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Worn out Momma.

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My son, who will be 6 in May, has me beating my head against the wall. He is sweet, loving, sensitive, and usually pretty compliant. Lately though....Dude.

I want to throttle myself! I feel like I've spoiled him or something. He is whiny, unappreciative of anything dh or I gives/does for him, he is very self centered right now and contrary. Any request or suggestion or any answer to a question, for that matter, that I give him is met with a whiny or negative response. Nothing is ever enough or good enough. He always wants more. I could give him the best day of his life and after it was over he would say, "But why didn't we do x,y,z?" or "But I wanted such-and-such instead". :ired

Is this age appropriate behavior? Am I expecting too much from him?

In the mornings he is supposed to eat breakfast, brush his teeth, get his clothes on, and get in the car. I am there with him the whole time, continually prompting him and keeping him on tack. The morning routine has become a time of stress and I'm sure we *both* dread waking up each day to face the batle that will ensue downstairs.

I give him 2 choices for breakfast, he whines at me, "I DON'T KNOW!". I ask him to please get dressed now and he whines that it's too hard, or wants to watch TV (Wtf? We NEVER watch before school-EVER-and he asks EVERY mornng!) or starts chasing his sister or playing with the dog.

He is resistant to trying anything new, is the last in class to still not be able to tie his shoes. When I try to teach him he gets mad at me and whines that it's too hard and he'll *never* learn and blah, blah, blah.

I am just worn the hell out. By the time I get back from taking him to school, I am spent!

I don't know what I'm looking for, just needed to vent maybe.
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A lot of the behavior sounds like my DD who will be 7 on 3/26. I think its normal. Not sure why, but its what I've been hearing from my friends whose kids are the same age.

Sorry, I can't offer any advice!


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My ds will be 6 in June.

Sounds VERY familiar!
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I posted my own thread before reading this. I totally feel your pain, sistah! UGH!
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is it possible that your language is too permissive? by this i mean, are you giving him too many choices? or a choice when he is just not in the mood to make a choice?

my dd is 3, and recently i felt like i had been to permissive/attentive to her, because her behavior became a little bratty. we're very AP parents, but even for us, something seemed off. what we decided to do was pull back on so many choices (they were offered for everything, pretty much). i was buying her a toy or snack every time we went shopping. not really having firm boundaries. she was trying to tell me with her behavior that she needed more boundaries.

i know nothing about dealing with an older child. but, if it were me, i would pull back just a little. by this i mean, say things more firmly. don't "ask" him to do things, just give simple directions in an assertive and calm voice. some of your stress might be rubbing off on him. try to relax if you can.

if you want to do some reading, there's a great book called, Easy to Love Difficult to Discipline. there's some good advice in there about how to talk to kids so they'll really listen.

good luck
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