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Anyone regret their homebirth?

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I am having my first homebirth in a few weeks after two hospital deliveries. I'm wondering if anyone regrets having a homebirth! I just think it's going to be so wonderful (the overall experience) and everywhere I turn, I hear that people love it. I'm just wondering if there is a flip side to it... I have heard virtually no negative from people who have had one...
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Nope. No regrets at all.

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Not at all! I had an HBAC and it was wonderful! I'm pregnant again and planning for another homebirth in July. I've never met anyone who didn't love having a homebirth.
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Nope! There are a few things I'd do differently next time (like have DH catch) but beyond that it was wonderful.
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Not at all. I've had 4 and planning another in a month or so. Can't imagine doing it any other way.
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Wouldn't change a thing.
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i have had 1 hospital birth followed by 2 homebirths. barring an actual medical problem, i would never birth in a hospital again. my homebirths were fabulous.
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No regrets, except that I wish I had felt like pushing in a position that would've let me catch! However, I am not so sure that at a hospital, we wouldn't have some sticky shoulders, so it was all good.
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My only regret is that I didn't have the first 5 at home too. Only #6 was a HB. Any more babies will be born at home.
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Ive never had a homebirth, but even of the ladies I know who have transfered they still didn't regret starting out at home with the intention of staying there. I can't imagine a reason to regret a homebirth. Of course, I'm still a newbie though.
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Nope. I am happily planning to have my twins at home too!
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Absolutely no regrets and any others will be born at home as well.
Such a difference from my ds's hospital birth!
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Like another poster said...my only regret is that I didn't have them ALL at home!
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Not a single regret. It was hands down the most incredible experience of my life.
Oh, one thing -- I would have arranged to have more pictures taken, and longer video. But the birth itself--I couldn't have been better if I had special ordered it.
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no regrets at all, and i'll do it again.
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No, and as I work with new moms (as a counselor), the more hospital birth stories I hear, the more I say (to myself) "thank God/dess I had them at home, thank God/dess I had them at home!!!"

Now, I will tell you -- I read all the Ina May Gaskin books and Birthing From Within etc. etc. so I was expecting angels singing from on high while I gave birth in a peaceful, low-lit space making low-toned, but calm, "vocalizations" -- um, no -- they hurt, a lot, and were long (both 24 hours +) and the "vocalizations" you were hearing sounded a lot less celestial and a lot more like a barnyard -- so that is my *only* caveat to you: be prepared for some pain and for things to not go as you "dream" they will -- but if you are like pretty much every other mom I know -- you will NOT regret your homebirth and will rank it as one of the most incredible experiences of your life, if nothing else to be able to say, "I did it! I gave my baby (and myself) the best possible experience we could have on my own terms in my own space." You will feel like a superhero at the end -- what's 24 hours of pain compared to that???
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: Hiya.

No regrets here, but you already knew that.
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I don't regret my homebirths at all.

I think as with anything, there are little details I would change if I could, but even accounting for that, my homebirths were far superior to my hospital births, despite all of my births being midwife attended.
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