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corrie43, why would you be flamed? It's not necessary to have her in your room to be an attached pair! I think it's much more important that you find what works for BOTH of you! It sounds like this might be a success for you both, so congratulations! I agree that you have to take care of yourself in order to be the best mom to her...keep it up and enjoy your sleep (I'm jealous!)
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My goodness, Corrie 43, I would never flame you! If my dd slept better in her crib, that's where she'd be!
Anyway, on a positive note, my dd went one 3 hour stretch last night. I actually woke up with a hard breast!! YIPPEEEEEEE! I'm convinced it's the beginning of a trend. (one has to be positive)
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Hi Lisa!

Katie is just about 5 months, and nightwaking started for the first time ever last night. She is learning to crawl, and she's completely obsessed. She woke up, rolled onto her hands and knees, and gave me a big, wide awake grin: "I'm ready to play now, mama!" Aiieeee! We've slept 12 hours a night since she was born (with nursing during our sleep). UNTIL NOW

Have others of you found that the nightwaking occurs with hitting milestones?

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Off topic

Ubertulip, I love your babe's name. For some reason, I find myself repeating it over and over in my head. I think it's the Galadriel part that sticks.
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Hey Island Mommy the same thing happened here. I couldn't believe it. And just after I'd posted on this thread. Hmm. Ubertulip my ds is doing the same thing. I lie there trying to nurse him to sleep. He suckles a little then rolls over and gets up on his hands and knees and gives me the most gleeful smile. I just can't help but smile back. He seems so delighted with himself. Anyway I too have been wondering if the family bed is contributing to ds's wakefulness but we've tried putting him in the co-sleeper and he doesn't even seem to like that distance between us.

What kind of nappers does everyone have?
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So, I just received some advice from a sister of a friend on how to have dd sleep longer at night. It was a CIO method, of course, so does not bear repeating here. However, here was her last quote:

This is the hardest thing we ever did but it was the best thing as well. My doctor gave me a book to read about sleep and if a baby is sleep deprived (which your friend’s baby probably is), they can’t function as well. We also noticed that once Alison started putting herself to sleep, she got so much more pleasant.
This is what gets me. Everyone who does CIO justifies it by saying their baby is happier/more content/less fussy, etc. after they do it. Do they just say this to justify what they've done, or is it really true?

My dd is really quite happy during the day. She only fusses just before naptime and is generally content. She plays by herself quite a bit and is busy exploring her environment. She doesn't nap excessively during the day, so I'd be hard pressed to see how it could get better.

Solsticemama, my dd naps well if she falls asleep in her buggy...usually over an hour and often close to 2 hours. When I nurse her to sleep, she rarely sleeps for more than 45 minutes before waking and wanting to nurse again. Hmmm, food for thought there.
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In regards to the quote you posted above, i think it is a bit of self rationalization going on. I also think you have to question, what is "pleasant" behavior for a child? To be self sufficient enough to fall asleep by her/him self, and so to be self sufficient enough to play by herself too? Not that there is anything wrong w/ some self sufficiency, but I don't think that at 8 months DD should be self sufficient. Of course, that is where AP and traditional parenting stray, isn't it?

Anyway, I could personally never let my child cry it out. I think it scars in ways parents will never truly know.

Napping- DD also sleeps in her stroller sometimes. Other times she falls asleep while nursing, and then I transfer her to her car seat. If I lay her down, chances are she will wake up. Something about the confinement of the car seat keeps her sleeping.

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Just on the subject of napping, it's 6:26 p.m. and dd is still down for her afternoon nap!!! She's been asleep for at least 2 hours, probably more. Who knows what time she'll go to bed!
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Island Mommy let us know how your night went. A 2 hour nap close to bedtime...we'll be thinking of you. Ds went down relatively early tonight so we'll see how it goes.
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Ah, napping. My 8-month old DD has more or less consolidated to two naps a day (occassionally she'll have a three napper). She sleeps anywhere from 40 minutes to 2.5 hrs for either nap, but mostly her naps average around 50 minutes. I can't discern a pattern yet on why she sleeps longer for some naps--wish I knew how to encourage the 2 hour naps! However, she had a really long nap after a swim lesson, and a friend of mine noted her son slept particularly well after swimming too.

I either nurse her or sling her to sleep. She's fallen asleep by herself only two or three times when she was much younger.

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CIO and the well adjusted child...

Island Mommy - I think you answered your own question about whether making children CIO (there's no allowing CIO in my opinion, there's only forcing it) makes them more well-adjusted. You said, "I'd be hard pressed to see how it could get better." I think that you know that the answer is that your child is well adjusted and that your being there for her in the night for comfort or snacking is giving her a secure environment in which she is comfortable playing on her own sometimes and napping on her own. I agree with Mona that it seems like CIO would scar in ways that are not apparent to us yet. Who knows but that it may lead to an insecure adult who is either clingy in relationships or unable to form relationships?

I did read recently about something called "systematic awakening." Acc. to this method, you try to chart when they wake for a week, then you set an alarm for approx. 1/2 hour before their "usual" (if there is one) awakening time and do whatever you would normally do (pacifier, nurse, rocking) until they go back to sleep. Then you gradually increase the amount of time between when you wake them. I dunno. It's just another idea on the subject.

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Well, after that long nap until 6:30 p.m. dd went to sleep for the night at around 9:30 p.m. which is really OK by me. I'm ready to go to sleep then too.

Yesterday she had a 3 hour nap in the morning!

