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Originally Posted by hlnmommy View Post
It not very good but here it is
awww!! cute!
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Well, our miss Delainey is 6 weeks old today! She is such a sweet baby.. We had such a rough start with the planned-VBAC-turned emergency c/s and then the NICU and everything, but things are going really well now.
We just got her a baby swing yesterday and I think that will come in handy when I need to have two hands free- I don't even remember what that is like anymore!
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Here is Peace we finally caught a smile on camera:


She is 2 months old today and sleeps from 8-5 a.m so far she is so wonderful.
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Originally Posted by desert_mommi View Post

I have a question of you all with older kiddos too... My oldest has said, "I need more momma time" and she is right. How do you all meet that need in your homes?
I am with you on this. my oldest will be three in a month...he has a speach/language delay and it has been hard to explain to him verbally all the thing that I need to tell him and he thinks that only way to be close to me is to nurse. it is not enough to just hold him...i have to nurse him and he has gone back to wanting to nurse all day instead of just before bed. it is hard to find time to sit down and spend time playing with him exclusively, because ds#2 doesn't sleep well unless held. I also feel bad when I am doing something for ds#1 that he really needs me to do and ds#2 is crying in the bassinet because he wants to be picked up. It is hard to give both of them all the attention that they need.
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Hi! I think it's been a month since I last posted...I NEVER get online time anymore! DS2 does not sleep unless he is on or very near me (as in, head three inches from mine), which is a serious time drain because I can't cook or type when he's in the sling in front of me, which is the only way he'll tolerate. (I'm very large, so in front of me puts him very far in front...lol) He'll be 7 weeks old in a day or two, and I'm shocked to say that he's been rolling over for a week already. DS1 didn't roll until nearly 4 months! We got over thrush, and sinus infection, but DS1 is still fighting the world's longest diaper rash. We're on prescription cream #3, along with hydrocortisone, vinegar soaks, and lots of probiotics. He still wants to nurse all the time, and DS2 takes FOREVER to nurse, so I spend most of my time sitting on the couch with one boy attached to each breast...and the rest of my time sitting on the couch with one boy attached to my breast and the other one tugging on my hand... I am so with you, KehliLouise -- DS2 cries way more than DS1 did because sometimes I just have to take care of DS1's needs. because of his diaper rash, I have to change his diaper as soon as he dirties it, no matter what the story is with DS2. To be fair, though, DS2 also does a lot more general crying. DS1 never cried unless there was a discrete purpose; with DS2, we often can't figure it out. One night last week he was screaming and screaming, not hungry, not tired, clean diaper, no strings wrapped, being rocked up and down and walked -- just kept screaming. He cried hard enough to burst a blood vessel in his eye!
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to all us mamas with more than one and attempting to find the delicate balance...oh, for balance...
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My doula keeps reminding me "this too shall pass"...hang in there mamas!
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Hi all, thought I would give an update as I haven't posted in a while. DS is 5 weeks and is doing well (according to an AP philosophy). He's gaining weight well and is basically a velcro baby. He's been eating like crazy lately, so it can get exhausting at times. I accept this, though I really do need to be able to put him down for 5 minutes to do something once in a while, but it's hard when you get resistance from parents, others, etc. The typical "spoiling, he's manipulating you..." comments. He sleeps pretty well at night, about half in a co sleeper and half with us. And he naps great during the day if he's on us, but how do I take a nap if I'm wearing or holding him? I can nap on my back with him on my chest, but I don't sleep well in that position. He generally knows if I put him down and he wakes up from his sleep. Otherwise, he is just as cute as can be and I think I'm getting the first smiley moments from him, too. DH is doing pretty well, too. This is a second go around as a parent for him, so he's a bit older, but is pretty open to the AP approach which is very different than how things were done the first time. I got him to reread a part of the Sears book today, so I think he's less worried about Andrew's clinginess. I'll have to figure out how to post a picture, as I don't have any on a website. What's the best way to do it?

