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Do your toddler twins share a bed?

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If so, can I ask a few questions?

How old are they and how old were they when they started sharing a bed?

Just for curiosity, did they share a bed/crib/isolette/bassinet when they were newborns?

What size bed do they sleep in?

We are currently realizing that the cribs are no longer very popular with our little ladies. They spent the night last night together on a thick mat (it used to be our tempurpedic mattress pad, now it's on their floor, queen size folded in half) and slept better than they have in at least a month. We're going to give it some more time this way, but assuming this works better than cribs, we're going for the sibling bed.

My idea is give them our queen mattress and buy a king for ourselves. Our developmental ped (who is very AP and has 18-month-old twins + two others) also suggested this. My husband is resisting to some degree. I think partly he feels like little kids belong in twin beds, and partly he is afraid that they are going to turn around and decide they want their own beds down the road. I figure if that happens, well, at least we have our King bed and two twins are not that horribly expensive.

What do you think? What would/did you do?
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Mine shared a crib from birth until they were over two (except one brief period where one decided to bite the other : ). When we bought them beds though we bought two. I think each child has a right ($$ and space permitting) to have her own space. A lot of the time they do wind up in the same bed, or in a bed w/ little sister, or all 3 together, but I felt strongly they should have their own space if they wanted it, esp. since they are all 3 sharing a room. I think if you can afford it you should give them each their own bed, but push them together. Also did they have their own cribs? One of my twins usually wants her own space, and the other will sleep with anyone who is willing (little sister or back in our bed). If they are used to sleeping apart they might not do as well in the same bed, but if they haev always been together it might be worth a shot to give them one bed. Also rememeber what works when they are two might not work when they are three or four and you start hearing "she's bothering me" and "that's MY pillow" (buy or give them different pillowcases, trust me on this one ) If you buy a king and give the girls your queen, will it be a stretch in a year to give them their own space (b/c of $$) if they need it?
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My boys are 19 mos old and just last month we transitioned them from a shared crib to a shared full-size mattress on the floor. The transition was seamless for them both. Right now they share a room with their big sister (their full mattress is underneath her low-loft twin bed). At bedtime I lie between them on the mattress and either snuggle them or rub their backs until they fall asleep. Often their sister joins us, too, and there is a nice mish-mash of little toddler bodies strewn about the bed!
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Rachel, they were cobedded in the NICU from around 3 weeks old, and shared a crib until 8 months when they started waking each other up rolling around and stuff. They have had their own cribs placed side by side since then, and it's just recently that the whole crib-sleeping thing has started to go south. Mainly, Katie won't go to sleep in her crib at night anymore - though she will do so at naptime. Lilly will go to sleep there but if she wakes up she wants to be on the mat or in our bed. Katie always wants to be in our bed when she wakes up, but is also content on the mat.

I am torn between giving them the queen and getting 2 twins that can be pushed together if they want. Right now, they seem happy together on the mat, and the queen would be bigger so would give them more freedom if they want it. Plus we would get a king, so when they sleep with us it'd be a lot more pleasant. Though I am sure if we get a king for that purpose, they will decide they love sleeping on their own and never bother us again. Ha. Right. It wouldn't be a terrible financial burden to buy the king now and end up having to buy two twins in a year or so (or less, if necessary), so it's really more of a logistical question I guess.

I wish they were able to really understand what I'm asking them so they could decide one shared bed vs. two. They are very verbal and expressive, but that concept does not seem to be flyng, so far.
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Just thinking out loud here, but if you got two twins and pushed them together, you would then just have to buy different sized sheets (twin size vs. king) if the point in time came when they wanted to have separate beds. Might save a step....
As an aside, we recently moved up from a queen to a king and HOLY COW is that a NICE change, esp when the little ones join us in bed! So, if you're looking for an excuse to upgrade, then by all means do it!
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My 2 year old twins share a double bed. They co-slept with us in a king size bed before then. They sleep great together now.
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My girls shared a crib until about a year, then we strapped 2 cribs together into a SUPER crib (big square crib) and they stayed in there until 26 months... because one started trying to claw the others' face off...

Now they're in 2 seperate cribs, with enough distance to avoid facial mutilation
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If mine ever leave my bed they will be sharing a full size bed. We have bunk beds that have a twin on top for our older son and a full on bottom and the boys will be sharing that for quite a while probably as we have no room for another bed!

The idea of buying 2 twin beds and pushing them together is a good one that way if it does not work out being together you can seperate them.
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If you are looking to upgrade anyway, and can afford to buy them 2 beds in the future if they indicate they want them (and if they are like mine, they will, esp. Nechama who really likes her own sleeping space) then I say go ahead and get yourselves a king and give them the queen. If they are fighting over bed space in a year or 6 months you can just get rid of the queen and get them two twin beds. We didn't have any beds around to pass to the twins, so we decided on two twins right away (actually we bought them a bunk bed w/ a trundle) and then later when dd3 needed a bed we got her one too. Now they sleep all next to each other (it's literally a bed room) but eventually one can sleep on teh top, one on the bottom, and dd3 in her own bed (or however they decide to work it out)
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