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Did you or do you cosleep with your twins?

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We had a crib for ds that we rarely used. We gave it away before dd was born and she slept with us from the start. We are expecting twins and assuming we will just cosleep with them. Well, either both dh and myself or just myself if the other dc's need him or it works out for him to sleep apart from us. We have a king size bed. We can do this right ? I mean, we're not crazy for not having cribs like everyone seems to think - right?
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My twins are almost two and have been co-sleeping with us since the day they came home from the hospital. We all fit just fine on a king mattress on the floor. It just gets a little challenging at nap time, trying to keep them from waking each other up!
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we cosleep, too and i cannot imagine it any other way. we (all five) just hop in our big party bed every night and cuddle. so simple.
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I'm sure it's totally possible!!

I (just me) coslept for the first month. It's hard to imagine the 'enviroment' i created unless you were there - but I tried make a 'recliner' in my bed out of pillows (very safe and sturdy) and had the babies on either side of me, ready to tandem nurse whenever they needed it. It really worked well and kept me from getting a sore neck.....

I also slept with them on either side and nursed them in the side-lying position. That didn't work as well for me because invariably, they'd both want to nurse at the same time. I chose to nurse BOTH of them when just one was hungry (dream feeding the other) just so *I* could get longer stretches of sleep.
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I co-slept with my girls at night until they were around 18 months. I had to kick my husband out of the bed, but he was perfectly ok with that :lmao

It totally can be done :yep
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We co-sleep and have since the beginning (they're 22 months now). For the first 8-10 months we all slept in the same bed (king size). Then we dropped it to the floor and dh started sleeping on an Aerobed beside us. This happened for a couple reasons. First, up until that point the boys remained swaddled at night and slept side-by-side (I'd just switch sides w/dh throughout the night as needed for nursing). Once they outgrew that then I began sleeping btwn them and since they were no longer confined by the swaddling blankets they were at risk of falling off the bed so that's why we dropped the bed to the floor. Dh didn't want to share the space with us anymore so we put him in the Aerobed. It works well for us, and our older kids come join him during the night, so everyone gets to snuggle.
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mine are 6 weeks and we co-sleep just fine. I still co-sleep with dd2 (16 ms) full time and dd1 (4yrs) part time.

I just put both boys on one side and dd2 on the other...the boys take turns nursing through the night and if they want to nurse together (like right when they wake in the morning)

It has been fine for us, they don't wake each other up yet and I get much better sleep.

They were both under 5 lbs when we brought them home and so we were nervous about co sleeping but it's been fine, and they sleep so much better.

We got rid of our crib after dd1...she only slept in it maybe once for a nap...so I gave it away and re-claimed the needed space!
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Mine are almost 7mo old and we cosleep in a kingsize. I have a bed rail on my side for the baby that sleeps on that side and the other baby is between DH and I.

For daytime naps rights now I have one in the crib in one room and one in the swing in the other room. Daytime naps together do not work right now since they turn more into wrestling matches at the moment.... that or the one who's asleep is at the mercy of the one awake.
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Our boys are 14 months. We co-sleep. A little squishy when our husky 3-year-old comes padding in at 2am some nights (even with a king-sized bed). But mostly just lovely.
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We part time co-sleep at night. Obviously CS-ing with twins is totally possible. Just be open to the other possiblities. I CS with dd exclusively, but found that when I have both babes on either side of me that I become a twin sandwhich and it is hard for me to sleep well. Often I have nursed one of them and then their isn't enough room to put my arm down and then my arms fall asleep. And since I don't get very good sleep regardless, I usually end up sleeping with one at a time and putting the other back in the crib in our room. Then they switch again during the night.

Although usually they are both in with us in the morning and usually dd also. Soooo glad we bought a king-size!!

Good luck!
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We had cribs and a cosleeper and never really used them. I gave up trying to get them to sleep alone around 5 months and we coslept till they were about 3 yo.

