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i think i have pms on top of exhaustion. it is so not fair to be nursing as much as i do and deal with aunt flow all the same!! i just feel deflated even though sleep has not been that bad. napping has been the shits and she is really overtired sometimes or maybe is teething again since it seems to go away...sigh. she tumbled off the bed the other morning and i ended up taking her to a walk in clinic b/c she was so damn cranky that i figured her brain must be swelling!! well, really dh took her in and the physician was very reassuring and said she is very alert and just fine. still i will get the chiropractor to check her out i guess. i suppose lots of tumbles will happen. bed is on the floor but she actually went over the guardrail in a loop de loo so i just took it off as it is obviously not keeping her safe:
twins. you deserve an award mama. that is some love and devotion. ok, now i am going to cry thinking about how we all are hanging in there and doing what is best for our babes...in spite of everything including much "advice" of others on CIO. i am waaaaay too hormonal. maybe there is a goddess of sleep???
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Originally posted by hollyhobbie
maybe there is a goddess of sleep???
:LOL If there is, she must be asleep herself :LOL

I have actually wondered what sick sense of humor the creator has with all of this sometimes. We mamas need our rest to deal with everything, but yet we have babes who need us to get their rest. So out goes our rest, and our sanity. Hmmm...

Crossing my hippie fingers for a good night tonight.

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Oh yes mamas, I'm with you these days (or nights). My baby used to be the perfect sleeper, and it seems that every month he gets worse. We've just hit 7 months, and I've spent the night up every 45 mins, except one 2 hour stretch. Well, not up 'cos I had him in with us, and just cuddled and rocked all night. But you know what, I just found 2 little razor sharp teeth poking through, and daddy is soooooo excited about his boy growing up and growing chompers that all that cuddling is a kinda nice memory. Now if I could just get off the computer and have a snooze.....

Good luck to us all eh!
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Well ds slept pretty well last night. He woke frequently but except for one time nursed himself happily back to sleep. However his mama couldn't get back to sleep after he nursed at 4:00!!! So I lay awake listening to dh snore, listening to ds sleep and thinking here I am the one who needs sleep and I'm wide awake Anyway this lasted till about six during which time ds nursed only once but I knew just when I fell asleep he'd wake up. Which of course, he did. So I'm feeling tired today but not 'cause of ds. I think last night was a full moon and I've noticed this pattern before with the moon so hopefully tonight the moon's ebb will allow me to sleep.
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I don't know if this will be comforting or scary (denpending on the age of your dc I guess) but my DS sleeps better overall the older he gets. We still have nights where he wakes up every 45 minutes but generally he started sleeping better around 11-12 mo, then even better a couple months after that, etc.

He's always woken very frequently and until he was about 8 mo forget about ever sneaking out of bed after he was asleep, but now on a normal night he sleeps 3 hour stretches when he's alone in bed (before I've gone to bed for the night) and when I'm sleeping with him he sleeps 4-5 hour stretches, which generally means he wakes up once while I'm asleep. And this came from doing nothing but responding to him whenever he woke up by nursing (of course there's always the pretending to sleep when he's not upset but has wide open eyes!) I guess I didn't create a monster!

To give you perspective he used to wake every 30-60 min all night and after nursing he wanted to be walked to sleep.

(some fairy dust from the sleep fairy!) Good luck!
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Hi, a little update from me. We have had Emma(now 7 months) in her crib for about a week and a half. She did great the first few nights and them began waking every 1-2 hours again for her binky. Silly me decides, I have got to break her of the binky and she'll sleep great. That was a night mare. I held out for 36 hours, but realized I'm trying to do too much at once, she needs the comfort of the binky, since I just put her in the crib, so back the binky went.

Her sleep goes
8pm to bed
11or12 up for binky
1 or 2 up for nursing
4 or 5 up for binky or nursing
7am wake up

not too bad since she falls right back asleep everytime.

I have decided though to use the crib for naps and the first half of the night and then at 1am when she wakes to eat feed her in the sidecar crib by my bed and leave her there when she is done.

I was feeding her in my sons bed in the room with the crib (he was in my bed becayse she was waking him up) and then putting her in her crib, but now he is sleeping through her crying so I have to feed her in my room.

Long story for my question, will that little time in my room, screw up her sleeping and make her confused about where she should sleep? Should I just bring her all the way back to her crib after I feed her?

