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***sorry for the double post. It was still sitting on my computer this morning saying the server was too busy so I posted! I had already edited it & added more info, so I left the second one.***
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My girl nursed for the last time a few weeks ago. It was just a short time before we found out it was twins (and I think I would have encouraged weaning at that point, though I'd been open to nursing through pregnancy if I were carrying a singleton.) This ending was after a long, long process of cutting back. For many months, she'd just nursed at bedtime and first thing in the morning, but she had become less regular about both. That irregularity hung in for several months (she'd nurse one night, then not for two, then one morning and that night, then no mornings for a few days, and every other night, then a few days with nothing, then morning & night, then skipping nights & nursing only mornings for a few days....) and she was doing less, but still nursing at least once every few days. In the final weeks, she was having 5 or 7 day gaps between nursing sessions. Each time she did nurse, she maintained that there was plenty of milk and that it tasted the same, but for whatever reason, one day she latched and then unlatched after just a few seconds. She told me she was done.

My husband commented that he thought she was tuned into the situation, and that she somehow intuited that it would be better for me not to nurse through a twin pregnancy. That kind of claim would fit with "her" in general, but of course I don't know for sure.

She definitely seemed ready and somehow on the same page with whatever was happening, or needed to happen.

She has cried about it a couple of times, and wanted to be held in a "nursing position" and I thought for sure she would want to latch again, but each time it has been enough to snuggle. She was just 2 months shy of her fourth birthday the last time she nursed.

I think her fragility those times has had as much to do with my being less hands-on during weeks and weeks of hyperemisis, plus the stress of watching/hearing me throw up so often for so long, and just how out of whack the whole household has been. Her daddy is doing so much more (all the bedtime duty, all the cooking for her, getting her breakfast every day, reading stories and helping her get to sleep) and she also transitioned out of our bed in the last month. I wasn't surprised to have her randomly crying out and needing comfort, and missing the oldest standby for comfort. She's made several changes that she seems proud of, but still must be so stressful.

But as for the nursing, I am carrying twins so will be tandem nursing come summer, anyway!
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I weaned my then 3 y.9 mth old in the beginning of December. She was already down to 1-2 sessions per day and 2-3 sessions at night. It became VERY painful for me to nurse her, and I started getting frustrated/angry. So we (an avantage of weaning an older child) talked, and decided to keep it down only to night feeds. Then I just told her that this is probably it for night feeds as well. She has accepted it although was very sad. The sadness was eventually healed by the expectation of the new baby, and the fact that she is now a big girl, (quoting) "a beautiful princess" who is soon turning 4!!!
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Originally Posted by Khourtniey View Post
Have you ever seen a nursing grad student? Of course she will stop when she is ready
I know that intellectually she will stop when she's ready. However, I must say that although I've never seen a grad student who is still nursing, until about two years ago I'd never seen a child older than 3 nursing and until 4 years ago (my first LLL) meeting I'd never seen a child older than maybe 6-9 months nursing. When I saw that first 3-year-old nursing my thought was "never!" and yet here we are, in that "never" realm.

Well, last night and this morning my daughter informed me there was no milk. Last night she told me there should be lots of milk because I had a lot of milk to drink with dinner. I tried to explain that any fluids would "make" milk. This morning she told me to get up and drink some orange juice in order to make her more milk.
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I am still nursing my 16 MO. His poo has gotten smellier, runnier, and really light colored... lol since he's getting more water and occasionally juice and of course tons more food (I think either the colostrum or the apple juice is making it runnier... but it's getting closer to newborn poo status, minus the bad smell!)

My nipples only really hurt at night. He's nursing 2-4 times a day and 1 or 2 at night. I don't know if that's enough and was thinking about giving him a cup of goat's milk every day (he can't handle cow's milk)... what y'all think?
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Originally Posted by wendy1221 View Post
It HURTS the last week or so, though.
me too! For this whole pregnancy, I've kept thinking "well this isn't so bad", expecting it to be painful (I've always found nursing a bit uncomfortable). Then youch!!! The last few days have been terribly painful! I can't imagine making it another 20+ weeks like this

btw, my almost 18mo nurses roughly 4x/day & is nightweaned.
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i'm nursing my 18 month old, and plan to continue throughout this pregnancy and who knows how long after that.
it was really painful at first, then it got better, and this week it's painful again. who knows?!
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I'm nursing my almost 2.5 year old! I'm in pain tho. I had an infection about a month before I got pregnant... It was a staph infection/group Bstrep on my nipples... and I keep feeling and they keep looking one step away from going back there. I need to see if I can use the medication during pregnancy as a precaution. We'll see.

But it's not quite that painful. And DD has "bit" since she was around a year and won't stop...

So part of me wants some time to myself and wants her to stop but I want HER choose to stop! (preferably soon...) but at the same time I also wanna tandem... *sigh*
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i'm barely nursing, but it seems that i'm only making cream? the baby says "ick" whenever he tries to get anything and then he doesn't like to swallow it. i usually get colostrum at 4 months and am 15wks now. is this thebeginnings of colostrum?
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I was nursing my boob-a-holic 1-2 times a day up until about a month ago when she nursed for the last time, on her own! She just lost interest, and I lost supply. She was over 3.5 years old when she stopped. She just slowed to one or two times a week, then once every other week, then she nursed one time in january completely out of the blue, and hasn't asked since.
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