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Best nighttime diapers?

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So, I recently got back from a trip where I used sposies. Normally, I hate my brief experiences with disposables (we used to have far more blowouts with them, though now that DD is eating some solids, I think the blowouts may have stopped no matter what diapers she's in), but I admit to being a teeny bit thrilled at how well the sposies lasted at night.

We use mostly pocket diapers, and our usual nighttime diaper is a FB with a hemp doubler added underneath the usual microfleece insert. It works reasonably well, but it's soaked by the 3 or 4 in the morning, and I usually change her then when I nurse her, or else have to deal with leakage. I hate changing her in the middle of the night - wakes her up way more than she otherwise would be, and gets her screaming.
So.... what dipe can I go with that will last for 12 hours at night without leaking? DD is a very heavy wetter, though she's also stopped nursing much at night (we don't cosleep).
Any suggestions? I confess to considering using a disposable diaper just at nighttime, but I really don't want to...
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Bumgenius are the ONLY ones that work for us and I have super heavy wetters and don't change them in the middle of the night.
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Thanks! Do you put hemp in them as a doubler? Any other suggestions?
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fuzzi bunz and bg never worked for me at night no matter how much i stuffed them. i use first class baby night lights and they are amazing. we always had nightime leaks and never do now.
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I have an EXTREMELY heavy wetter and found that pockets were the worst nighttime diaper I tried. There was just no way to stuff enough absorbancy in them. We tried numerous systems including double premium pfs, BBH with extra doublers, UTN with extra doublers, Huggies Overnight sposies with extra doublers, etc. The best system we've found is VBSN bamboo with the largest doubler you can get and an extra doubler or two. We still get regular leaks with this system (did I mention he's a heavy wetter?), but it's far more absorbant than even sposies with doublers. HTH!
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