Ahh, what to do?
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I just wanted to note the same pattern as sparkeze. DD is just about a year, and in the past week, she's been nursing before bed, coming off, then falling alseep on her own. And instead of waking 3-6 times, it's more like 2. I usually wake up a couple hurs after she falls aslepp, and think, "hey, how'd she get to sleep?" It still seems weird to me that she can fall asleep on her own. She's still in bed with us, btw.
So there is hope! When she was 9 and 10 months, if someone could have told me this wasn't going to go on for another year, I would have felt at least a bit better.
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well,, last night baby-loo insisted on putting herself to sleep. after i tried by rocking and dad paced her. she struggled to be put down then crashed on the floor so dad thought she wanted to try to put herself to sleep so took her to the bed and this is exactly what she did after only a couple of minutes!! hmm, i am sure it wont be every night but it is interesting that she is clear enuf about what she wants at only 7 months.

and, my dh kept snoring last night. i hate hate hate it when i wake him (he falls asleep very very quickly!!) to say you are snoring and he says ok then just goes back to sleep!! i shoved him again and said "have a heart, roll over". it was about 2:30 and i had nursed baby at 2. finally i got fed up and went downstairs to sleep on foam mat thing behind the couch (was there for my niece and i never bothered to put it away yet!!). at 4:30 when she woke i tried to ignore them but when it seemed obvious she was hungry i left a warmed bottle at the top of the stairs without her seeing me and went back to bed! i just wanted dh to see what it would be like if i didnt just roll over every couple of hrs and nurse her. if he was to do 50% of the nighttime feeds/comforting we all would get less sleep. i am hoping he will make more of an effort to roll over in the future! i think he might be a little tired this morning b/c he gets up at 6 to go to work. he didnt say a word just held my hand for a minute then went off to the shower.

boy, i was sound asleep when she woke at 4:30
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Count me in!

Aidan, 8 months, has never ever slept well. Once in his whole life, he slept 9 straight hours - that's the best sleep I have ever had! Other times he will sleep 5 hours - that has happened probably a dozen times. Not bad! Normally though, he wakes every 2 hours at least. zzzzzz...

On a more positive note, he has just started taking good naps. Three naps a day and one of those is usually around 1 1/2 to 2 hours. WOW what a difference that little bit of "mommy time" makes! We are so inseparable that I actually miss the little monster! lol

I have started reading "The No Cry Sleep Solution" and it seems very tedious. I just don't have the energy to do it right now. Maybe some time soon though.

Hang in there girls and count me in on the support group. I certainly need some of that right now!!!

Trevor, 9
Hunter, 5
Aidan, 8 months
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Well, I am just going to keep reading and rereading those posts from Pam and Abigail and Sparkeze. I need to keep my hope up. To add to their posts, a woman here on the island tells me that her ds woke up 3-4 times/night until he was 11 months old. She had to go back to work when he was a year, so she decided she would have to do CIO. Just as she was about to get the Ferber or Weissbluth book out of the library, he slept through the night. She thought it was a freak one time thing, but he kept doing it.

So, I'll set my sights on the magic age of 1 year. I won't expect anything at 10 months or for sure I'll be disappointed. DD was colicky and everyone said "it will go away when she's 3 months old". Well, the day she turned 3 months was one of her worst days ever! I was so discouraged. Turns out she really didn't get over her colic phase until she was about 4 months old.

Corrie43, I've read posts from lots of moms whose dc's spend part of the night in their crib and part in mom's bed. They seem to do just fine. If it's easier for you, I'd go for it.

Yes, I've also read the "No Cry Sleep Solution" a couple of times. While it has some nice suggestions, it really didn't explain how she got her ds to go from waking so frequently to waking just once or twice a night. Her ds was 10 months old at his worst, and I'm thinking that rather than anything she did, he just started sleeping longer as he got older. There's no way I could stay awake to figure out exactly how long dd nurses for and when she goes back to sleep.

As other moms have said, I have noticed that dd is now starting to try to put herself to sleep more. She often sucks for a bit, then pulls off and rolls over and goes to sleep. Sometimes she tries for a minute, then roots again if she doesn't quickly fall asleep. Still, it's a start. Unfortunately, she's also developing an aversion to her soother. Once in a while she'll take it, but mostly she wants the booby. What good taste my baby has!

Lastly, hollyhobbie I sympathize with you on the dh snoring thing. Sad to say, I've kicked dh out of our bed. He's upstairs now. I hope it's only for the short term. However, we don't tell too many people because it gives them fodder for their argument that the family bed is a mistake and babies should sleep on their own, etc.

long post...sorry.
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btw, i forgot to say thanxs to the moms of older babies throwing in support. i am really hoping not to go back to work until baby-loo is 2 ish so my hopes and prayers are that she sleeps better by then.

thanxs island mommy for support re snoring. he would snore whether she was there or not so i would hate for folks to use it as an argument gainst family beds!! i kinda liked sleeping on my own for a coupla hrs
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hey all~

things have been crazy here. my mom was in the hospital this week and we spent alot of time down there. so our routines were all thrown out. sometimes i'm so tired in the morning, i can't remember how often we were up! can you?


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Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she is doing ok.

