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finally water just broke

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well...this is it! I took four doses of the blue and black cohosh and went on a very fast walk for about 20 min then got back to the house and took one more dose, then jumped in the bath and about 15 min in I had two pops....I stood up and milky fluid was coming out of me!!!!

so we set iup the birth room and now we are starting to fill u p the tub....both kids are up and awake and trying to help

I can't believe it is actually happening!!!!!
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Oh wow!! yay for you!!!! Come on baby! Happy birthday!

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woot! yay jessica! hope it goes smoothly from here! elvs coming at ya...:

see you on the other side,
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Oh wow!!! This is it!!! I'm sure you're sooooooo glad! Healthy labour vibes to you! We're with you.
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Yesssss, this is finally it!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

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He is here........the most beautiful perfect boy I have ever seen.....

Little Mr. no-name yet though is in the hospital! He had a dramatic birth and it wore him out so bad that although he was breathing he wasn't moving around.....and after working on him for a few min the MW determined to call 911 who came and soon our sweet fast and furious birth turned into a even faster wild ride.

The labor was 2 hours long start to finish and his shoulders got stuck and so I got out of the tub and it took a little while for the MW to basically corkscrew him out. Get this......

11 lbs and 3 oz.....14 inch head.....22 inches long

so now the hospital is trying to do all these tests and I am home wanting to feed...I have not even held him once! I feel very out of it and like something very foreign is happening.........

For those of you that pray please add me and my sweet boy to your list.

So theyhave tried given him a binky dipped in surgar water but won't let me feed him until the lab tests come back?!?!?!!? I'm sorry but wth?

He is doing so well and really seems fine I think the reason they want to keep him is more out of protocal than anything else......I'm just worried about nursing and well a whole slew of things.......

I will let you all know how things are going..........
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Congratulations, hadassah! That's one big baby you've got there!

Sounds like an incredibly intense and harrowing experience. It seems really odd to me that they won't even let you hold or feed him. How frustrating for you!

Please keep us updated and take care of yourself. Your baby will be in your arms soon! Happy babymooning.
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that is so awesome that you gave birth to an 11 pound baby. how incredible! and a two hour birth! that seems super intense. i bet that you are completely overwhelmed with the entire experience. i hope that he is home with you soon. i wonder why they aren't letting you hold him and feed him. how frustrating! update us again when you get a chance.
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oh, jessica, i am so sorry for that. 11 lbs, wow! you are a rock star.

hopefully he'll be in your arms soon, and those few drops of sugar water will forever be forgotten by all the yummy mommy milk in the world, i promise (still, i know that must be enraging). have a great babymoon, and let us know what you name him (don't disappear forever!)

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congrats on your baby boy!

the birth of my daughter was similar..birthed her head in the pool but hse had sticky shoulders, so had to get out and midwife assited her body out. its a bit scary. she was 10lbs5oz..

heal quickly little one and mama.. ill be thinking of you!
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Originally Posted by HardCoreMom View Post
oh, jessica, i am so sorry for that. 11 lbs, wow! you are a rock star.

hopefully he'll be in your arms soon, and those few drops of sugar water will forever be forgotten by all the yummy mommy milk in the world, i promise (still, i know that must be enraging). have a great babymoon, and let us know what you name him (don't disappear forever!)
Ditto to the above!!

Yay hes out!!! You must feel so much better! Im so happy for you!
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I'm so happy for you and so proud- 11 lbs!!!
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Congratulations Mama! I hope he'll be in your arms soon!
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Prayers for your babe, Mama! May he been in your arms nursing soon!
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Hi everyone......

I just got home to rest and watch the kids while DH goes to the hospital to be with baby.....

I feel so tied and drained......and really dissapointed. I want to be cuddleing in bed with my sweet little family, enjoying my babymoon that I had so looked forward to and instead I am having to leave my children and walk or sit or stand in hospital halls....having afterbirth cramps and hot breasts(pardon the punn because they are hot). I am so mad at how everything is going and then at the same time I am just trying to turn a corner in my mind and tell myself Jessica.....we just have to get through this tough part and soon it will be over, I hope anyways.......I can't believe how hard this is....

so this is the update on him
I did get to feed him although the dubm nurse was very quick to point out that no I am not "feeding him" because we don't want to "feed him yet" because we want to watch his kidney and liver although he has had bowl movments and has peed.....no guess what I'm doing? "Holding him to a empty breast"! But like I said I did finally get to nurse him and I barely have anything there because I haven't expressed every hour like I should be because well all this crap happened. He latched right on and sucked three sucks and went out. He is so miserable though, he has been poked and prodded since he got there, and has so many owies all over his gorgeous body. And you can tell that he just wants to sleep so bad and has not been able to really sleep because there are so many people in and out and this noise and that noise and the other babies screaming, which I should see as a good sign I guess because he is so alert that he wakes up to everything. Of course the nurses who by the way believe they are the Doctors.....think that things are still pretty serious and that there must be something wrong with him. they wouldn't let me feed him and were so worried that he had a blood clot in his head because he was crying and seemed in pain so they just had him have a cat scan!-in which they had to sedate him in order to do it! And my DH are so worn thin and so tired that it is really hard for us to stand our ground. But tonight I think we are somehow pulling it together....because we just don't see why they can't let us take him home tomorrow. He has passed every test with flying colors and is doing great.....so other than blasted protocal....So our plan is to ask a ton of questions and just basically bug them and keep bugging them........

Oh man.........I have had 1 1/2 hours of sleep since giving birth, and my DH 3....I am really running on empty.
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holding you and your family in my heart, jessica. i hope you get some sleep and that tomorrow, everything will be over and he can come home.

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I just now got home from the hospital with my kiddos and am so frustrated because I tried for over a hour to get him to suckle and though he did get it in his mouth a few times he just would get so mad he would not even suck. He would bite down and shake his head back and forth......I think he wants milk and my milk has not come in yet. So he just screamed and screamed and then wears himself out and falls asleep for a few min....only to wake up and do it again. I know it will be better when my milk does come in and he gets some meat so to speak instead of the IV they have him on. He is just so big he wants the real deal right off the bat although baby doesn't? I just feel so bad for him and am fighting fears that he is going to be a really hard one to nurse.

So my DH is staying with him tonight which I really wanted to stay myself but I am so tired that I am starting to feel faint. I also am feeling like I am fighting something.....I have a irritated throat, but I think it is from the screaming I did during labor.....

I am trying to stay as positive as I can. It's really hard because five years ago we lost a baby girl at 26 weeks in the same hospital due to infection which is why we had these three naturally at home so to be there once again feels scary and weird.....it brings back a lot of feelings and memories. One of the Dr. is even the same.

Here is hoping I will get some good sleep and that maybe my milk will come in tomorrow/today the 9th?

How soon did your all come in? Is there a possibility? Does it depend on how much I express now?

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and support, you all are amazing!

And it is really helping me to read your kind words of encouragment right now.
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Sending prayers up for you, baby and your fam :
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I will keep you and your little boy firmly in my thoughts and prayers.
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