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worrying about next baby having allergies/intolerances

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Does anyone else think or worry about the possibility of their next child having food allergies or intolerances? My DD is intolerant to dairy, wheat, eggs, tree nuts, and coconut, and she also has food chemical sensitivities that eliminate most of the remaining foods (or so it seems). Two years of nursing with a restricted to very restricted diet was a bit wearying, and I know there's a good chance my next baby will have food restrictions as well. I'm going to try my best to prevent the food intolerances through probiotics and good nutrition (and a lot of prayer), but I don't have any confidence that the food chemical sensitivities (which are really a bigger pain IMO) can be prevented. The thought of two+ more years of nursing on a possibly-even-more-restricted diet (DD wasn't super-sensitive to food chemicals so occasional cheats with those weren't too big of a deal) makes me rather nervous.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone else worries/thinks about this, and how you cope.
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I do worry about this. I'm pregnant right now, so it's on my mind, but I feel like I'm being as proactive as I can. I know that food chemical sensitivities are pretty misunderstood, but through gut-healing my dd has been able to add back in many fruits and vegetables (grapes, tomatoes, peppers, etc.) that she wasn't technically allergic to but could not tolerate. This pregnancy, I feel much better than I did than before. I have less stress, my nutrition and activity levels are much better, and I'm taking a lot of supplements that I hope are healing my gut and giving my baby the best chance. I have a couple months to go and the thing I need to work on now is food rotation (I'm not really avoiding anything). My other children don't have allergies, so I don't think our case is one of genetics to any great degree. That's why I'm hoping that these other measures I'm taking will benefit us.
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Do you mind if I ask what you did for gut healing for your DD, and what supplements you're doing yourself? I've tried a variety of things for DD, both for general gut healing and specifically for food chemicals, and as far as I can tell nothing's helped. Although it's really difficult to tell with her, she doesn't have dramatic reactions and they're delayed so I think she's tolerating something fine, cheat once or twice with more food chemicals, and bam she reacts and I have no idea what it was that pushed her over the top.
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Sure. My list looks like this: prenatal vitamin, vitamin C with quercetin, glutamine, Carlson's CLO (4000mg), Culturelle, acidophilus, bifidus, Primadophilus Reuteri, B-vitamin complex, and biotin. Also Enzymedica broad spectrum enzyme before meals.

My dd is more limited because of her allergies and the fact that she can't swallow capsules yet, but she takes a multi-vitamin, acidophilus, bifidus, CLO, glutamine, and biotin. I try to give her enzymes as much as possible, but I need to do a lot better at that. I'm not sure if you guys deal with yeast overgrowth, but we're taking Threelac for that.

I plan to give my newborn Natren Lifestart from day one.

(If you're interested in any particular brands or dosages we use, feel free to pm me.)
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Also, eat apples and fish. See this article: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/563309
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