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AZ VBAC - twins with one breech!

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Hello again!

Sorry I've been MIA. So excited to share that we were able to have our VBAC last Wednesday, January 30. Quite possibly the most incredible experience of my life.

We found our OB before we got pregnant. I wasn't looking forward to consults and being pregnant at the same time. However, our FET resulted in twins and, at 20 weeks, my OB decided she wasn't really comfortable with that. She was willing to let me VBAC if both were vertex, measuring small, came early and I went into labor on my own... Needless to say, I was not eager to be her first. So doctor shopping we went.

I was very lucky to have made some connections on this board and found a doula who I was corresponding with. After a couple of disappointing visits with other doctors, I found one at UMC - the teaching hospital for the U of A - who was very supportive. Not once did he try to convince me a c-section would be better. He even spent 2 hours with me going over research and statistics, my records, etc... It really touched me that he would take that much time when I wasn't even a patient. I switched my records to him the following week.

The pregnancy was incredible. (So much so that I'm very much missing my belly right now and having some postpartum issues. Please let me know if any of you have experienced this.) At 34 weeks, I had another scare because both babies decided to flip to complete breech. Still, my doctor has delivered breech and was still on for the VBAC. I thank my lucky stars that I had him because I'm sure any other doctor would have scheduled the c-section then and there. At 35 weeks, though, both babies flipped to vertex. (Let me just put in a plug here for those pelvic tilts and inclined plane exercises!) Five days later my water broke.

At first it was kind of a trickle and I kept waiting for the contractions to start like they had with my daughter. After about 3 hours, I called my doula for advice. Still getting some water leaking but no blood or contractions. She advised me to call my doctor. The nurse told me to just come in to the hospital and get checked out. So off we went.

By the time I was seen, it had been about 4.5 hours since my water had broken. Sure enough, it was amniotic fluid and despite the fact that I hadn't been able to deduce too many contractions, I was already dilated to a 4!

At that point, it was about 5:30pm. Fortunately, my doctor was still there (he does a lot of on calls around the city for the different hospitals, but Tuesdays are his days at UMC). It was just such a relief to go into labor when I knew he would be there. He checked me and left me in the care of the residents to get checked in and labor away. 7 hours later at 2am, I was dilated to a 9, my cervix was 95% effaced and baby A was at a +2 station. From there, it took me another 6 hours and a bit of persuasion from my doc and the resident doc to get me to completion. They let me push my son to crowning in the labor room and then we were headed to the OR.

From there the magic just continued. Two pushes later at 9:19am, my beautiful son, Landon Joseph, was born weighing 5 lbs. 7 oz. and 19 3/8 inches long. His sister decided to do a few acrobatics. Consequently, Callie Dyann was delivered feet first about 5 minutes later, weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long. Absolutely unbelievable. It was truly the greatest feeling to know that we had done it. I leave out some of the other details because this is plenty long for anyone to read, but I wouldn't have had their birth any other way. It was beautiful.

I wish everyone on this board the same success.

Much love and best wishes,
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Congratulations! Vaginal twin births are rare enough these days, so a twin VBAC with one breech is downright amazing!
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Congrats! What an amazing story!
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Congratulations!!!! Way to go!!!!
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what an amazing, beautiful story... congratulations on your 2 new little ones!
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Wow. That really IS an amazing story!! Congratulations, Mama! What a GREAT job! And Welcome to the World, Little ONES!
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if you don't mind sharing, what is the name of the Dr.? (you can PM me if you don't want to post) I would love to know though!
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Congratulations! I second the recommendation of that doc! Awesome! Good job mom, and those are pretty big babies for 35 weeks! You did great! Congrats again!
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Most awesome for you!!! I am so happy you found that doctor who wasn't knife-happy and even delivered a breech!

I was a somewhat blue post-partum....I missed my belly and I would go to pat it and talk to the baby...only to realize my belly was gone now. It was a little disconcerting, considering I'd been living with it for so long, gotten used to talking to it and stuff...and now it was gone.
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OMG you go girl! A vbac queen! Thats sooo cool! So who the he** is your doc? I have yet to find a vabc supporter in AZ!!!! Please tell me who he is?
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Congratulations! A VBAC triumph! :
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What an amazing birth story! Congratulations!! I think I would give that doc a big hug.
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Would love to know who your doctor is, if you are so willing...
for the purpose of connecting other families to doctors who will work beyond the narrow confines of "normal". (You could pm me if you'd prefer of course)
AND congratulations...thank you for sharing your story!
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I'm assuming you're in Tucson?
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Whoa. Brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to you!!!!!!!
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wow Wendy! that is such an awesome and inspirational story!! congrats!
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First, CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO THE TWIN VBAC CLUB!!!!! It feels awesome, doesn't it!?!?

The pregnancy was incredible. (So much so that I'm very much missing my belly right now and having some postpartum issues.
YES, YES, YES! I never had any PPD with the twins, HOWEVER, the loss of that pregnancy (even though it ended in a wonderful birth with two healthy babies) was something to grieve. Nevermind the fact that being pregnant with twins, you get a ton of attention in the first place, and you're focused on the birth, and all that. But in some deep, spiritual way, you KNOW that twin body is just about the most glorious your body has ever been. Seriously, I had a TON of pregnancy discomforts near the end, could barely move, but my belly was miraculously huge, and that brought me a tremendous sense of joy and pride. I just stood in awe of what my body could do! Then there was the birth-- and it was everything I had prayed for. It's almost as if watching my body go through such an amazing pregnancy and birth, anything that followed could only be anticlimactic. Although I didn't have the PPD or anything, I STILL (10 months later) feel a twinge of jealousy when I see other pregnant mamas (or their belly pics), particularly when it's twins.

Anyway, sorry it took me until now to respond, but I just saw your post and couldn't not say anything. I definitely think you're not alone in feeling that way...

Congrats on the babies! Hope everyone is doing well now!
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