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My little guy is in the throws of teething with his first teeth (he is months). He is sooooooo grumpy. He wakes up crying, he is sleeping more often but not as long. He is just not himself. Poor poor baby, poor grumpy mama and dada, poor big brother who becomes the brunt of the whole mess. He has been like this since friday. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Sorry for the vent. I am using homeopathics and broke down with advil too. This long weekend was not a break. Any suggestions, empathy?

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Are you using Hyland's teething tablets or gel? I use the tablets with dd and they seem to work fine. She also likes to chew on a cool wet washcloth. Sometimes I freeze the washcloth but she hasn't wanted it frozen lately. She is cutting her 7th tooth!
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Hi Rebecca,
I have the same problem here, my dd is 4.5 months old, check out this thread: Any natural remedies for teething pain? , has lots of tips. Hope she feels better soon.

How can I make a link of it????:
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Ds seems to really like wooden blocks to chomp on...
other than that, we usually fall back on the cold washcloth too
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We use the frozen washcloths too. And, ds really likes cold cucumbers in the baby safe feeder.
Hang in there! I find it helps to remember that it's only really bad for a few days when the tooth is actually cutting through the gums. I'm just really glad that my two seem to be on completely different teething schedules. One of my babies has two teeth--the other has none!

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lexbeach, Are those cucumbers safe even for a 4 month old? I mean, wouldn't hurt a little her stomach's ph or something...lol, As soon as I get your reply I will start on it!
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Well, I don't know if they're safe for a four-month-old, but I would assume so. Jasper doesn't actually "eat" any of the cucumber when it's in the baby safe feeder, and the cucumber "juice" is basically water. I think of it as kind of like a soft ice cube. . . I don't know--Jasper likes them! I think it's just a texture that feels good to gnaw on (rather than a taste). But, I definitely wouldn't take my word on the safety thing, since I am just guessing here.

Good luck!

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We just went through a very long week and weekend of teething. After many sleepless nights and rough days, dd's first tooth finally made an appearance. Yay!
Things have calmed down tremedously since the tooth broke the surface. I guess the majority of her pain is gone for now, but I'm sure another one is around the corner. This is rough stuff! And just think of what her poor little body is going through! Hang in there-hopefully soon you will get a break.
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Hi Everyone. I wanted to thank you for the replies. Caeden is back to his normal happy, curious fast self. He was teething for nearly a week and then it passed, without a tooth. UGh. I can still feel those first two bottom teeth right there ready to pop. Hmmm I was wishing we'd accomplish something with the work. LOL

Well after I posted we continued the homeopathics but were able to cut the ibuprofen which was good.

Thanks again!


ps I did tryt he cucumber but he didn't really care... !? either way.
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