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hypoallergenic body wash/soap and laundry detergent?

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My DH gets mild hives from sweating and we are trying to cure it. He works out every day, he has to, since it's his job. I'm thinking we should try to find a hypoallergenic soap for him. It has to kill germs, since staph goes around the gym regularly. I'm also going to switch to a hypoallergenic laundry detergent. Any recommendations for that too?
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I use the unscented Dr. Bronner's diluted for showering and shampoo-ing. You could use the eucalyptus scent, which I think has some antibacterial properties, or add a drop or two of tea tree oil to each diluted batch. As for laundry detergent. we have great success with Biokleen.
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If he's got allergies, do a small skin test before he's putting TTO all over his body on his clothing. It can be an allergen.

I've had issues with laundry detergents in the past, have found that Seventh Generation is safe enough. You can also go the baking soda route for washing.

Figuring out what his allergens are is the most logical first step for then choosing what soaps to use. Then you know what to avoid. Common allergens that I know to look for in soaps are lanolin (any part), fragrance (most inexpensive perfumes contain Orris Root, a common allergen. Common soaps aren't going to be using noncheap...).

Read labels and go for unscented (which are "masking scented" just enough to not be obnoxiously chemical smelling).
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My son has chronic hives and very sensitive skin. If he gets hives from exercise, xercise-induced urticaria, which my mother in law has I think it is during the exercise rather than the soap and such. But if he's like my son his skin is sensitive so the extra assaults make it worse and cause eczema after the hives are gone. You aren't looking in a medical direction I know but zyrtec is all I've found to help the hives themselves. Especially if he gets hives sometimes and not others you might track foods to see if certain foods might be contributing and the exercise pushes his levels over the edge to hives. If he gets hives all the time I might consider testing for food allergies as sometimes there is a connection between exercise hives and food.
If the products themselves might be the cause of hives I do have suggestions as we've got that issue here too.
I don't know what I would do for antibacterial stuff as I am positive it would irritate his skin. But we use vanicream products http://www.psico.com/ He's using his own towels rather than gym towels hopefully. I'd maybe use alcohol sanitizer on any cuts/skin that is abraded and not bandaged and so more likely to get staph and wash really well with soap and water otherwise. Tea tree oil makes my son break out in eczema so patch test that first.

All Free and Clear is the only detergent he doesn't react to. He does react to Biokleen.
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Thanks everyone, we already know DH is allergic to TTO. I was thinking of getting the dr. bronners unscented, but I've never used anything like that before. It seems like you can use it to clean anything?

He seems to have exercise-induced urticaria, but he hasn't seen a doctor for it. It started a couple of years ago, the same time he had a staph infection. He gets rashes of small red welts from a good workout.
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