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Who's finding out the sex and who will leave it as a surprise?

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Just curious how many of will find out the sex later down the line and who is going to leave the sex as a surprise. I found out my DD's sex when I was pregnant and am glad I did as it helped me and my DH mentally prepare for being parents. But this time I'm pretty sure we're going to have a surprise. I just think that since we're having a HB, it would be extra special to find out the sex ourselves.

What is everyone else doing?
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We will probably find out. Debated about it in my mind quite a bit. Hubby would like to know and did the first time, so we found out. This time around I think he'd let us not find out if that's what I wanted. However, I am feeling bit nervous about the birth and having 2 kids and not getting PND (had emergency C-section and bad breast feeding probs first time around, plannig a VBAC and breastfeeding again this time and hoping it goes better), so a big part of me feels like at least knowing the gender will be one definite (well, hopefully if they don't get it wrong!!) and we can have clothes, names etc all planned and ready.

Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow though!
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It will be a surprise With DD we did have an u/s but didn't want to know the gender. This time no u/s so it will be a surprise again. Although for some reason this time I'm more inclined to want to know.
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I'm sure we'll have more ultrasounds than usual, and we would like to know the sexes.
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Well, since we don't get u/s unless there is a need, this baby will be a surprise just like our last two.
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I will probably find out
We have absolutely no baby gear left, so I will want to know, as the pickings for gender neutral are pretty slim
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we will find out. I don't care for surprises.
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We will find out. That is one thing I like to know during my pregnancy!
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We'll be finding out. The doctor said that we can schedule a "gender sonogram" as early as 15 weeks, but if we do that, they'll want to do another at 20 weeks to check development. I'd LOVE to know at 15 weeks, but I'm uncomfortable with having a sonogram JUST to find out the gender, KWIM? So I guess we'll find out sometime in early May, around 20 weeks...
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Both of our boys were a surprise and we like to wait. I am feeling more anxious about the gender this time since it is most likely our last baby but we will wait. I love looking for myself.
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It was a surprise w/ds, and we loved that, but this time around, I don't want anymore surprises
I want to know mostly for the planning aspect, I have saved all of ds's clothes, and if we are having girls I will need to get rid of them to make room.
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my first was a surprise
second was not
and this one i dont want a surprise, im finding out!
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We will be finding out as well. We have two sons so if it's another boy I get to sort, and if it's a girl I get to donate and buy!
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we're finding out (i'm pretty sure we are at least!)
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yep we are going to find out...im excited counting down the weeks!
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We'll be finding out too. After this one though (especially if it is a boy), I think I want them to be surprises.
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Nope- we're not finding out. We didn't with either of the girls, and although like the pp said, I'll be a little more anxious because I would really like to have a boy, I can't justify knowign with this one when we didn't with teh other two. I do agree that gender neutral stuff is slim pickings though...

My cousin had twins and didn't find out- she said it was one of the last great, positive surprises in life.
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I want to know. I can hardly stand the suprise! I'll have a diagnostic US at 20 weeks, and won't be able to keep my eyes off the screen.
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We like surprises here!

Plus we wont be getting any routine u/s done.
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I didn't want to know with the first two now I feel obsessed with knowing.

I guess we'll decide at the apt if we are going to find out Dh really doesn't want to know.

VERY torn about it.
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