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ultrasound vent

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I showed up for my ultrasound today early arent I the bestest?
but little did I know that you are not allowed to bring kids with you
( Ive had tons of other ultrasounds and no one has ever said anything about no kids )
So the receptionist calls my name and then on my way in ( yes she didnt tell me no kids until I was on my way in!!)
and then tells me I will have to leave my kids out in the waiting room. I was totally taken back but thought ok this could work so I tell my son who is 7 to watch his little sister (23 months) for a little while and if he needs me just to YELL FOR ME!

My daughter starts to cry as soon as I leave her sight. I tell the technician that this is the first time I have ever had to abandon my children for an ultrasound and she replies..
If you have a problem miss then take it up with the management NOT ME!
She told me that this was a professional medical office and she needs to concentrate!The woman was wearing a shirt that her bra was showing right through for petes sake!!!!!!
SO im in the room for about 30 seconds when I get upset at her .. I told her Look lady, You may think a professional medical office abandons children and makes the patients feel like SHIT but I DONT AND I GUESS NOW BECAUSE OF YOU I CANT SEE MY BABY!

holy moly eh I think it really IS the red hair!
She told me that I would have to leave because she didnt have to deal with my attitude.......
So yah, I took the train across the city with 2 kids , spent money on lunch, snacks, water etc.. and all for NOTHING! I dont even know how far along I am!
Sheeeeeeeeeeesh woman!
And you know what really sucks?
I cant find my phone to call into her boss and tell them what a horrible experience I just had at their stupid clinic..If they are going to suddenly change the rules to NO KIDS ALLOWED shouldnt they at least put it on requisition form????

ahh sorry This is all written horribly and Im so bitchy but damn I needed to vent!
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That is SO effed up!!

I hope you find your phone pronto, because her boss needs to hear every detail of how insulting that lady was.

That is such a bizarre policy!!
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That's awful. She could have at least tried, and then if it wasn't working she could have explained why (ie. kids being too noisy) and rescheduled. I find some people have very little compassion or tolerance for mothers who are doing their best. I understand children can be a distraction, but at least TRY for God's sake! I had an emergency ultrasound done with my daughter in the room crying because she thought they were hurting me and they spoke soothing words to her and congratulated me on my healthy little babe in-utero. No one spoke a word about the presence of my daughter, except to comment on how cute she was.

I would definitely complain. She lacked compassion for you and your children.
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Ugh the nerve of that woman!

At my u/s the tech drew pics with my son while I was undressing behind the curtain and even printed him an extra picture for him to carry around of his new sibling....

Good for you for standing up for yourself! I second pp to call her boss and give them another piece of your mind...
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I'm so sorry you had to deal with that!! Truly messed up. You'd think a place that is giving a service to mothers would be more accomodating to children. That is, after all, why we are there in the first place.

I hope you get a chance to properly tell them off, and find a new and better doc. Good luck!
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I have had a crazy day too, but I think yours trumps mine. I would be so mad at them for not making that policy known UP FRONT, at the VERY LEAST!

I can't imagine not letting siblings in the sonogram room, but people are just really anti-child sometimes and it doesn't surprise me.
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That's ridiculous. I've had 4 U/Ss now while holding my DD. (3 during my last miscarriage.) They always get one of the nurses to offer to hold her but she usually screams bloody murder, so I just hold her next to me. That is just ridiculous. They can't possibly expect everyone to have access to childcare.
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That's ridiculous. They are performing a SERVICE for you. YOU are the CUSTOMER. You definitely need to complain to the supervisor and the head obstetrician. I would even send them a bill for the amount of petty cash you are out as a result of their inflexibility and unprofessional mysogenistic behavior. Now, I'd be out of the practice too . . . because even having a desk person tell me I couldn't take my kids in with me would be enough to send me over the edge.

I'd be pretty suspicious of the entire practice, actually . . .
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Oh how mean! I told my husband about your story and he said if that ever happened to me he gives me permission to say "F*ck you B*tch!" and leave. He said if it had been him he would have punched the lady. lol. He gets so worked up over these things sometimes...
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Oh for heaven's sake! It's *their* fault, sorry, if they're let you come with your kids all the times before then how would you know it was going to be different today??

Some people just don't understand that sometimes we have to bring our kids with us, even if it would be more convenient or better in some ways not to, that's just not the way it goes sometimes.

Bleh, I'm sorry you had such a bad time! I would be sooo disappointed too.
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I'm so sorry that you had to deal with something so ridiculous! I don't think I would be able to leave my kids unattended in the waiting room ever! Well until they're much older at least like preteen or something. If anything, I would have said that I'll have them wait outside the door of the room I'm in while the tech does the ultrasound. I would definitely complain!
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good for you to say something right away though! I hope you get a hold of someone and chew them a new *one*

We changed ins and the new clinic says no kids! ugg! I want them to see the baby on the us too it is a family affair. At least though I knew upfront. They had it in big bold type at the top of the page of the "to do" list. The said "Please DO find someone to keep other children busy as they are not allowed in the US room" I thought that was nicer than your other kids are banned from the US room
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Uggh I would have been so frustrated. I don't have someone who can keep my kids when I go to appts, they ALWAYS go with me. So they would just be out of luck, Im for sure not leaving a 3.5 yo and 11 mo in the waiting room alone...LOL

Hope you complained to someone, they definatly needed to hear it!
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I would have been FURIOUS! I just had an ultrasound and guess what? My baby was there too. And they were all gushing over her instead of being nasty bitches.
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With pregnancy #4 I only had one u/s and it was at 21 weeks. I had never been to this place before and when I made the appt noone told me I couldn't bring children. It was a middle of the day appt, so of course SAHM are going to have to bring other children.

I go in with a 4 y.o and a 2 y.o and they did the same thing, waited until I was called to come in the back to tell me I wasn't supposed to bring children. The u/s lady was a bit miffed at me at first for bringing them but she did let me take them back with me. I guess the receptionist didn't want to babysit....anyway, my kids were really quiet and good and the u/s lady warmed up to them but it could've been a horrid experience.

To me when you are dealing with 80% of your business is prenatal care, you should be family friendly. JMHO.
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That sucks. How frustrating. I've never heard of no kids allowed during an u/s.
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To be honest with you, I would have done the exact same thing.

Have you seen the movie Juno? If not, definatly go and see it b/c there is this really funny scene in the u/s room with Juno, her friend and her step-mom where the step-mom totally goes off on the u/s tech- for some reason your story reminded me of that. Great movie, it would make you laugh.

anyway, better luck next time. hopefully she wont be there.
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What the...
Aren't most ultrasounds "family affairs" with Dad and siblings there? What a dumb policy.
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That is absolute ROT! What a crappy place. You don't have to go back there, do you? I've never ever had anyone tell me no kids allowed for an ultrasound. You are the paying customer, it's your bloody business whether your kids are there or not. Oh, like ultrasound is SUCH an exact science and requires SO MUCH concentration and thought....especially a dating ultrasound....roll eyes! Gimme a break. Stupid dumb woman! It is a 3-minute procedure and who gives a rip if your kids are there? She should have shut up and dealt with it! Absolute crap. Sorry you had to deal with that. Your baby obviously does not want to be looked at by stupid people! He/she prefers quiet and privacy! Smart babe!
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Unbelievable. Sorry you had to go through that. Some people are just mean.
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