Overall, there are good days and bad days, but I'm hopeful that things will get easier esp. with the weather warming around here and the snow melting (finally!!). Hope you are all doing well, too! dahlsk
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I need you guys to recommend some songs to use on the dvd that i am making of koi's birth. i know you guys who did montages had great songs.
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to upload onto a website just choose your host. i chose webshots out of ease. go to their site, create a login, and click on upload. it'll let you upload from your files, then you can create albums. super easy.

as far as the montage song, i chose "amazing" because it's beautiful and said all the right stuff, and it was on the top of their list. i don't even know who sings it.

i was nursing faith to sleep last night while laurel was watching a sesame street dvd. she was really tired, too. when faith fell asleep i laid her down next to laurel on the pillow and laurel rolled over and said, "i need space". she's 2. she's wanted nothing but to be as close as she can get to faith thus far. this was the first showing of, well, i guess needing space. interesting. thankfully it was a mature showing.
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jeremy-that is so cute about your two year old saying she needed space!
i wish my two-almost three year old would say that..he just hits his brother....not hard of course, but lightly. they already fight when nursing together. the little one feels crowded by the big one that wont sit still so he kicks the big one. the big one pinches his feet because he is getting kicked. this goes on with me going, "hey don't pinch/hit/push your little brother...he is a baby and doesn't know what he is doing."

well i am sitting here with the littlest one attached to me...he is on and off sleeping. right now i'm actually able to type with two hands! yay! dh has the big one and they went to the store. it is so nice to have ds#1 out of the house for a little while so that ds#2 can sleep without being woken up by his older brother's play or antics. i feel bad for the little guy. i have tried to explain to ds#1 that when he was a baby he got constant attention and lots of sleep, and that we need to try to give ds#2 lots of attention as well...but of course he doesn't get this...he has a limited vocabulary as it is. well i hear them coming back from the store so i'm out.
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Just curious- how many times are your babes pooping each day? dd is 7 weeks now and it seems like she's pooping all the time.. I can't remember if my older two were like this at this age.. but wow! I am changing dipes all the time!
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Originally Posted by ollineeba View Post
Just curious- how many times are your babes pooping each day? dd is 7 weeks now and it seems like she's pooping all the time.. I can't remember if my older two were like this at this age.. but wow! I am changing dipes all the time!
My guy is just over 8 weeks old and I swear, he poops ALL. THE. TIME.

I can't remember the last time I changed a diaper and it didn't have poo in it.
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Just wanted to post some new pictures of my little man, he is such a happy baby!

big smile

another smile

surfer boy

Just plain cute

Asleep with daddy
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I cannot find a February (or March!) 2008 babies thread for anything! Can I join here? My second son was born on leap day
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Haven't posted to this thread in awhile. Shana is 9 weeks old today! Nursing is going very well. We haven't had any problems except a minor case of thrush awhile back but that cleared right up with some acidophilus and bifidus.
Transitioning from one child to two children is much easier than I expected it to be. DS is a very good big brother and only attempted to be mean to DD once or twice the first few weeks. He's very protective of her and doesn't like anyone but me or DH to hold her.
Brotherly love
Daddy and Shana
Another Smile!
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Anyone here interested in doing a spring swap? If so contact me!
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Originally Posted by Doula Dani View Post
I cannot find a February (or March!) 2008 babies thread for anything! Can I join here? My second son was born on leap day
You sure can! Welcome Doula Dani. Wow, leap day...I always wondered about kids who were born on that day. What a special little guy he must be

Zahirakids, what exactly is a spring swap? Sorry, I am new to this idea. What kind of things do we swap? tia
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Hi everybody.....My baby Solomon poops ALL THE TIME also....I don't think I have ever had such a "poopy baby" before this. The other day I counted something like 8 times!

Maybe that is normalfor some but for me it's not. Thank goodness baby poop doesn't stink! In fact maybe it's just me....cause I think the smell is cute.....
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mama_y_sol I will pm you about it. If anyone else wants to know about it pm me!
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