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37 Weeks Today!

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I'm so excited about this milestone! I'm now getting so anxious and excited to have this little one in my arms!

Who else is there or almost there?
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I was 37 weeks yesterday, and my last birth was at 37.5 weeks. So, I'm feeling a little jumpy. My mom thinks it will be today, but hey I'm running out of hours! I would so love to give birth anytime, and I really don't want to miss a moment since this will be my last. I keep having dreams/day dreams of feeling the head move down painlessly after not feeling my cervix dilating at all. I'm 2-3cms and ~80% effaced now with the head pretty far down there engaged-wise. So, it's getting exciting most definitely. I'm trying to stay very open to the possibility that I could still have 3-5 weeks ahead of me, but every time I even attempt to remind myself of that something inside says "no way!". I'm relieved that I've passed the conventional "pre-term" line and I know that the baby is a good size now for thriving on the outside. I can feel my pelvic bones opening and spreading too. Last time I remember feeling a distinctive painless dilation that was something like an internal yawn, but I'm still waiting for that. I've been 2-3cms for some time now. Of course it's only me doing the cervical checks, there's no reason to have anyone else poking around inside me IMO, so I could be off a bit on my dilation. But I'd say one would definitely call me "ripe" rather than having a long, hard, closed cervix.

Really looking forward to the birthing process and getting to see this LO sometime soon.
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Me and mama_in_pa are both due on March 6th,so we're both at about 37 weeks!

I'm hoping to hold out till the 9th,since I am working to my due date and would like just a few days to relax and store energy for birthing.
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I was 37 weeks yesterday too. I'm kinda freaking out. I do not feel prepared yet. But I am looking forward to meeting this baby.

Aside from being emotionally unprepared (can I really do this?) and feeling like there are a million thing around the house to do, physically I don't think my body is gearing up for L&D yet. I'm having almost no BH ctrx, my cervix was totally closed and not effaced at all as of last thurs. and baby is all up in my ribs.

PS that whole checking the cervix thing. . .yea I'm not letting them do that until I have to again. That was really uncomfortable. If my dh did that during foreplay, I'd kick him.
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Well, I'm not due til later in the month. So I am madly jealous because I am 34.5 weeks. But at the same time, it's exciting to know that some of you are really getting close. Yahoo for babies!
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I'll be 38 weeks on Wed.
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I'll be 37 weeks on Friday. OMG I'm freaking out! I am so NOT ready!
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I was 37 weeks on Saturday. I'm getting excited. With my first baby I went into labor on my due date and he was born the next day, but this time I am kind of hoping to go a little bit earlier. I just feel "ready" sooner this time around, I can't explain it.
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