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Thanks ladies.

I've been on bedrest since Friday. My bleeding today looks like it is gone as of today. So I hope it stays away. I have to be on bedrest till my next ultrasound, which is in a few weeks, then things will be reevulated. I'll keep everyone updated. It is so hard to just lay around and do nothing, especially with a child, but DH took off this week to make things easier!

Thanks for all the prayers. I need this thing to shrink and go away!!
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Keeping you in my thoughts...
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Praying for you momma!
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Just wanted to let you know you are being prayed for. How are you doing today?
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I'm glad the bleeding has slowed, how scary that must've been. It's great DH is able to have the week off to care for you and your other child.
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Glad it looks like the bleeding is gone. Sending you shrinking & going away vibes :
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good luck!! happy it calmed down !
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Thinking of you, glad the bleeding is slowing
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Still thinking of you...do give us an update soon!!
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Thinking of you Erica!!!!
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Not in your DDC - but I too had a subchorionic hematoma/bleed with my third babe (he is now 2 years old). I found out that they are very common, very destressing but typically resolve without any issues. Mine was also quite large - but can' remember now.

I bled at 11 weeks (found out on a routine ultrasound a day earlier that I had a subchorionic hematoma) for several days, and again at 16 weeks. I was with midwives who referred me to a placenta specialist (yes, they do exist at high risk hospitals - referrals required where I live) at 22 weeks who still saw it, was still large but said nothing would come of it. From what I was told, bedrest does nothing to assist with successful pregnancy or prevent loss (sorry). I was told that the signifant majority will resolve without any other complications.

My babe was born at 39 weeks, 8lbs. 1oz. and healthy as can be.

Good luck - I know how terrifying this is.
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More good vibes for you! : : :
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Thinking of you...
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Thinking of you too...how are you feeling lately?
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Not in your DDC but I wanted to post and let you know that I had that amount of bleeding in my first pregnancy. I truly have never, even since, seen that amount of blood come from my body (not even a later m/c had that amount of blood). I soaked through towels on the way to the hospital (through my clothes!). That was when I was pg with my DD, 10 years ago. It too was called a subchorionic hemorrhage.

I did bleed on and off for another month afterwards, but it got more and more brown as it went along. Sometimes I'd have a few clear days and then some light spotting. They figured it was just my body getting rid of the old blood. I just wanted to share that so that you didn't worry if you started up again.

It cleared up and I went on to have a normal pg that went past my due date and brought us a wailing, healthy little girl.

Good luck to you! I'm sure things will be fine even though it is so scary when it is happening. Enjoy the mandated rest!

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Erica, we haven't heard from you in a while so I just wanted to check on you.
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Just wondering how you're doing.
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