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Possible UTI?

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Anyone BTDT and could give me some insight? I've never had a UTI/bladder infection before. I don't know what one feels like. And my symptoms could just be because the baby has dropped and is putting pressure on my bladder. But I've been having really frequent urges to pee and am not peeing a whole lot when I do go. I've had some cramping and discomfort down there - kind of like twinges. It just feels funny.

I meant to ask at my MW appt today if we should test for one, but I forgot (obviously I'm not in a lot of pain or anything). Is there any way to know if it's just the baby resting on my bladder or a UTI? Is there anything I can to do treat it myself w/o antibiotics that would be ok even if I don't have one? I read that the cranberry juice thing only works to prevent, not to deal with an existing infection (which I don't know if I have or not).

I guess if it doesn't get better I'll call my MW, but her office is 2 hours away and I'd rather not go back before my next appt in a week unless I have to. Thanks for any input.

ETA: I'm having cramping and twinges down there. Kind of like menstrual cramps, which sometimes turn into BH or a big ctx. And then I wonder if the ctx is causing the cramps/twinges or the other way around?
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Hope you feel better soon. I hope you don't have an infection and that it's just normal end-of-pregnancy pressure stuff.

Lots of cranberry juice and vitamin c (like a 1,000mg emergen-c thing) are good for clearing up UTIs and can't hurt you or your baby if you don't! (Well I don't know about the max vit c we can take, but certainly 1,000 mg is fine.) Cranberries have something in them that keeps the bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder I believe, so they fall off and get peed out, if I remember correctly. Drinking tons and tons of water is good for flushing your kidneys and bladder too of course...

Good luck, hope it's nothing
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Does sound like a uti to me--I've never actually had one either, but felt like I was developing one last week. Took LOADS of cranberry pills (more effective than the juice, which is usually diluted with water or grape juice etc), probiotics and vitamin C (you can take way more than 1,000mg, esp when you're sick: I'd do at least 3,000mg a day in this situation), drank a lot & peed often, and it seems to be gone.
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It could definitely be a UTI.

Cranberry can be used to treat UTIs, but it is not a surefire cure. It certainly won't hurt, though. I like Cranactin brand. You can take up to 6 pills a day, I think. If your symptoms don't improve pretty quickly on the cranberry, I would see your doctor/mw right away - UTIs can worsen rapidly and can become very painful.

Even if you end up taking antibiotics, adding the cranberry will help. And you can continue to take one or two pills a day to prevent recurrence. I am very prone to UTIs - I've had at least a dozen - but even during pregnancy I have been able to keep them at bay with cranberry. It really works!
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Could Be...

I was just in L and D for several hours the other night with a UTI. It was REALLY REALLY REALLY painful to urinate and came on very suddenly. I haven't had a UTI since I was about 5 years old so I didn't know what it was but the pain led me to call my OB. I got antibiotics in an IV (and am taking cranberry and probiotics as well) and within a couple hours of getting the antibiotics, the pain was lessened a lot. Doc said UTI are very, very common in pregnancy.

Your symptoms, to me, sound like your baby is just sitting in a way that causes the twinges and such. Doesn't really sound like a UTI to me but I am sure everyone experiences symptoms a little differently...can't hurt to get checked for it! Hope you feel better soon.

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