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I need some prayers- bleeding and now bedrest

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I’ll try to explain the situation the best I can. Friday morning at about 2am, I woke up feeling like I was peeing myself. I stood up and found blood gushing down my legs. I didn't even make it to the bathroom before the blood was gushing all over the floor and i was standing in a puddle. I can’t explain it- I’ve never seen so much blood. To make a long story short, we had an ultrasound, and there is a 4 inch mass area from which I’m bleeding from. They aren’t really sure what it is. They are calling it a subchorionic bleed. They just have no answers for me at this point. I think they are worried, if my body tries to pass it, it will take the baby with it. I am lucky though because I have a homebirth midwife working with me. We were planning a homebirth (as long as I didn’t develop eclampsia- which I had with my previous pregnancy) She has been excellent. She cares about me. She treats me as you’d treat a friend. Noone ever treated me as caring as she does with my last pregnancy. I was just a “medical case”. She’s never dealt with anyone that has had it this big, and I can tell she’s worried. She was going to call around the specialists she knows to see what else we can do, but really there is nothing we can do, but wait and see. She’ll meet with me once a week, and probably I will need ultrasounds every 3 weeks to watch the baby.

I'll be on bedrest for awhile most likely. I'm hoping it will shrink. From what I read, it could be nothing, or could be something serious. Since it's so big, I guess that is why it's serious.

Thanks ladies!
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Sorry to hear about the bleading, I think someone else in the August DDC had the same problem.

Hope all goes well and the baby is sticky!
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Awww Erica I was just thinking about you today. I'll def. be praying for you. God is in control girl give it all up to Him. I hope you're better soon. I'll be thinking of you.
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How scary. I am so sorry. I hope you heal quickly.
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Thinking of you and sending lots of good vibes your way. Hang in there!

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Take it easy.
Here are some healing vibes:
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I will keep you in my thoughts. Please try to find as much help with your toddler as possible.
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Keeping you in my thoughts!!!

I have a subchrionic bleed as well, but no external bleeding. I will be watching and hoping for you!!!
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You are in my thoughts. That must have been scary. Best wishes.
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and prayers mama!!!
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These things are scary. Hang in there. My gut says you'll be OK and it will heal. I'll be thinking of you!
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So sorry to hear! TRY to stay as calm and positive as possible, I think a lack of stress hormones can really really help. I have also had a subchorionic hemmorhage. For me, it was at 11 weeks-- if you look under my posts, you can find a couple of threads from me about this. So far so good for us--now almost 15 weeks. I do agree, it is COMPLETELY nerve-wracking, though. Like you--a really big one, with LOTS of bright red blood. LOTS. And, I am still bleeding a little most days (not red). If you read my previous post, you'll see how scared I was too at that time. It's just crazy to think the baby could survive a bleed that big. I'm trying to remember how it measured, but yeah, lots of people have subchorionic bleeds, but I too, had never heard of someone with one so big. Sounds like we are in the same boat with the large size. I think mine was about 9-10 cm, but that may have been after it had shrunk for a week. I haven't had another ultrasound yet to measure again, but did have a check on the fetal heartbeat last week. I will try to check back in on you, mama. PM me if you want to talk. I did/have been resting a lot, but my dr told me there was no scientific evidence that bedrest would help for this one. She did however, say pelvic rest (no sex) and no lifting.

I'll be checking back in on you. I understand how terribly upsetting this is. I am pulling for you and your little. There are no guarantees ever, esp. not in our case. But-- just think, I have gone through this same amount of bleeding and for us that was almost 4 weeks ago, and I am measuring just right for 14 weeks, with a good strong heartbeat! I am SOOOO hoping that same for you. Like I said, please do PM if you want. I'll check back in later. :
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: Sending lots of good thoughts your way.
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praying for you....
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I had a sub-chorionic bleed as well. I had bright red blood along with horrid cramps. My nurse thought that I was having a miscarriage. She advised several days of sofa rest and no lifting. It has completely cleared up now and I'm off of all restrictions. Those days of not knowing were horrible. I know it's hard, but try to stay positive.
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Just thinking of you Erica. I wanted to check in and see how you're doing. I hope all is well.
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Thinking of you, and sending prayers and hope your way.
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Thinking of you too Erica...praying all will be ok
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Hi, I'm not in your DDC but I saw your post and had to respond.

, I had a subchorionic bleed with DS#! and know how scary it can be. I don't know how big mine was, but I bled a lot too. I remember thinking it was so odd that I was pg and not supposed to have a period but bleeding more and more often than I ever had before! I don't remember when it started but it was early on and then mostly healed by my 20 week ultrasound. (I also had placenta previa with DS#2 and bled even more, let me tell you it is nerve wracking!!)

I did the semi-bedrest and no lifting or vacuuming. My doctor had said using a vacuum is harder on you than even lifting. So please, take it easy. They say they can't be sure if it can help, but it can't hurt.

Hang in there, I'll be thinking about you and sending healing thoughts.
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