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Gender Preferences

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When I was pregnant with DC#1 I started out thinking I would prefer a girl. (I ride horses and just pictured myself with a little pony loving girl)
But at around week 8 of my pregnancy I had this really vivid dream of holding a little blond haired boy. After that I was convinced DC1 was a boy and we refered to the baby as a 'him' after that.
Once I *knew* he was a boy my preference changed to boy too. I was so excited. He did turn out to be a boy. A smart, sweet, funny, wonderful boy.
People who know I am pregnant again tell me that maybe this time it will be a girl like they expect me to want one of each or something.
Of course I don't get to pick and we will love and cherish either.
But I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have another boy! We like the one we have so much. Plus we will have no idea what to expect from a little girl.
Anybody else feel the same?
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I have known each time as well.
With my first I thought he was a girl and i even wished sometimes but I knew in my heart he was a little boy ( and came out my little redheaded mini me! )
My second I knew because numerous friends and family had told me they had dreams. My sister had a dream that my cousin who recently passed away from brain cancer came to her in a train, told her to tell me congrats and also that it was a girl!
She called me right away the next day and told me that and as soon as she did I knew it was a girl! I named her after that cousin as well cousins name was Ardel and I named my girl Allydra ( which is Ardel backwards plus a few extra letters)
but yah.. this one I've thought from day one that it was another boy.
Not only do grls tend to make me puke more( all day long for 9 months)
but I just have this gut feeling that it is a little awesome virgo boy in there.
I cant wait to find out!
I dont know if we are going to find out in ultrasound but either way .. getting excited over here!!!::
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I have 2 boys and wanted both of them to be boys.

Now that people know we are trying (we haven't told many people we are pg..when they ask we say we are not preventing) everyone keeps saying "oh I bet you are trying for a girl"

That makes me want to slap them! I really want to have 4 children and if I am a mama of 4 boys then so be it!

Dh and I would love a little girl. As Dh puts it "it would be for something different" and I think secretly he wants a daddy's little girl.

I guess if I really had a choice 2 and 2 seems cool but being the mama of a boy brood seems cool too.

Dh and I are going round and round about finding out. Sometimes I REALLY want to know and other times it just doesn't matter.

Right now my gut says girl. We'll see what my dreams bring. 2nd tri with the boys I dreamt about boys.
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Well, we have two coming, so ideally we would love a boy and a girl so ds would have both a brother and sister, but...
I am a firm believer that you get what you get because that is what you are meant to have, so I will be thrilled with whatever we are blessed with.

I always wanted a girl before I had ds, and then when I had him I realized that gender is really irrelevant because you are getting this wonderful little soul that just happens to come in one package or the other
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I really don't have a preference but think that I am having another girl...already had a very vivid girl dream. Of coures this might be because I already have two girls and they are all I know. Dd2 on the other hand thinks she is having a brother. Everyplace we go she tells whomever will listen "me having baby brother"- so cute.
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I knew with both my kids so far, and this time I have girl vibes but I'm just thinking statistically I'm bound to be wrong one of these times!

I "wanted" a boy and then a girl, but I think it was influenced because I just knew their genders and so I was excited to meet that little person that I'd been imagining. I have absolutely no preference this time - I have absolutely loved both experiences and I would love a boy or a girl. I'll be thrilled either way.
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My first was a boy, and I "knew" without really knowing, if that makes sense. This time I really want a girl, so I've been calling the baby "she" and whatnot...but I'm kind of afraid I'll jinx myself and get a boy instead. I wouldn't mind though. Honestly, I wouldn't know what to do with a girl!
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I have two boys. When I was pg with my first, I was open to boys and girls, but I thought I'd be very disappointed if I didn't have at least one girl at some point. I wasn't really worried about not having a boy.

But now that I have my two boys, I can't imagine life without them. Boys are a lot of fun. I still think I'd like to experience parenting a girl, but then having a brood of boys sounds good, too.

I think this one is a girl, because of timing with Ovulation and because my pg has been different with this one than with the other two. Dh is convinced we're having a girl... but then, he was CERTAIN ds1 was a girl, too!

I've never had a major intuition either way, and it's always been a surprise.

I also hate those "trying for a girl" comments. We were always planning on having at least three kids, no matter what their genders. Several months ago, MIL asked me if I was going to sell our baby clothes back to a consignment store. I said "No, we're planning on having another baby eventually." (Which, is not a secret, and if she paid any attention to what we say at all, she would have known that.) MIL said "Well, what if it's another boy?" I didn't get it. So, I just said "Well, then, I guess we'll be all set with clothes." Then she went on about some family she knew that kept trying for a girl and ended up with FIVE boys, as if that was some tragedy. I was so mad, but I just very calmly said "We're not trying for a girl, we just want another baby."
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I wanted a boy with #1, b/c my dad has two girls and desperately wanted a grandson. When we found out it was a girl, his face fell, which crushed me. He got over it and has a very special bond with DD1 (she is his first grandchild). When I got pg with DD2, I wanted another girl, and I had a very vivid dream that she was a girl. We found out the gender via u/s, so we knew I was right. This pregnancy was a surprise, and all I did in the beginning was say I wanted another girl. Then I started spotting and was afraid I was losing it. Now I am just happy if it's a healthy baby. We are not planning on finding out the gender this time around (much to DH's dismay), so it will be a surprise till the end.
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We kind of wanted a girl, in a very, very relaxed sense. In both our families there are three kids, and the girl is the youngest, so we thought it would be cool to have an older girl. But it has felt wrong to say "she" or even "it" and it feels right to say "he."

My mother also told me she was convinced I was having a boy, and we had not talked about it at all.

I will not be disappointed either way. I wanted a child more than a specific sex.
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I was sooo sure I was having a girl even preconception with my dd. It was she from there. I would even say it was a preference, it was just something I knew.

Now with this pregnancy it's strange as I don't 'know'. I am just really thrilled to be having a baby! and adding to our family. I have thought boy more than girl though so we'll see. I hope to find out at our 21 week u/s. I am really just starting to feel really connected to the baby as I just heard the heartbeat and am starting to not be sick all the time. I am lovin' it
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i knew i was having a girl last time. i think i having another girl, but i also think that may be cause i really really really want this to be another girl so dd will have a sister. i would love a son also, but, i only have brothers and only boy cousins, so i have ALWAYS wanted a sister badly and now i really want my dd to have a sister. i would love to have three kids- girl, girl, boy.
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All of my pregnancy dreams before I got pregnant featured a girl with red curly hair and Brooke Shield bushy eyebrows...I would love to have a girl, DH doesn't mind either way. MIL wants a boy to pass on the "bloodline and legacy" - which is total BS. My family traces ancestry through the women, so I don't know where she gets this crap from. My mom just wants a happy healthy baby.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a boy. I was a holy terror in my teen years, and I'm not sure I can handle all the stuff I put my mom through. :
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