3 cups of 1/3 hot skim milk, 1/3 decaf, 1/3 regular coffee. This means I am actually only having one cup of real coffee, but makes me feel like I am drinking coffee all morning.
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I had been having one cup of coffee a day before reading the study. I decided after reading it that I was not comfortable consuming any caffeine, I know the risk is supposed to be for 200 mg or greater but it also sounded like ANY amount was perhaps hard on the fetus in ways they have not determined yet. You know, if 200 mg can provoke miscarriage, then what can 100 mg do? But I also knew from my first oregnancy, when I abruptly cut out coffee due to morning sickness, that doing so would give me severe migraines. So I very gradually cut down over about 10 days, to 3/4 cup, then 1/2 cup, then 1/4 cup. As of a week ago I'm caffiene-free, I've had a couple mild headaches but nothing too bad.
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I LOVED my coffee before getting pregnant, but have lost any desire for it now.

I'll have a cup of tea in the morning (regular black or earl grey), as well as the occasional chocolate bar

...I'm definitely an, "everything in moderation", kind of gal!

oh ya, and I'll have another cup of tea during the day to help with a particularly stubborn headache.

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I had cut it out for a while but couldn't deal with the normal early pregnancy fatigue so I'm back to my 2 cups of PG Tips a day. My gosh I love it! I will probably cut it out during the last trimester.
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i suppose you could say that i'm not doing anything in regards to caffine.

first, i don't drink a lot of caffinated beverages anyway. i do drink a good amount of tea, but a lot of that is herbal. and since i've been pregnant, i actually haven't had much of a taste for any kind of tea--so i've been drinking water with lime in it.

but occassiuonally, i want an iced tea, so i've had that. i make two kinds--one out of Lady Grey (caffinated) and one out of Rooibos (red bush) which i think is naturally decaf but i can't remember.

typically, i have one glass and i'm done.

i think i've had 3-4 glasses of iced tea, and 2 cups of regular tea since end of november.
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hey mamas ( im from sept group but due late aug early sept so i can respond here right )
I have cut out coffee all together because even the smell makes me gag !
I still drink tea.. maybe a cup every few days
Ive had my share of miscarriages and I cant help but think they were somehow related to caff... My last one I didnt stop my coffee addiction and miscarried at 15 weeks....
This could however be completely unrelated but I don't like to take chances..Especially when my heart tells me something.
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