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Baby retracted his foreskin

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Eleven month old ds retracted his foreskin enough to make himself bleed a little. We EC and Tristan enjoys spending time on the potty playing with toys and, lately, himself. I took his diaper off a few minutes ago to put him back on the potty and noticed a few drops of blood on it. I looked for the source and noticed that the tip of his foreskin was reddened. I looked at it and it retracted enough to see the glans without forcing it at all (that's new; we've followed the advice on this forum and just left his penis alone thus far). From what I can tell, that's definately the source of the blood. He must have been playing with his penis and retracted the foreskin too much (though he didn't cry).
So, what should I do? Does it need ointment or anything, or will it heal on its own?
Poor ds . Thank you all for any information.
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I would just leave it be. There isn't anyway to tell a kid that age to not pull his foreskin back and have him remember, etc . If it hurts he won't do it. I have no idea about the blood. You'd think if it hurt him he would've cried? Otherwise, its his penis to be curious about. If you're breastfeeding, try putting a little breastmilk on it but otherwise leave it be. All kids play with it- just odd it bled. :
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Thank you for your quick response. Tristan's reaction to pain seems to be pretty random---he'll get upset about small things sometimes, but larger hurts won't phase him. It seems to be more about his mood when he gets hurt rather than the actual pain.
I'll try the breastmilk. I was just a little concerned about the risk of adhesions...guess I should spend more time in this forum!
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It would take more than his just playing with it to cause adhesions- those are internal scar tissue. From my experience with my sons having been retracted by doctors, it gets quite irritated and inflamed but breastmilk and leaving it alone fixes it right up. I wouldn't worry too much.
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Don't worry...

...since he did it himself it couldn't have been too painful and the little bit of blood probably is nothing to worry about. He will continue to pull and twist and whatever... till it breaks loose. That might be sooner than in some kids, but it will be whenever the time is right for his little body. I would say just leave him alone. Only he knows what's right for his penis.

When my grandson at age two started "working" his penis every time we took his diapers off, we actually let him run naked as much as possible (weather permitting) and yet the foreskin still did not separate till he was 5. So you can never tell.

Once in a while he passed a little "pear" or it ballooned when he urinated, but it retracted fully quite suddenly one night in the tub.

Then he wanted to show it to everyone!
But that's another story.....
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"Then he wanted to show it to everyone!"

Thanks for the smile, that is hilarious.
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