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Originally posted by Island Mommy
If no sign of improvement I'll be heading for the chocolate. You know the worst thing for me is no milk in my tea. Sob, sob. I love milk in my tea. I already gave up coffee for darn sakes. Boy, the sacrifices these children require!
I was drooling just looking at a total stranger eat a dairy queen blizzard the other day. I really wanted some. :

HAve you tried rice milk in your tea? I love rice milk with cereal, and it has a natural sweetness that is nice in tea.
It is the cheese that is difficult for me. I bake for a restaruant, so the temptation is so right there!!!

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I was pretty cranky the whole next day after the last time that I posted. But that night, we were trying to get Mez to sleep, and the same thing started happening. He nursed and nursed and nursed, and then cried and cried and cried. I was so tired. Then my husband took him and I went into the other room for a break. I was about to lose it again from lack of sleep and so I was about to log on, when I heard, "I feel another tooth". Then all of a sudden I felt better. There was an apparent reason for all the crying. And then I felt bad that I had been so cranky. But really I do realise that I was so tired and that I shouldn't beat myself up about it. Anyway that night was a little better, but still rough. The next morning, I wasn't feeling too bad. I was playing with Mez, when I discovered.....not one...not two...but three new teeth coming in. The poor little guy. So that explains it. I knew something was up and I am glad I now know what that something is. It can be so frustrating not knowing why he is so upset.

Anyway, I am sitting here enjoying my herbal tea (wishing it was coffee) while he is taking a nap with my husband. I hope everyone else is hanging in there.

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MY BABY SLEPT LAST NIGHT! and so did i. i followed another posters suggestion on another thread to take calcium and magnesium. so maybe that is a coincidence but i think island mommy had some success too so i dunno. AND she has been napping for close to 2 hrs at a time!!! that is unusual very much so. so either maybe we turned a corner or magnesium/calcium is a magic potion. you can bet i took it very carefully today just in case that is what is making her sleep!! gotta go nurse her one last time before dh puts her to sleep
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I'm curious about the calcium/magnesium that y'all are taking. What dose and in what form. For those of you who have cut out dairy but are really missing milk in your tea I've just started using Silk non-dairy 'creamer'. It's made from organic soybeans and is pretty good. I originally started using cream in my tea instead of milk to add calories and also because the tea I'm drinking is decaf and has zero body so i needed something to round it out. Now that I've switched to the Silk I don't see much difference. Oops I guess that was kind of T

We had a so-so night last till about 5:00 then it was lots of tossing and turning on ds's part. Not sure what I ate last night that may have caused it. He's just started on solids recently, actually only banana, so I'm thinking maybe his system is not quite ready. I bought the No Cry Sleep Solution but haven't had a chance to read it yet. How's everyone doing?
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bad night last night for us :
go figure, i have been on a dairy AND sugar diet all week. don't know what i ate, but dd was rolling around ALL night. ugh

gotta run....
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Every night is different

Last night was a really good night. She went to bed at 8 and got up at 10, 2, 5 and was up for good at 7. I wish every night was like this. But the night before she was probably up 5 times! It seems impossible to make a plan to try and cut out some of the wakings if she does something different every night. I would like dh to take over a couple of wakings but then she has a night like last night and doesn't wake. And then you get all excited that maybe she is going to sleep better and the next night she is up 6 times. I try and just be happy that sometimes she sleeps well. I know her waking isn't about not being able to go back to sleep on her own because she will do that occasionally.

Daytime is just as erratic. On Monday she took three good naps. Yesterday she had one. She is one very unpredictable babe!

Congrats Hollyhobbie! How is everyone else doing?
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It seems some of us have been posting on other threads. Should we let this thread die?

I am so excited about HollyHobbie. I'd love to keep hearing how it's going. It gives me hope.

My dd was up every hour again last night. Since she sleeps for about 11 hours, I'd say she was up 10 times. And yet, she's really a happy babe during the day....except for when she saw the pumpkin, which she found rather scary:
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Oh no are we really letting this thread die? Well okay, but I guess I will post once more.

My son is alseep. Why am I still up? Well in the past week, I would say that he has been doing pretty well. Sleeping for about 9 hours and waking 4 to 5 times. This is a huge improvement. And he also has been napping. One hour in the morning, and about a half hour in the afternoon. Now, why do I seem to have insomnia? I am still tired. I still want to sleep, but I can't.

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LaurenS, come on over to the thread about baby waking 10 times a night. there is alot of good suggestions about magnesium/calcium. it really is helping me sleep.
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So, a couple of nights ago DD was unsettled more than normal and I had to keep picking her up and nursing her before she'd fall asleep. One time I put her down and had my arm stuck under her head. I wanted to cough, but didn't want to make any movement or noise so I quietly reached over to the bedside table for the glass of water I always keep there. Took a sip and next thing I know....SPLOOSH! Water all over me and the pillow and the bed. I was so tired I fell asleep before I could put the glass back down!!!

Thought you'd all appreciate that story.
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i hear you. my 8 month old daughter does...not...sleep. i would write more but i'm just too tired!
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