We started with a queen size bed - definately not big enough. (Well, it was okay for me and the babes, but dh got kicked out to the couch.) We had room to add another full size bed next to it, and that worked okay for four people.
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our twins are 4 mos old and we have co-slept with them from the very first night. We have a crib sidecarred to our queen bed, but most of the time they're in bed with us. I also have the "recliner" set-up in the bed with pillows, and I take my nursing pillow to bed with us (Bosom Baby pillow, I love it!) I usually fall asleep while nursing them to sleep, and then try to move them to the crib later in the night.
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My boys are 2.5 yrs old and still sleeping with me I love sleeping with toddlers, they are so sweet and cuddly! Me and the boys have co-slept since the beginning and my dh and older ds have floated around. At one point all 5 of us were in 1 room but it was a bit squished so dh and ds moved to ds's room and we have all been much more comfortable. I think I will have a hard time getting dh back in bed with me, right now he has the bottom bunk (a full size bed) to himself and I think he is very happy with it!
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Thank you for all your replies. I just needed a reminder that we're not crazy. Ever since we found out we're having twins everyone keeps telling us we'll need two of everything, including two cribs. I'm sure we can make the co-sleeping work with two newborns.
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For about the first six months we had a crib next to our bed where they both slept, and I rotated them in and out of bed to nurse all night. That worked for us at that time because I was quite ill for a looong time and could not wake up to their cries, so I would not have been safe for them to sleep with.

At six months DH could tell I was healthy and we got a king sized bed and have never looked back. We're still co-sleeping at almost 4.5 years.

We did use the cribs for play areas, places to put them down, places to jump in, toy storage, etc. after that.
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Co-slept with triplets until 6 months

Sleeping with our babies was the only way for us to get any sleep. We started out with the crib next to my side of our king bed with all 3 babies in the crib. After one night having all the babies home, we quickly moved 2 into bed with us, and pushed the crib right up to the bed with the 3rd baby in the crib ( side even with the bed) I could easily move the baby from the crib without getting up, to nurse him and then turn over to the other side to nurse one of my daughters. When my other daughter needed to nurse, we flipped her with her sister. When they were tiny, I did sit up and tandem nurse. As they got bigger and slept longer stretches, I could nurse them one at a time. Many nights we had all three in bed between us (King Bed)

It was not easy but that time in our lives was wonderful! I have to say it was much easier with my singleton daughter 2 yrs later though. I think most of her night time feedings we were both asleep! She stayed with us until 7 months as well. We had a bassinet for her but only used it during the day.

We moved the triplets out when I put them to bed one night and went up to check on them an hour later and found one of them had rolled and flipped her way to the foot of the bed and was propped up airplane style looking at me! If I had been 2 seconds later she would have been on the floor!

We moved them into their one cribs in one room after that. Transitioning them out was not fun for any of us.

Co-sleeping with my children will remain one of my foundest memories of my babies.
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I've been co-sleeping with both since they were about 14 months old. When they were born they were in cribs. About 8 months, DD was with me full time and 14 months both joined me. DH sleeps in the guest room. He needs room, and doesn't sleep that well so it wouldn't work for him. I don't sleep well with them there, they still nurse several times a night and don't give me much room, but I love the extra cuddles - especially since I work 4 days/week.
Now they are 26 months.
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We co-slept with the twins til they were 2 and now they share a double bed. Actually dh is still in there with them, so they are still technically co-sleeping but I don't sleep with them anymore.
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DH and I have co-slept w/ our twins (now 9 mos old) since their birth. We started in our queen-sized bed,. When DS started leaping off the bed--even OVER the guard rail--we dropped it to the floor and added a twin alongside. We do a twin sandwich too, but I find it easier to keep the babes together in the middle and I move from one side to the other. Amazingly I'm able to do this w/o really waking up. I keep a couple of boppies on the side where I'm 'not' to keep my place. Although I'm sure our friends who don't co-sleep doubt me, I can honestly say that I've slept pretty well since our babes were just a couple of months old.

....now will someone help me figure out how to get them to nap daily and simultaneously! LOL
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We co sleep in our king. Sometimes our 5 yo pops in with us too. We have slept this way from the beginning and probably will for a couple more years too. The twins are 20 months now.
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