We had 2 good nights and I was getting very optimistic, but last night was terrible. She wouldn't even settle after nursing and I was up bouncing, walking, etc. I don't know...teeth maybe? We EC too, so I finally thought she might need to poo, so got her up, but she didn't go. I gave her to my dh at 7:00 a.m. and went back to bed until 10:30.

You poor moms doing this probably think "what's this woman complaining about...she gets to go back to bed!" I am so lucky that dh is home too. He sleeps upstairs, so he is rested in the morning and is happy to take dd.

Right now he is trying to get dd to fall asleep in the living room just singing to her. She's fussing/crying a bit but she's not hysterical. We're hoping to get her used to falling asleep without the buggy, because the rains are going to start here soon and we won't be able to buggy her every day.

How are things going with everyone else?
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jumping on the thread late...

after a miserable night, i thought i'd come here and start a thread, and lo and behold, here it is already!
my 8mo was a basket case last night... and still is this morning - i'm typing this as he alternately latches on, and moments later breaks off and cries. i'm pretty sure it's teething related - but even the hylands tablets aren't seeming to help for long. he was awake & squirming around in bed screaming just about every half hour last night and nothing seemed to help. poor dh has to work a 12 hour shift today and neither of us got any substantial sleep.
only thing is, i might be able to sneak a nap later.
i wasn't noticing much of a letdown when he was nursing last night, but then i was disoriented, so who knows...
dh was frazzled enough this morning to suggest putting lij into the playyard to sleep for the night (that's where he naps in our room)
"so at least he wouldn't be right next to our ears" - as if 3 feet of distance would be more comfortable for anyone - especially lij.
i don't wish restless nights on anyone, but it's nice to know that i have company...
daydreaming of sleep...
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Organicbanana- It does sound like your babe is teething. That is how DD acted anyway.
EIGHT teeth later (yikes!) she still feels every tooth, but not like the first four.

Sleeping... She didn't go to bed as usual last night. Was squirmy and moving all around while latched on. : She finally fell asleep laying next to me. I was so tired by that point that i went to bed too. Which is fine bc i have a clogged duct/mastitis, and it is causing me to feel even more tired.
Anyway, during the night it is still about every two hours. The first round of sleep tends to be a bit longer, but then it is every two hours. Sometimes less. ugh. she woke at 5:45 this morning. ugh ugh but that is actually later then some mornings. :
she had her first nap at 7:20! By that time I was too awake to fall back to sleep, but i did force myself to just laydown and be physically still even if my brain was moving.

Hope all of you are doing well....
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Disgusting night. DD falling asleep and waking up every 15-20 minutes. Only mildly happy when nursing, squirming all the time. I really want to go to my LLL meeting today, so am up and going although I only got about 1 - 2 hours sleep last night. Of course my LLL meeting is over on the big Island so I have to leave my house 2 hours before the meeting to catch the ferry, etc.

Maybe I'll nap this afternoon.

Must add though, that I was cuddling her and crying on her sweet head last night as I got myself all worried about this Iraq business and what kind of world had I brought her into. Gosh, I love her so much.
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Can I join you?

I just stumbled across this thread, and am glad to have found you all! I have two six-and-a-half-month-olds who wake up LOTS of times every night (I don't keep track or look at the clock because I think it would just depress me). They used to wake up only once or maybe twice (and have even "slept through" on occassion). These days I am definitelly often up every hour. The good thing is that when they wake up, they usually just nurse for just a minute or so and go right back to sleep. The bad thing is that at least once a night they wake up at the same time, and one screams while I nurse the other. They are still able to fall right back asleep, but DP and I are pretty wide-awake when that happens. They used to sleep well on their own next to me, but not touching me. Now they are each snuggled into an armpit all night long. I'm a bit trapped. Definitely can't get up to pee .

I do love co-sleeping, though. Just can't wait for this very-frequent night-waking phase to end!

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joining in

Hello! Just thought I'd chime in that I'm in the same position as well. DD is 8 1/2 months old and definitely teething. Just has 1 little tooth bud now. From 3 months until 6 months of age she slept through the night 8-9 hours, no waking up. Then between 6 months to 7 1/2 months she woke up once per night for a snack and straight back to sleep. Now recently, its squirm squirm squirm....wake up 2-3 times per night and over the last week its gotten worse where it seems like she's awake more than she's asleep. I think its definitely teething...and she's also trying to walk so who knows. DH and I are just a tad tired

We also don't believe in CIO though.....I'm sure that one day this will pass, until then, I will just be wondering when.
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so cute


The boys are so, so cute. I had to look after seeing you had twins and suddenly (despite the lack of sleep thing) i am thinking how adorable it must be to have two little bundles of joy. i'm sure this is exactly what you're thinking when one screams while the other nurses (ho ho ).

here's an idea for a middle of the night nursing mantra (while you're lying in the unappreciated lotus position of sow-on-her-side): the names of all the mommies posting in this thread...of course, maybe we'd do better to use the names of mommies sleeping through the night as our mantra....

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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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Hi mamas as i write ds is napping so I have a few minutes here. Mona Lisa sorry to hear you're sick. Rest, as you know, is what's best for what ails you but that seems downright mean to suggest doesn't it. Anyway I hope you mend soon. Drink lots of H20.

Lexbeach--twins, gee it sort of puts single nursing in a different light. Good for you for sticking it out. Can your dp nurse as well?

Last night was a pretty good night till about 4:30. You know, your basic nursing every couple of hours but back to sleep pretty quickly. Then I think ds's diaper was bothering him (still haven't figured out a good nighttime cd system that works). He was restless and couldn't seem to get comfy. Diaper change helped a bit but basically he was attached to my breast from 4:30 till 7:00. Still I feel like we had a good night.
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