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Low lying placenta and Twins

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I had my midpoint u/s and the presenting twin's placenta was low. They couldn't tell how low without a vag u/s but they do know its not covering the cervix.

Everything I've read says that in the majority of cases the placenta moves. Does anyone know if this is true with twins as well?? I keep on seeing things about twins increasing the risk for low lying placenta but can't find anything that says that the likelihood of movement is any different.

Anyone know?
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I had the same thing at my first u/s (when we first found out about the twins) at 18 weeks. Actually, they were saying it was previa and not just low-lying...not sure if there's a difference there or not. By my next appt, 4 weeks later, the placenta had moved completely out of the way. My OB told me that as the uterus grows, the placenta is kind of pulled up with it.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Good luck!

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Try not to worry. At 17 weeks they told me Twin A's placenta was low but not covering any part of the cervix (that i think makes it previa) and my peri assured me that it's very common in twin pregnancies "because there's a lot of placenta in there" and once the uterus grows 90% of the time it moves up. He also told me they will be carefully monitoring it at all my monthly u/s so i really shouldn't worry. 4 weeks later they said it was low, but not THAT low. And today 4 weeks after that they told me it moved up.

Take care!
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Exactly what I wanted to hear

I knew it was no biggie with a reg pg but couldn't find anything on twins.

My MW just said it oddly, like it was a bigger deal. Maybe that's just her way though?
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