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I just wanted to jump in and say that I really enjoy hearing the different opinions that have been spoken. I think that it will help me learn and grow. Pam England says that she wants you to change her method of it to fit your needs and your style. And that's why I think it is neat to heard different takes on it.
Also- I think it is really cool that there are women on here that are going to the Farms workshop that I will get to meet. I am looking forward to it and wonder how I will know who is who...
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Originally Posted by feminine_earth View Post

I do have a question for Sarah and any other BFW mentors...are the advanced retreats usually held about every six months? Are they always held in the western US, or do they sometimes host them over this way? The one in May is gonna be in California, so maybe (hopefully) the next one (November??) will be closer to home...

Either way, this is the start of an awesome journey!! I can't wait!!
I just double checked the November Training, it will be in New Mexico from November 14th to 20th. In 2009 there is talk of having the trainings in North Carolina, New Mexico and England. Thats all tentative though, and could change....

Enjoy your time on the farm, I think it will be awsome!!

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Thanks for the info, Sarah! Do you know if the November advanced retreat will be at Ghost Ranch again?
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Yes it will be at Ghost Ranch
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Cool, thanks! Now I can start saving money!
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I heard there might be an advanced workshop in Asheville NC next march. That would give me like, 10 months to get the level 1 study done. Has anybody done it that fast? The west coast is really too far for me to go.
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Depending on what you already have going on in your life, I would say it is totally do-able in 10 months. Its a lot of reading, and offering the classes right away....but it doesn't have to take up too much time. Good luck!!

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I'm so glad to see this thread!
I completed the Level 1 training last year, and I haven't started mentoring yet but I'm hoping to ASAP.
The one thing I see over and over is the concern over the cost, and I completely understand, but I hope that alone doesn't deter anyone. If you feel that BFW is your calling, follow it! Where there's a will, there's a way.
The training was one of the best experiences of my life, as was another workshop I went to with Pam a few weeks ago. She and the training facilitators are absolutely amazing and will completely blow your mind and re-shape your attitude, and you are likely to feel that you're finally "home."
It's an awesome journey, and not only will you be helping parents on their journey, but you'll be embarking on your own journey of personal growth and change in ways you never imagined. Good luck to you all!
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Originally Posted by jennymoon View Post
I heard there might be an advanced workshop in Asheville NC next march. That would give me like, 10 months to get the level 1 study done. Has anybody done it that fast? The west coast is really too far for me to go.
Oh my, maybe I was getting way ahead of myself! I actually planned on attending the advanced workshop in November! That would give me seven months to finish the Level 1 home study. I'm a pretty quick reader, and I actually was hoping to start teaching in July...but maybe this would be too difficult? What do you all think?
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*Bump* :
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I would again say that it depends whats happening in your life! BUT I think anything is possible if you have time, determination and commitment! Start the reading now, the list is on the website....and plan to start teaching ASAP! And keep in mind that marketing & getting participants can take time, so start networking immediatly with local midwives, doulas etc.....I had to cancel my first couple planned series due to not enough interest...it takes a bit to build, but that too would depend on where you are living!!

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Thanks for responding, Sarahfina! I should have also mentioned that I do not have any children yet, so I probably have a lot more time than most!

I have started reading, already finished Birthing From Within and am currently reading Sheila Kitzinger's Pregnancy and Childbirth book, but I don't really know what is expected from me in terms of book notes. Can I just keep a spiral notebook with the notes in it?

Thanks again, you have been so helpful with everything!
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Glad the info is helpful for you, and yes, not having kids yet will give you much more time than those with kids!!

In book notes, you'll want all the bibliography info, plus a brief (half page) summery of the book, a note about if and why you might use this in book yourself and if and why you might recommend it to couples you work with....also maybe a quote you like....nothing compicated!

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Whoohooo, that's not bad at all! I can do that!! Thanks again!!
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I just have to bump this up because the workshop is in THREE WEEKS as of today!!! Is anyone else as excited as me?!?!
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There are some things that really appeal to me about the Birthing from Within mentor training. I love the self-exploration aspect mentors go through. I think that's really neat.

Originally Posted by momileigh View Post
I would never (and when I say "I" I don't think I'm alone) say "yes!" to pain, and it seems that's what the book expects.
That was a turn-off for me as well when I read it during my second pregnancy. I loved the journaling and birth art stuff. That was awesome. I hated the unending messages of embracing pain. I actually chucked the book across the room when I got to the part where the midwife said she blows out candles and tells women to get to work if she shows up at a birth with candles and a woman relaxing peacefully. :

I think Pam's own experience of being blindsided by a much more painful birth than she was expecting factors in to why she talks so much about embracing pain. It may be that most women reading the book need to hear that message, so perhaps it's best as it is. It was definitely not what I needed at the time.

I ended up having a peaceful, relaxed, painless home water birth, which is exactly the type of birth I wanted and I don't think I would have had it if my midwife had adopted the same attitude as the midwife in the book. I didn't find what I needed to achieve that within the pages of Birthing from Within so I looked elsewhere (hypnosis).

Anyway, I think the book could be better. I know two BFW mentors who are really awesome people and I'm sure their classes are fantastic. I teach Hypnobabies classes, which is what works for me and the majority of my students. I'm not sure I could get over my own hang-ups regarding embracing pain and being a birth warrior even though teaching a BFW style class appeals to me on many levels.
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Originally Posted by feminine_earth View Post
I just have to bump this up because the workshop is in THREE WEEKS as of today!!! Is anyone else as excited as me?!?!
I am, I am! I think it is going to be an experience...
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Kristi, are you doing the doula workshop as well? I'm not...I'm leaving on Sunday. A lot of people talking via email about ride shares seem to all be leaving on Monday...wonder if I'm the only one not taking the doula workshop. Hmm...
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I am taking the doula workshop as well. I thought it would be great because I am interested in both. I noticed that too about the rideshares. Did I mention that I can't wait??...
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Ok...I have no words to say how absolutely phenomenal the BFW Intro Workshop was. My brain is just now starting to come down from the immense high it got from the awesome energy that was there. The women were amazing, Britta and Virginia were fabulous, Pam England was all that I expected and MORE! I cannot wait til Friday, payday, so I can enroll in the program. This past weekend was one of the most wonderful times of my life. I am so glad I went!!!

Anyone else?!
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