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Do you cook from scratch EVERY DAY?

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I cook our dinners from scratch every night. I don't use anything prepackaged (well I do use canned veggies sometimes). My friends who SAH think I am odd. We very rarely go out or order pizza etc. This is not onlly for financial reasons.
I consider it part of my job to prepare meals....as well as childcare and house cleaning.
What about you?
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Almost 99% from scratch. I don't think it's weird........but I'm also a chef, so it's easy for me. We do get pizza about 2x a month.
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yep,everyday.we make our own pizza too.the kids would love it if we got takeout sometime though!
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I am a SAHM of the "there are two separate jobs here" mentality.

I consider parenting my three kids--15, 11 & 8 mos old--to be my primary job.

I consider the homemaker/house-cleaner job to be my secondary job.

Therefore, if I am afforded more hands-on time with my kids by taking advantage of some convenience food items when preparing dinner, then I do.

I would say, on average, I'm probably a 75%-from scratch cook.
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No, I do not cook from scratch every night.

I consider parenting to be my full-time job. My older son has autism, he needs constant supervision, and play therapy is a big part of our life. If I cooked everything from scratch, I would not be able to play with my children, and this would have a serious adverse effect on my older son's development. I also have a high need one-year old, a recovering colicaholic. My kids take a lot out of me, but I am very happy to be available to them 24/7, because motherlove is always the best medicine.
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no. i do feel that it is part of my job to feed my family, but my dh loves to cook and probably makes dinner one or 2 nights a week . sometimes we go out to eat, too, though usually for lunch. when i do cook, though, it is always from scratch.
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I can't afford to go to restaurants or buy a lot of prepackaged foods- and anyway, few are available that are both kosher and gluten free. So, by default, I'm cooking daily, but some days we eat leftovers or we all fend for ourselves (cereal and milk or cheese and rice cakes for the kids) instead of me cooking a fancy dinner.
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I cook most nights, but it is because I love it.

I'll let the vacuuming slide long, long, long before I forget to make supper.
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I cook nearly every day, that's one of the advantages of being home. The hard part isn't making it, it's brainstorming what to cook.
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About the only thing prepackaged in our house is cereal and some snacks. Oh, and we do occasionally buy a rice mix. Pretty much everything is from scratch, including bread and cookies. It is partly because that is how I was raised, partly because of the cost, and partly because it is healthier. We do occasionally order pizza or go out. The kids and I eat out twice a month when we go do our grocery shopping because that's 2 hours in the truck and makes for a long day, so we just grab a bite while we're out.

And I don't really find cooking from scratch more time consuming (for the most part) than the prepackaged meals.
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I generally cook from scratch Monday to Friday. DH generally cooks on Saturday and Sunday. This was his choice. He was a SAHSD (stay at home stepdad) while I WOH when he first moved up here, so he did all the cooking and found that he enjoyed it. We both consider the kids to be my main job, and housework to be secondary. I also feel that the house is a 24/7 task, and don't subscribe to the thinking that he should get evenings and weekends off if I don't. He agrees.

I do use processed foods and take out occasionally - usually when I forget to take something out of the freezer. We also decide to have a pizza and movies night sometimes, just for the heck of it. How many meals we cook from scratch also changes with life circumstances. I obviously wasn't cooking from scratch every night after we lost Aaron (without my local Tribe, I'm not sure what we'd have been living on, honestly) and I "cheat" more if I'm not feeling well.

I want my family to eat meals that are cooked from scratch, instead of a lot of prepackaged, processed stuff and I care about that more than dh does. So, I feel it's my job to make it happen. The biggest problem is that I'm the slowest cook in the universe.
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Originally Posted by Bruden View Post
I cook nearly every day, that's one of the advantages of being home. The hard part isn't making it, it's brainstorming what to cook.
I don't do any heavy duty meal planning, but I just (two weeks ago) started working out on Sunday what meals we'll eat for the next week. It's helping a lot with the meal time craziness around here, because I make sure I have everything I need ahead of time...no more running out at 5:00 for something that I thought I had in the cupboard when I decided at 10:00 am to make such-and-such for dinner.
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I cook dinner from scratch probably 90% of the time. The other 10% is a mix of eating out or DP cooking (he's a great cook!). I don't really consider it my job because I'm a SAHM though. I just really, really love to cook. I show my love through food!
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I cook mostly from scratch, but do buy some premade veggie burgers/dogs etc. I make my own lentil burgers sometimes but my husband likes the Morning Star Farms ones better than mine. (I'm weird, I make them with peanut butter; yum!) Mostly we eat lots of potatoes, green salads, veggie casseroles, beans, homemade breads etc. I like to do my own baking as finding premade vegan baked goods is pretty tough. I make a mean chocolate cake with peanut butter icing!

I focus on the parenting, but I really enjoy cooking. Some of the cleaning jobs slide, but hey, something has to. ~_^
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i would say i do about 50% from scratch cooking and 50% prepackaged and take out. of course, peter helps alot with both of those.

i am definately of the "mothering and housekeeping are two seperate jobs" camp. if i am low on time or the kids are being a handfull, a homecooked from scratch dinner is the first thing to get dropped from my to-do list.
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I cook 99% from scratch each and every day. I and DH love to cook and we have the kitchen for it. The kids also like it so its not a big issue. I get the strange looks from SAH and WAH, and WOH parents alike. But I get that anyhow for my walking whenever possible, cloth diapering, cloth everything, and many other environmental ways of doing things so I just chalk that up as one of my oddities.

And as a pp said- my vacumning oth, not done as much or at all for that matter. Dusting either. Sometimes I need to dust off the vacumn before using it. I have been known to have a party or playdate mainly so I will clean my house beforehand.
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We do order out for pizza or go out for dinner once a week, but other than that all the meals I prepare are from scratch. I sometimes use canned tomato sauce or a package of frozen veggies but that's about the extent of my shortcuts. Although lately with the serious morning sickness it's been a lot harder to cook, I do normally consider it part of my "job" as the SAH parent to prepare healthy meals for my family.
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Nope. I don't. I rarely cook dinner at all. My ex does that (we live together - long story short). He's decent enough at it and I prefer to bake so it works out. I'll make breakfast, or lunch, but I prefer not to cook dinner if I don't have to.
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We cook from scratch a lot, but no I do not consider cooking or cleaning part of my job. My partner and I share those duties. Child care is my job.
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practically everyday. but my husband helps me whenever i ask..
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