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Welcome to all the new women in our multicultural forum.
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omg, i feel so dumb for not realizing we had this forum eariler

I'm lena, bi-racial(white/black...but raised with a white family) american born and raised married to dh Abdul who is Somali(born and raised, has lived in the us for 10 years now)

we have 1 dd Iman,and maybe more beanlets down the line

i look foward to chatting with all you here
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Wow! There are lots of us out there. Welcome! Welcome!
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Hi Everyone! Nice to see this forum. I'm a freckly faced white girl from the states and DH is Filipino. We met while we were both active duty Navy.
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hi! I'm an American...born and raised in New England and my dh is Filipino...born there and moved to US when he was about 9. We have a ds (23 months) who is a good mix of us both but definitely has the features of his dada. Dh speaks to DS primarily in Tagalog and I'm slowly picking up on some words/phrases as well which is helpful since DH family all speak tagalog when we're together. Glad to have found this forum!
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My name is Liza and I'm Russian-American, dh is Russian. Dh's stepfather is half Somalian and half Yemeni, but a citizen of the Emirates. Brother in-law's wife is from Ethiopia (oh yeah, tons of evil eyes between fil and sil ) and my stepfather is Filipino. DD is two and a half and was born in Russia, but has lived in America and here in the United Arab Emirates (where we live now). She is currently speaking tons of English at the moment, a lot of Russian and a little Arabic.

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Hi! I'm Robyn.
I'm white, DH Max is white, and our son Jackson is black & white. Jack is adopted, via an open, private domestic adoption. We have a relationship with his birthmom, who lives in another state. We are in California, in the SF Bay Area.
I've been on MDC for awhile now - since just before Jack was born, and he's 2 now. I just found this forum last week, looking for something else. It will be great to have another resource.

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Hello! My name is LaToya, I'm black, I've been married to my husband Stephen, who's white, for a little over three years. We have a son, Christopher (who will be 2 next month) and #2 is due sometime this fall.

Both of our families have always been very supportive of our relationship, which is refreshing in the world of ignorance that we live in.

I'm glad to have found this forum. I really could've used this a long time ago.
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I'm a black American and my dh is Mexican. Thrown into the mix is my daughter, who was conceived when I was raped by a white guy (Scottish/Irish heritage, great grandparents were immigrants). I'm fairly dark, and my daughter very light, so, like Joyster, I got the "am I the nanny" looks, especially if I was caught nursing ( Oh, she's yours??!!) It was funny and annoying at the same time.

Anyway, we homeschool bilingually, I'm fluent in Spanish, though it took me a bit to get to this point. She corrects me periodically; I didn't start speaking to her in Spanish until she was about 18 months and it became necessary. She's currently 8.5 yo. She's being raised in a Mexican culture, as in our place in NM, there's a very strong immigrant culture here, to include my dh. Some day, we'll tell her about her other part of her heritage (dh is skeptical, but even I was raised with a stepdad and feel it's important she knows). She loves watching Irish dance and notes her hair looks like the ladies on Lord of the Dance .

I will also be introducing more German and Japanese into our day, both of which I'm familiar, although I'm not sure how.
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Wow - So Many Here!

Hi, I'm married to a man from China and have two boys (ages 5 and 2) who look mostly Chinese. I also get the questions when I'm alone with one of the boys, "Oh, he's so cute - where's he from?". I usually say, "Right from my uterus." I try my hardest to get my dh to speak only Chinese to the boys (I speak enough), but it is an uphill battle.

I'm so looking forward to discussions on this board with so many diverse families! It's very refreshing!
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Originally Posted by kai's mom View Post
I also get the questions when I'm alone with one of the boys, "Oh, he's so cute - where's he from?". I usually say, "Right from my uterus."
I wanted to say that-- then offer to show them the scar. Or when they'd ask "she's YOURS??" while nursing, I was tempted to tell them, "nah, I breastfeed any child that happens to latch on." :
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New here...

Hi, I am new to all of these great forums, I like it here! I live in the U.S. and am half black half white. I am married to a man who is half hispanic, half mexican-indian. My husband and I have almost the same skin color, except his skin has reddish undertones and mine more tan. Our children look like a little of each of us, you can see a picture of my daughter in her blog below.
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Hey everybody!!!

I'm new to the multicultural threads. Yay!!! I'm so happy that this one is now up and running. I just found out about this one today! Well I'm Nigerian American (born and raised in the US, Nigerian father, Black American mix mother) and my DH is of Eastern European decent (4th generation Polish, Hungarian, Croatian). We've been married for over 2.5 years and have been ttc for quite some time as well. I'm usually in the ttc forums and I'm really actually supposed to be lurking. So at least I know I'll have another MDC home when we get pregnant (whenever that will be). I'm so happy see all of the diversity on these threads! It's awesome to see so many ladies with their multicultural families of various types. This is just too cool! I'm really here to learn about what you all do with the "is that your baby" comments, to just the general loving being a multicultural family. So I'm all ears and taking notes....:
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Hooray, we finally have a multicultural forum!

