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My Great Dane, Mira (short for Miracle)


She's a dog model and was on the C O V E R of the 2007 Great Dane calendar by paw prints, here's is her lay out


Here she is at 4 months old


Kayla, sheltie/boxer mix

Bailey, husky/collie mix

Sierra, beagle/german shepard mix

Apollo, Great Dane that was severely abused/neglected/tortured that passed away in Aug 2006. When I rescued him, he was given 6 months to live b/c of his cancer and his treatment, he survived 3.5 years with me! I miss you boy! *no thats not my dd in the pic, that was a friend of the family and Apollo just adored her....

Mira & Simon, Great Dane that passed in Jan 2006. He was abused and his abuse turned into severe aggression with women and children, and we had to euthanize after trying for 2 years to help him..Miss you too baby!

Here's a pic of all the Danes together

Obe, aussie/german shepard mix, passed in March 2005 from a simple surgery gone wrong..I miss you SO much sweetie!!

My 125 gallon fish tank

Kitty, stray cat that wandered up last xmas that has claimed us as her new people

Here is a little something I made for a Dane forum I belong too....

I hope all this works!
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Here are my two rough and tumble boys, Dirk and Clive. Costa is one of the two cats temporarily staying here.

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Did I kill the thread?
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Originally Posted by Kleine Hexe View Post
Did I kill the thread?
Tee hee. I'm still here!
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Her "perch," where she scopes out the alley cats across the street.

Posing with her girl.


Our spoiled Sage.
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Angie, I remember you from DOL--good to see that Mira is still doing well and as pretty as she was as a baby.
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Emily, I LOVE your cat photos. It does my heart good to see other similarly cat-ful homes!
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Oh, Ann, they're LOVELY! How old is the kitten? S/he reminds me of the very first cat I ever loved--when I was 4, my parents got me the runt of a farm litter who grew up to be a huge black tomcat. I named him Tinkerbell.
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Okay, I'll play!

Five pets, one photo ... I think I should win an award for that:

German Shepherd Shiloh in front, on the couch are Hiva-Hiva, Ngagi, Zoe and Zamu Mkubwa. The two blacks and one orange are brothers from one of our foster mamas. The tabby is adopted.

And one of our foster mamas with her beautiful kittens, all grown and adopted now:

We specialized for years in pregnant mama cats - our local shelters would foster them with us until the kittens were old enough to be put up for adoption. Mama would also get fixed and adopted. It was wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. Then our own human baby came along, and we have only had one litter since then - they require far more attention than we can give them now, but I look forward to the day when we can get back into it and the kids can help.
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Originally Posted by Chimpmandee View Post
Five pets, one photo ... I think I should win an award for that
No question! The four cats are so perfectly spaced on the couch, I can't even believe it!
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Chimp, that mamacat looks SO much like our Sevyn, I had to show turtle!
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That picture is amazing! Your story does my heart good, as we're currently fostering mama (who we'll keep) and kittens (who we won't). I'd love to do it again.

And also, your shep is absolutely beautiful.
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Joanna, what was your name on DOL? I'm still a member but not very active anymore..The twins keep me pretty busy
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I added mine to my sig.

all the furry friend pictures
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Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate View Post
Gorgeous pictures, burke!!
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More more more kittens!

I know I already posted, but there are just so many cute kitten pictures, and this thread was just sitting here, all alone...

My baby, Yuel.

All of the kittens playing with mama.

Yuel and Feliz.

Peekaboo Holly!
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