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Originally Posted by Miranda2r14 View Post
Welcome to MDC. I'm in your area, sort of I also have a new baby boy born a few days after yours on the 23rd. Congratulations
Thanks! Congrats to you too! He is so cute!!!
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Originally Posted by jessica_lizette View Post
Those are kind of behind City Bank and Taco Bell, right? That is kind of a scary area!
That is a scary area (if that's where the Renaissance is-- it def sounds familiar, but I can't remember). One of those apt buildings back there was in the news recently b/c a couple of drug dealers that were living there dumped a body on the side of I-5 in Mountlake Terrace. Yikes. Not a month later in that same area, some young teen got stabbed (I think it was?) and killed. : So sad.

Tonight DP was telling me that the Taco Bell there was in the news because someone in a stolen car was discovered by the cops while there, and tried to escape. This is all second-hand, but I believe he ran over a police officer (who is apparently okay) and smashed into a wall or something. Weird.

And why I am going on about such horrible things right now, I don't know...

Also, that's too weird about your location! Too bad I don't still live over there, it sounds like we'd have been neighbours. Of course, even now I'm only 5-10 mins away. There's another mama on here that practically lives across the street from me where I'm at now. Like I said, there's lots of Sno County mamas on here.
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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome to MDC!
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