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I hear you sister. Welcome to the tribe! Its wonderful, isn't it?!


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Oh my goodness, yes, it is definitely wonderful!!

((Hugs Back!))
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I kept thinking I wonder which one is Feminine Earth! ha! I feel like I can't even write about the experience because I can't even begin to find the words for it. It was amazing.
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I was in the dorms across from the conference center. I have a nose ring, and I was one of the four in the coyote circle who had never given birth. Natalee (who also had a nose ring, lol) was my partner. I asked a lot of questions throughout the weekend...hmm...and my name is Melissa! There were only two Melissa's...one was from Denver, and I'm a Floridian!

Which one of the ladies were you?? I asked everyone in my dorm if any of them were on Mothering, and one was, but it wasn't you.
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I wore a tie dye shirt one day. Sat in front a few times. I didn't ask questions. hmm? I think I know who you are. Were you in Britta's group exercise outside at the picnic table? I stayed down in the birthing cabin which was cool because I gave birth there about 19 months ago.
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Ahhhh!! I know who you are! And I figured that was you, but I thought they were calling you "Christa" and not Kristi! You have the beautiful blonde boy, right? I talked to you outside the conference center while he was walking with you up the stairs. Yep, I was in Britta's group...I was the one who did the "tornado" visualization.

Are you going to continue with the mentor program? Tomorrow is payday for me, and I cannot WAIT to sign up!!
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Yep, I have the beautiful blonde boy. I am not sure if I will sign up or not. I am going to use some time to process my thoughts. I thought it was great but am wondering if I could really do it. I am so glad to hear that you are going forward, you will be awesome at it! Have you had any luck yet finding like minded people in your area?
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Thank you for the encouragement! I hope I can do it...right now, I'm super excited, and that's hiding most of my nervousness!

I have a great yoga community close to where I live, so I'm hoping to meet some like-minded mamas soon. I think it'd be easier to find people like me if I wasn't stuck at a desk out in the middle of nowhere all day long. Once I actually start teaching and am able to leave my desk job, I think I will start meeting more people...I hope so anyway!

If you do decide to continue the program, I think you will make a wonderful and very compassionate mentor. In fact, even if you don't continue with the program, I still feel you have a lot to offer pregnant and birthing mamas. I could literally feel kindness whenever I was around you, and that is so important in childbirth.
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