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EEEE!!!! Finally!!!!!

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She's here!! I'm glad Aishy let you guys know for me- I was thinking of my new dear mdc friends alot-

Camila Maria Teresa
Born Feb 12 at 10:18pm at home
9 lbs 8 oz; 22 in long; 14.5 in head!

We had the most perfect, perfect birth . I'm am so excited and can't quit talking about it!!! I'll post the story soon- she was out in 2 pushes with no tears, dh and the mw were super amazing, i was a crazy growling she-animal. the memories!! The boys are so in love and can't stop kissing her...

Thanks for all the support ladies, I'm glad all the January babies have arrived.

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yaaaaaaay beany! i've been thinking of you guys constantly these last 2 days. i'm so happy she's here (i love her name!), and i can't wait to hear about it. things here on our ddc have quieted down, but you deserve every bit as much celebrating around here as the rest of us. congrats! and happy babymoon (finally)!!!

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OMG that sounds like an awesome, amazing birth!!! Enjoy the high of it!!!

I love her name, Camila....I have always been very fond of it. So pretty.

Enjoy your baby and post when you can! :
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Yaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations - I can't wait to hear the full story.

It seems so strange that all the babies are here!

Love her name.
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congrats Mama! I'm happy you had a great experience, you deserve it
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Oh, I'm so, so pleased for you! Congratulations, Mama!
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Congratulations!! Sounds like she was definitely worth the wait!!
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Yay!!!! Finally!

It sounds like it was a wonderful experience. I'm so happy for you and your family. Happy birthday to little Mila!!
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I'm so happy for you!!! I was hoping that was the case when you weren't posting. Congratulations!!!
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Congrats mama!!!!!!
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now we are complete......great job beanymama! I am so happy for you, and it does perfect

Welcome baby!
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Thanks everyone

She is doing great- champion nurser. we had her ped visit this morning and we're both spent- back to bed... the cuddle nest
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Congratulations!!! Enjoy your babymoon!
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