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Who's finding out the sex and who will leave it as a surprise? - Page 3

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We'll almost certainly find out. I could see waiting this time around, but DH won't hear of it. We're information hounds, and not the kind of people to not know something if the information is easily available. However, if for some reason we can't find out the gender at our 20 week ultrasound, we'll probably leave it at that.

And Heather, twins again!? You're going to have lots of little kids! I was scared we'd have twins again, and I just have a 3-1/2 year old and two 1-1/2 year olds. (Confirmed last Tuesday it's a singleton.) Anyway, good luck!

* Jaime
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DH and I think that there are very few surprises in this world, and so we'll be waiting until the birth to find out. Besides, it's ticking my MIL off that we won't find out the sex, or tell her the real names we've picked out.
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It will be a surprise this time and I am so excited about that! We are having a home birth and dont plan on having any ultrasounds unless medically necessary.

With Harvest we found out he was a boy and I did like knowing but this is going to be a whole different kind of birth.
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This was such a hard decision for us, as both of our two older boys were a total surprise and it was wonderful. Although, I have to say I instinctively "knew" the sex before they were born.

This time however, we're going to find out. Probably for a silly reason, but we have the HARDEST time with names and coming up with two names is next to impossible for us. Our children have very unusual names, and boys names are so much harder to come up with then girls for us. Also, since we have two boys, everyone is really hoping for a girl. I'd be pleased with either, but I figure that if it's a boy I'll let everyone know beforehand so that there's not the disappointment right after the birth! If its a girl...then it will be a surprise for everyone else! If it wasn't for this though...I'd certainly keep it a surprise because that is the coolest thing when you look at the genitals (without anyone announcing it to you) and figure out you have a little baby boy/girl!
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I have been telling everyone that we are waiting till the birth, then the other day I was telling my bro-in-law this and my husband looks and me and is like, "we are??"..hahaha I guess he forgot that convo after our last birth..

So I guess it is still up for debate, but I wasn't planning on getting another u/s unless mw recommends it.
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We'll probably find out. I can read the ultrasounds very clearly so even if they didn't tell, I'd probably accidentally peak and see anyway. *laugh*
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We'll find out. It helps me connect with the baby.
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I find out wednesday exactly how many babies we'll be having... unless of course the doc is mean and says no ultrasound. I would assume that he'd want to measure the gestational age though. It's our first appointment, so we don't know what to expect. I swear, if we're having multiples, I'm gonna find out the sexes, but not share with everyone. I don't want all those prejudged "oh you got this and that, you're done" comments. Or any others for that matter. In fact, if it were multiples... I might just lie and say it's one baby... just to be mean. lol. No one will know until birth! Muahahaha!
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we will find out if we can, DD wasn't cooperative at my U/S with her and we didn't find out until she was born. We'd like to know ahead of time but won't schedule extra U/S' just to find out.
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Our 12 week is friday so we may know then!!

we're so excited!
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I will be finding out. I can't wait that long to find out what I'm having. I really feel like I'm having a girl, but I felt that way with ds. I really want to know, because if I have a girl I want lots of pink stuff
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Originally Posted by PoshMama View Post
Our 12 week is friday so we may know then!!

we're so excited!
I just had my u/s this morning for testing purposes and I am 12 weeks 3 days, they told me with 80% certainty that it is a boy. I was/am really disappointed, I wanted a girl badly but I am keeping my hopes up that they are wrong. I think it is a bit early to tell. I thought the genitalia weren't completely developed until after the 17th week.

Don't get me wrong, a boy will be loved, but I was really hoping for a girl so my DD can have a sister.
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We will be waiting to be surprised again. Both of our other kids was a surprise and this time will be too. Although I am feeling more like I would like to know this time. Especially since it is most likely our last.
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I am so torn! We have two dds. I have had TWO very vivid dreams that this one is a boy, and I'm just dying to know if the dreams mean anything or are just subconscious wishful thinking. I'm already convinced it's a boy (because of the dreams and because this pregnancy is SO SO different than the others), so I wonder if I'll be disappointed if it's another girl - and I guess I'd rather be disappointed at 20 weeks than at the birth.

If dh relents and we do find out, we won't be sharing with anyone however.

And I agree there is something SO wonderful and magical about finding out at the birth, that THAT is what is holding me back...
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We'll be surprised again! Mostly because we're not doing any U/S. It would be cool to know but it's not that important to me. I suspect it's a girl anyway because this pregnancy so far is going just like the last one. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.
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We had our 12week/6 day u/s yesterday and it was seen clearly...................................we are having a GIRL!!! So the lady on here who predicts gender was correct and the chinese charts were wrong and the gender urine predictor kit was wrong.......for us at least!! I cant wait to meet her.
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We definitely want to find out, in fact I wish I already knew :
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We are planning on a surprise, since this is most likely our last bio baby and we found out with the other two. DH wants to know, but I think it would be fun to wait. We're not having any routine u/s either, so no opportunity.
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I have no idea if I will find out or not. I'm so torn. And also confused about how it works - is the ultrasound so hard to make out that I wouldn't be able to tell? Does the ultrasound technician know and just not say anything? How the heck does it work?
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My baby is going to be a girl, according to my health kinesiologist who muscle tested me for the answer. She did say she's not always 100% accurate with that, but she tested twice on two separate occasions and the answer was girl both times, and I "feel" like she's a girl.
We didn't find out when I was pg with my son, it was great to be surprised, but the only real reason I didn't find out is because I didn't want to do an ultrasound unless medically necessary.
So now I know this time, no ultrasound needed! I feel like she's at least as accurate as an U/S, because they are sometimes off, too!
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