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OMG- Goodbye, DDC!

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So freakin' sudden'!

I don't know what to say. As silly as this is, I am crying right now.
I'm going to miss this forum- the ease of connecting with you ladies, and all the fun we had.
Thanks so much girls...

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its got me in tears too. I feel like it truely marks the end of this pregnancy and birth.

This has been an incrediably hard week and this just made it a bit sadder...
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This is really sad. Thanks for the wonderful memories mamas. Everyone come to the new forum so we can keep in touch. Much love and blessings to you all!
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We're leaving?
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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
We're leaving?
The post about us closing was put up tonight- it says:

This Due Date Club will be archived and closed to posting tomorrow, February 12, 2008. You will still be able to access the pages and reminisce about your pregnancies and births , but you will no longer be able to post to the forum.

Isn't it the 12th today, though?
What does that mean? : are we closing tonight, or was that a typo?

oh man. i'm so sad. you ladies made this pregnancy really special- and i'll never forget that. :::
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Wow, I was just wondering when this would happen today, but figured since they usually close down a handful at a time that we had a while. Come to the new forum guys - you can write all the dirty words you want! (But no casino words! Heh.)
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Parting is such sweet sorrow!
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It's the 13th and I iz posting! Hahahaha- I got the last word in!
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checking to see...we still active?
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Yep. Methinks they either forgot to take us to inactive status, or it happens later in the morning when the Mothering.commune powers that be come in to work for the day.
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Oh Gosh! Reading this was a sock to my heart--really I had a bit of physical pain seeing this. I too am crying.

Please please please come to the new forum, register, post a quick intro, and lets get to yakking like we used to.

....one consolation...the stinky thread lives on
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Holy no prior notice at all, batman! Come one, come all to the new forum!!!
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Bye-bye, mamas!
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can someone PM me the link to our other forum?

i'm sad
my babe is only 6 weeks old! i feel like the closing is a bit too soon, dont you think?
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we still live?
They closed our LWAB thread for violations? What the heck did we do?
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Mamas, if you have questions about thread or forum closures please take them to PM, as per the User Agreement:
Do not post to debate or challenge the MDC User Agreement, the moderators, administrators, or their actions. Constructive criticism and questions for purposes of clarification are best addressed directly to the moderator or administrator by private message or personal e-mail.
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