I totally understand about not knowing how many times I was up during the night.... My friend asks me how the night was, and I'm like, ok i think. don't look at the clock anymore. still tired tho.
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My clock broke months ago but it didn't make much difference either way. I still have no idea how many times ds wakes in the night and it's become irrelevant in some ways since I know he's gonna be up at least 6 times. What matters more is how I feel in the a.m.

The other day I was musing on his nightwaking and how sometimes I get just a tad irritated with it and then I started to think of it from his point of view and how he probably wasn't always hungry but instead wanting comfort, warmth, familiarity, love. And how great it must be to wake up and have that source of refuge right beside him. Anyway it put the nightwaking in a new light. Blessings of peaceful to all you mamas.
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About clocks, here's what my LLL leader said: don't look at the clock when you wake up. It doesn't matter if you slept 3 hoyrs or 10 hours, what matters is how you feel.
I don't live by this everyday, but I try to focus less on time. That said, when dd wakes up ten times a night, I feel tired no matter what the time. So much for our good week, as posted above. Last night was a relapse. I don't know if it's teeth or a growth spurt, but she nusred all night. Literally. She was on the breast from about 11:00 till 6:30. I finally rolled over onto my back to get some real sleep, but then she woke at 7:30 for the day, when she usually sleeps till 9 or later. :-(
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Maybe it's something in the air. Last night was a doozy here too. I even had dd in the sling at one point, bouncing on the ball. We were up for hours, before she settled down to some sleep at 5 a.m.

She's just discovered how many sounds she can make if she moves her lips while talking, so I think this kept her up. Once we were nursing in the pitch dark, and I thought for sure she was asleep, then I heard a little voice "ma, ma, blah, gah, da, da, etc" Very cute, but not really at 4 a.m.

Anyway, I agree about not looking at the clock. I lose track after the 4th wake-up, and that's often before midnight!

Solsticemama, I really agree with what you said. I've had dd's playpen set up in the livingroom for almost 2 weeks now, thinking that I'd try putting dd in there to sleep at night. Everytime I go to lay her down in it I think, oh, she'd be so lonesome when she woke up and off we go to our bed together.

Ever wonder if you're becoming a bit too attached when you feel like that? I mean, other people seem to have no trouble leaving their babies in rooms by themselves with the doors closed. I don't even like to have dd wake up on her own.

Pam and Abigail, please get that baby back on track. We're all looking to you for encouragement!
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last night was not good. i think i lost track for sure after nursing about 7 or 8 times. i am sure it is teething. i actually meant to give her some advil to see if it would help b/c i know she is teething b/c i can feel the top tooth just starting to barely come through the gum. oh well, what's one more sleepless night on top of the others. what i hate more lately is the insomnia when she does sleep!!!!! i hate that so much. i mean to have a bottle of wine around for when that happens. one small glass usually gets me to sleep but then the rest of the bottle often gets wasted. my dh cant drink the rest of it. although i think he is tempted lately when he has to get up with baby-loo at 5:30. she is waking for the day at that unpleasant hr and i dont like it one bit. she is going down pretty easy around 8 pm. not sure that is enuf sleep. her naps are usually shortish but once and a while she gets a good one in. gotta go change a poopy diaper
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My nights also seem to be getting worse instead of better and I can't identify any reason. My dd is seven months. I don't feel any teeth. She doesn't sleep with us--I can't sleep with her. My dh would love to cosleep but whenever I try I wake up every time she moves even the slightest bit. I have tried to make her crib a warm and happy place and she likes to stretch out and roll around so much when she is sleeping. But now she doesn't want to sleep anywhere. She once exhibited signs of being a "good" sleeper--4 to 5 hours at a time and would go to sleep by herself. That has all changed!

I also have a snoring dh. I also get mad because he falls asleep so quickly and I have to know that he is already sleeping because he is already snoring! I wear earplugs. It's funny, I can't hear dh snoring (unless he is facing me) but I can hear dd make the slightest noise. Its mama radar!

Each night I pray to the goddess of sleep that this will be the night when it all turns around. It has to be one of these nights right? I'm guessing it would be better to just accept my fate and try and enjoy those quiet moments with her in the middle of the night.
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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baby-loo is definitely getting one of her top teeth. she has both bottom ones. she is miserable during the day and last night we gave her some advil before bed and she slept MUCH better. as in when i woke to nurse her at 3 am i realised i had only nursed her one other time. she also seems to be becoming more attached to me and when i leave for an hr or so she gets upset when i leave and when i re-enter. is it an age thing? i am too tired to try and read and figure out if it is. did i say we are trying to teach her some signs so she can communicate with us better? she learned bye-bye in a couple of days so we figure it is worth a try. it is supposed to be fun most of all though. i am saying my prayer to the goddess of sleep for us all tonight.
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