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I realised after the trauma of the weekend that I needed to step back from parenting issues with my Dss and try to get some things done around here. I called a workman and hired him to do some badly needed work in the yard. I called a handyman to fix my washer and today I will get my car cleaned. I think Dh is just too overwhelmed and sad to help out here at home. He did apologise to me and made dinner and gave me flowers and a card. That was sweet and I really needed it. We don't need two adults overwhelmed by Dss's problems. One is enough. I have been so focused on his issues and trying to help that my own stuff was going undone. I did write the leader of the parenting class to say I wasn't coming and why, but she wrote me back and encouraged me to still attend and that with the next class she thought both Dh and his ex would come around to talking about violence. I am not sure if I should attend, however. The frustration level is very high when I am there and afterwards I don't sleep.