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Baby Kangas

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I think these are my new favorites. They are so much like BumGenius, except they have snaps instead of velcro, and they are made in Canada. I'm not sure why they felt a need to put a zipper on the pocket but whatever, it doesn't really bother me. Anyways, they are GREAT. I'm not thrilled that inserts cost extra, but I'm going to try to make m own inserts anyways.
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I really love my Baby Kangas. I have another type of pocket diaper that I used when ds was tiny, and looked at it the other day and it looked like it had taken a beating, but the Baby Kangas still look great after so much use. I really like how absorbent the hemp inserts are.
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Have to say i bought one on the TP and LOVE it, one of my favorite and i reach for it whenever it is clean!
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I have been selling off all my pocket diapers in favour of fitteds but I will definitely be keeping the Baby Kanga diaper that I have. I like that it has a zipper as it keeps the insert in it's place and not next to my toddler's skin. I love the snaps and I love the fit. Great diaper, only complaint is that price doesn't include inserts.
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