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Hello, I'm Amy a white American married to a first generation Mexican American.
I have two kiddos from a previous marriage and have 3 boys with dh as well.
Dh is fluent in spanish but has been rather negligent in teaching our kids spanish. They know simple words but most assuredly can't speak it. I was pleased to find out that my 5 yr olds elementary offers spanish classes
We always get strange looks when out with myself being blonde, dh being mexican and my 2 children from my previous marriage and red haired with blue eyes and blonde with blue eyes. People are especially confused when dh introduces himself as their father
My youngest three, with dh, are all different in appearance so far. My 7 yr old has light brown hair w/hints of blond, my 5 yr old has dark brown curly hair and my newest one has black curly hair. With those three they've progressively gotten darker in the hair dept but lighter in the skin dept.
I've always joked that with all 5 I think we covered the rainbow of hair colors
As far as exposing the kiddos to the mexican culture my fave thing we've done so far is visit his dad in a very rural part of Mexico Christmas of '06 and I'm dying to get back, loved it there.
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Hello. I'm white, DH and DS are Native American, both enrolled tribal members. We live on their reservation in sunny South Dakota.
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I'm Hungarian, born there but moved back and forth from there and the U.S. throughout my childhood. I haven't been back there in years though. DH is Puerto Rican but grew up in the U.S. Actually he was adopted by a Puerto Rican father and a Polish mother, but his birthmom is 100% Puerto Rican, and his biofather is anyone's guess.

DD is dark like him, with blue eyes like me.
DS is light like me, with dark eyes like him.

I've had rude people ask me "they have different fathers, right?" :

Also, I have to add this, even when though we both had some common culture within the U.S., growing up about 45 mins away from one another, we lived in very different cultures. My family lived in an upper class suburb whereas he lived in the inner city areas. So even that is pretty multicultural.
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We are not a multi-racial family, but we have multi-cultural experience. We are both from Bangladesh and moved to US some 10+ years ago.

We don't have kids yet, we ttc-ed in 2006, and my body didn't cooperate at all...had to stop due to dh's sickness...and since 2007 he has been in Bangladesh majority of the time...still he is there. Hopefully, plan to go into ttc game next summer when he returns.

When we have kids, we definitely be speaking Bengali to them...teaching them how to write Bengali could be a huge challenge. We will also be teaching them at least how to read and write Arabic so that they will be able to read Quran, which is like a custom in my country, and majority of the Muslims know how to read Arabic at least.

Looking forward to learning more about all the multi-cultural experiences here!
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Well, I have been on here a while, but don't think I have ever formally introduced myself ops:

My name is Gabriele and I am half American, half German (my mom was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US with my dad when she was 19...they married in Germany before they left, dad had been stationed there for 4 yrs, so she's been in the US for 28 years, but it still a German citizen :P ).
My husband is from Jordan but became a US citizen a few years ago. He speaks fluent Arabic and English, and our son will be learning both Arabic and English, and hopefully even some German.
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I'm Autumn, I'm half Puerto Rican, half white. My husband is white. I was born in Spain, grew up in Appalachia, where morons thought I was black, and called me all the derogatory names used toward blacks. It wasn't a whole lot of fun-they could have at least gotten it right...which they got closer in HS, thinking I was Mexican.
Anyway, my husband loves my "fiery side" and I love that he's one of the few really completely open minded white people from his area. I couldn't stand to be with someone who wasn't.
We're expecting our first and will love him no matter how he comes out (but I hope more like me heheh) We plan on teaching him Spanish-I've been working with my husband, but he has a hard time finding the time to really work on it. He's totally committed toward teaching it to our children though, and making sure they know part of their culture!
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Ds and I are a multi-racial family of two. His bio-dad is from Japan. I was really really looking forward to having a bilingual kid, but things didn't work out that way, so . I try to teach him a tiny bit of Nihon-go and he knows how to use hashi, but that's about it. I come on hear mostly lurking, being jealous of you mamas in HI (where ds was born, big island, kona side) and trying to figure out how to help ds understand his heritage and what it means in the circumstances.

I keep looking for a certain someone on here, too. Someone I've never met, but know through a mutual friend who's about to have her first baby.
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Hi, I'm Lizette. I'm Latina, born in Canada and DH is of Scottish descent, 7th generation Canadian. Our DD is 20 months old, loves salsa and celtic music and is in general a supercutie. I try to keep up with the Spanish, but I admit I fall into the habit of speaking to her mostly in English as that's what I speak with her Dad. We love our little multicultural family!
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