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My water broke around midnight! Wish me a quick and easy labor


Please welcome my new little boy, Sid Fisher!
He was born at 8:31AM on Monday morning (2/11--one day after his due date).
He weighed 9lbs. 5oz. and measures 21 1/2 in. long.

The birth story:

We got to the hospital at 2AM and I was still only having very mild contractions. The OB on call insisted on giving me a small amount on Pitocin to get things happening, and I made it to 5 cm without drugs. I got an epidural at that point because evidently I am just not meant to do that without it. I did give it my best shot, though. I had the same "hot spot" that I'd had w/ DS1, but this time it was smaller and I did get some relief in that area. I was even able to sleep between contractions, and that was HUGE for me. At about 8AM, I started to feel that intense feeling in my bottom, and I was sure that it was his head that I was feeling. The contractions worked their magic, and his head was brought way down. The nurse checked me and asked if I was ready to have a baby. I pushed for only 10 minutes, and this huge boy was placed in my arms by the midwife who delivered him ( I saw an OB for my prenatal care, but there just happened to be a midwife who was assigned to me). She was AMAZING! The placenta was the size of a giant brain, and I donated the cord blood. I only got a 1st degree tear, which she stitched up super fast. It was a pretty amazing experience. I still don't know how I got him out so fast! And he's a super nurser, just like his big brother was

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: for a Quick and Easy Labor mama, or maybe your are holding your babe right now????
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: : : mamatomax! Looking forward to the pictures
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Sending you ELV!
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Sending you well wishes!

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No matter how many times I see a mama about to give birth, I get all giddy and excited inside - ELVs to you mama, you're in our thoughts!!
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Ditto, lily, me too! It's like oh oh oh!! here we go!! ::: ELV's to you mamatomax!!
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Hope it's been a wonderful, easy night, and hope that you and the little one are babymooning soon!
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Good luck love!!!
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Good luck--hope you're having the easy labor you're hoping for--or that it's done already and you're holding your little one.
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Glad things are getting rolling for you! Sending you all the best. I can't wait to hear the birth announcement.
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I updated the original post. It's so good to be home with my boy! Thanks for all of the good vibes, ladies; they worked!
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Welcome, Sid!!!
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Beautiful Baby! Congratulations!
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Congrats and welcome to your adorable little boy!
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Way to go mama, what a big boy!!!! And super cute too!

Happy Birthday Sid!!!!
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Welcome, little (big!) Sid! : Congrats, mamatomaxandsid....
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Oh he is just TOO cute!!! Congrats!
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COngrats. I am loving everyone's name choices. Welcome to the world, Sid.
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