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Bio-life Line

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I have to say I just absolutely adore their products!! If you haven't heard of it, it is a line of more natural products at Shoppers Drug Mart called Bio-Life. So far I have tried both of their all purpose cleaners, both dish soaps and the toilet paper.

I love the all purpose cleaners! I keep one scent upstairs (pear violet, so yummy!!) and one downstairs (mango tangerine, also very yummy smelling!). I dilute them half and half with water and they still work very well. They do not bother DH's allergies like most cleaning products do.

The dish soap is wonderful!! It is ultra concentrated so you don't need much. They smell great (same scents as cleaners). They don't make the dish water greasy like most dish soaps I have used. Even when the water was kind of icky looking, the dishes were coming out squeaky clean. I was amazed! I finally like doing dishes, lol!!

The toilet paper is probably the best we've used. It is 12 double rolls and it lasts and lasts. Even using part cloth TP, a roll used to last a couple of days. Now a roll will last a lot longer. We find you don't need as much as it is very strong. It is made from 100% paper recycled from blue boxes. It is not kitten soft, but it is very durable and we prefer it to any we've ever used.

I haven't used the window spray, laundry detergent or the compostable bags yet, but probably will some day. I just wanted to give a to Shoppers for coming out with a more environmentally friendly, affordable line of products
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Thanks for the heads-up on the toilet paper! I've tried a few of their products, but haven't tried that yet. I'm in NS, too (Yarmouth).
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