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omg. vulvar varicosity!

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i am 19months postpartum (lol), but i posted here because i know that this is directly related to my pregnancies.
i am freaking out! i totally have a vulvar varicosity. it isnt painful, but it aches by the end of the day. i have had it for a while, but i just realized that that was what it was.

i do kegals every day, and really it is small and it wouldnt be a big deal except i am seriously phobic about veins and blood (only my own, other people's don't bother me at all). it makes me dizzy and lightheaded to think of an enlarged, throbbing torqued vein in my vulva!

please give me some good recommendations. are their any support undies that are not humongous?

advice from women who have BTDT, and have gotten rid of them or reduced them would be very welcome.
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I had a mild one with my last pregnancy; they are kind of bothersome, aren't they? I pressed a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel on it every time I used the restroom, which was helpful. I don't think I did anything else, and it disappeared on its own after the birth. Hope you feel better soon!
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Vitamin E and Rutin are good for vein issues. I would say one standard rutin capsule and 2 (400u) vit. E's per day should help.
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No professional here
Just wanted to add that I get pretty severe phlebitis in one of my legs durring pg and I definitely have a bulging vein across both my labias
I see a vein specialist and he did laser removal of a bad one after my last birth and I plan on having him fix me up after this one too
You'd be surprised what they can do for you and now days it's not that invasive and they obliverate veins through teeny tiny incisions (no where near the horror stories you may have heard about your grandmas time)
Anyway it's worth a visit and trust me, they've seen it all and showing them such a delicate area won't even have them blinking an eye
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Oh, man I had those so bad with my last pregnancy. They got worse with each kid. Man they ached and there was little I could do about them except get off of my feet. I had finally forgotten about them until I saw your title. I was lucky they went away after delivery, so I don't really have any advise, just remembering them! Good Luck!
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I've had them too but they don't cause me any day to day discomfort. I noticed for me they have been going away more and more as I progress with the pg. I used to have other issues like my ears falling asleep when I slept on one side for too long. These other things have lessened too. I think my body needed to learn how to handle all the extra blood it was producing.
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I had a pretty bad one during my second pregnancy. It was a the top of my labia. OMG it hurt so much by the end of the day. I found that the most helpful things were to press a tucks pad against it periodically and to sit for a while each day with a heating pad between my legs. Towards the end I slept most nights in the recliner with the heating pad. I was so scared that it would continue after the pregnancy but I was very lucky it went away.
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Nettles, nettles and more nettles. Drink it straight or mixed with spearmint or RRL. Drink it a lot. It is so good for your veins!
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I have seen some INSANE ones working with Amish women who have many babies and never, ever sit down during the day (always working). What works is definitely witch hazel, if it's bothersome you could freeze some on a cloth pad/diaper and wear that as it warms. And I second the RRL tea as well.
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I actually read about the V2 Supporter on one of the discussions here at the forums. I have the veins "down there" too and it got to the point where I was just having to lay with my legs up all the time. I'm the mother of 4 kids ages 5 and under. Laying down all the time was not the thing for me! Anyway, I asked my midwife about the V2 supporter and she said she thought it would be fine to use, so I got a prescription from my PCP and had it ordered by a local company. So far, I have noticed a difference. I get tired of wearing it sometimes, but it has made life a little better regarding the pain from the veins. Here's the website for the V2 supporter:

Good luck! I'm 34 weeks now and am hoping these will go away after the pregnancy! Otherwise I'll be looking into having them drained or something like that! Have to look into that more
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I had vulva varicosities with my first pregnancy, and now have it again with my second pregnancy. All of the the veins disappeared after the birth of my son. I am hoping the veins will go away this time as well. I am almost 31 weeks, and by 3pm my whole lower body aches with pain. I've been drinking nettle and rrl tea daily, taking vit E, but honestly the only relief that I find is staying off my feet.
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seconds on the V2 supporter

topically I would walk around with saint john'swort oil on it all the time it supports connective tissue, it soothes pain and can help prevent infection.
use some homemade witch hazel pads just like for hemorrhoids

get adjustments from the chiropractor

only wear pumps or flats no heels, do belly dancing training movements-
I would probably use the horsechestnut - internally
as well as taking e-mergenC along with some extra bioflavinoids
eat berries everyday
when ever I could lay down instead of sit I would for a time
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