We are a bicultural family: DH was born in Taiwan and is an atheist, I'm Caucasian (Irish/German family history) and a devout Catholic. I am raising our boys as Catholics. DH's parents thoroughly americanized him as a young child, so I am always looking for ways to introduce Chinese traditions at home.
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We're bicultural here, I'm Hungarian, DH is Mexican born and raised, his mum was from Spain, and his dad is from Argentina(but was raised in Mexico).
DH is white, blonde hair, hazel eyes, fair skin, i'm the dark one actually. I have olive skin, dark hair and the unfitting blue eyes.
DD was born in Budapest, we go to Hungary 3 times a year.

DD is blonde, white and blue eyes, she got my eyes. People don't ask me if i am the nanny, mostly because she looks like me but of course she looks more like DH. I speak Hungarian to her and DH in spanish.
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Hello! I'm so excited to see this forum; I've been lurking patiently and awaiting its creation.

I'm Angela. I'm white and a transplant from DC to Baltimore (not a geographically large distance, but for those of y'all who have made the move, you know it's a big change, and one that I'm SO happy about having made). My partner, Joel, is black and a transplant from Kingston, JA, to DC, to Baltimore, with many stops along the way! We have a five-year-old daughter named Ruby, who spends her days running our candy store with Joel while I commute back and forth to DC until the store is doing well enough to get me off that hamster wheel.
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Hi my name is Donna and I am white American and my husband was born in South Korea. He was adopted as an infant, so culturally we are mostly american, but I hope we can all visit Korea one day. We also hope to adopt from around the world. My aunt is married to a black man and they have two biracial girls. My husbands family is also very multicultural because of adoption and have Mexican, black, native american, white and of course himself Korean. My kids look more korean than white, and yet no one has ever asked me if there mine..
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Hi Ladies, it's so great to see a forum like this. I'm Leah, a pasty white American- DH is Anthony, half white half Korean, who was raised by his Korean Mom. His childhood was very Buddhism centered, and I grew up attending Catholic schools. There are quite a few cultural differences between us, but I think that makes things a little more interesting.
We don't have any children of our own just yet, but we're looking forward to trying within the next 6-12 months. I can't wait to get to know you all better.
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I am a native Belgian raised in Belgium, who moved to Turkey to marry and live there with her Kurdish-Arabic origin husband.
We live here for almost 8 years now and have two children, aged 2 and 4.
I am fair-skinned with freckles/light brown hair/darkbrown eyes, husband dark olive skinned/pitchblack hair/brown eyes, son of 4 with olive skin/medium brown hair/drakbrown eyes, son of 2 with fair skin/medium blonde hair/drakbrown eyes. Kids look like a mixture but look most like me too.
We raise our children in a multi-langual and multi-cultural manner, without religion since we are either atheist or non-practising ourselves.
We use the OPOL method quite strictly, I speak Dutch with them, my husband Turkish.. They are also exposed to English since my husband and I started out in English and often still have conversations in English, mixed with Turkish and Dutch. Some Kurdish comes in by my in-laws, too, but we live far from them so the Kurdish input is very very little, and merely passive. I am a SAHM at the moment, my eldest son of 4 goes to private pre-school for half a day. So he gets half of the day a Turkish 'language-cultural-food' bath, and the other half mainly the Belgian version, and evenings and weekends are mixed :-).

One of the nice things here, I find, is that breastfeeding and also long-term bf (not unusual untill 1,5-2) , is looked upon as something relatively normal, comparing to how it is perceived in Belgium. Also SAHM is more accepted in this country than in my home country nowadays, but in both countries it is less (or not) appreciated when you have a degree.

I feel both integrated (NOT assimilated and will never be nor want to even if I would ever get dual citizenship) and very much Belgian (probably that 'strange' foreign woman in the middle of the street..many people also 'know' me from hear say, sometimes when I randomly speak to someone in the neighbourhood, I get to hear 'Oh, you must be that foreign lady living next to blablabla, I've been hearing lots about you' ??? :-).
I have both positive and negative experiences being a foreigner in my new home country. And of course I do miss my other homeland and friends/family there and like to travel there once every one or two years or so, if possible, but more difficult and expensive when children involved.
We often have family from both sites visiting for a couple af weeks a time, spread over the year. Nice, but these are always stay-overs so a lot more work to do and less privacy at times. Spring-Summer-Autumn can be busy at times!

I do not know any other foreign young mothers in my area (only at the other end of town, 1h travel). So it is nice to have found this new forum at MDC to discuss some 'multicultural' topics.


Erna (31)
Me :
4y old
2m old
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What a neat sub-forum! Love it!

DS is a dual citizen: Canadian and Swiss... but has zero Canadian and Swiss DNA : !

I am Swiss (well, now also Canadian) but my family is originarily from the Czech Republic (so a mix of German/Polish/Czech in me). DH is Canadian but his family is originarily from Iran.

I speak to DS in French and DH speaks to him in English.
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