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any vaginal babies with allergies, eczema or asthma

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I had a c-section 8 months ago with my first son, and I am now filled with regret. I have been reading articles online regarding a study that says that c-section babies miss out on all of the good bacteria that is located in the mother's birth canal (bacteria that is essential for the development of the immune system), and now I am terrified that my son will have a compromised immune system for life! Ugh! One of the articles scared me more than the other. I can't find the link to the scary one (which said vaginal birth is critical and vital to the baby's life long term), but here is the one about asthma:


At the very least the study indicates that my son will be much more likely to have allergies and asthma and possibly other problems. When I stopped to think about it, all of my friends that are c-section moms have kids who have eczema, allergies and/or asthma. I am in a panic.

Are there any moms out there that have children from vaginal deliveries that have food allergies, eczema or asthma? I would love to know that c-section babies aren't the only ones. I would love for you to share your stories, experiences, advice, etc.
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I have asthma and was a vaginal (albeit premature) birth. my younger son was vaginal and he has (I believe) asthma. his dr agrees with me but she doesn't want to diagnose him yet
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My dd was a vaginal med. free birth and she has allergies (both food and seasonal), eczema and asthma. I believe her eczema is partly due to genetics and believe strongly that vax played a roll as well because of the timing of the vax and onset of eczema. Asthma is something you see a lot with eczema kids and allergies as well.
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two of my brothers...

Both born vaginally...one has excema and the other nut allergies. Both were vacinnated in the 70s. Sometimes its external, sometimes its genetics...
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My DH was a vaginal birth and he had severe allergies as a child, his brother also vaginal has severe asthma. And my sister (vag of course) has eczema.

All those kids were full term too. So while the vaginal bateria may be beneficial it doesn't guarantee that a child will not have these issues.

The c/s wasn't your fault (unless you planned it) don't beat yourself up over it, you did the best you could at the time. I understand that remorse, but your child is not damaged because of it and your bond can be just as strong as a vaginally birthed baby.
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I have asthma and was a vaginal birth. I also was deathly allergic (throat would close from hives) to just about every food out there for the first three years of my life. My middle child was a vaginal birth and has asthma. My oldest was a c-section and has none of the above.
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Hm. That's interesting but there are so many other variables. I wouldn't beat myself up if I were you.

My older DD was a vaginal birth and has no allergies or health issues that I can think of. Unless there is a diagnosis for CONSTANT TALKING. lol

My younger DD was an emergency c-section and she does have eczema (argh I always want to spell it with an x in there) but no other health issues.

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My first son was a C-section, vaxed till age 18 months and has no allergies etc. My second son was a VBAC--super healthy pregnancy, completely unmedicated and full term, untraumatic vaginal birth, at home. No vaxes, and he has severe food allergies and mild eczema. So you never know. I assume you didn't choose a C section for your convenience, and there is nothing you can do about it now, as you can't go back and redo your birth.
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Don't feel bad, my DDs have a milk allergy but it runs in the family. Both vaginal births.
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Don't beat yourself up about it, my daughter was a perfectly normal vaginal delivery and she has severe eczema and is allergic to egg.
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My eldest has asthma.

My 3rd child has eczema.

My 4th child has eczema, cow's milk protein allergy, possible wheat/other grains allergies as well.

All my children were vaginal births. The only one (the 2nd) who doesn't seem to have any of this was my preemie, NICU baby. Go figure. I bet genetics has more to do with it than anything.
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DH, DS, DSS and I were all vaginal deliveries. DS has and I had mild eczema. DH has asthma. DSS has both asthma and some food allergies, mostly outgrown at this point. Your son may or may not experience ecema, asthma or allergies, and I'm not inclined to think that c-section vs. vaginal birth is the deciding factor.
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All of my children have been vaginal births. All of them have asthma and/or environmental allergies. My youngest has food allergies, asthma and environmental allergies. All of my children had excema when they were small (under 2) and my youngest still does.
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My husband was born vaginally and exclusively breast fed for the first 6 months and has horrible allergies and asthma.
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thank you for all of the posts. i have been worried sick over this...just being afraid that my ds would suffer long term effects of a c-section. thanks again.
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I have asthma and I was born vaginally.
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All 3 fo my kids were vaginal births (1 hospital, 1 home w/ mw, 1 home UC) and all 3 have eczema AND allergies (seasonal and environmental).
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all babies were vaginal and med free, all have excema to varing degrees, food allergies and one has asthma. and hayfever and enviormental allergies as well
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DS#1 - vaginal birth has environmental allergies, dust mite allergies, had a milk protein intolerance as a baby and has asthma. He has had crop, pnemonia and in general more health issues than DS#2 who was a c-section.

DS#2 - c-section baby hasn't had any of those problems. He gets a runny nose every once in awhile but that's it.
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It's true that being born by c-section does increase baby's risk for allergies a tiny bit. BUT, being born by c-section to a mom with allergies increases baby's risk for allergies a LOT.


Asthma and allergies are both autoimmune disorders that appear to be very closely related in some ways, so this info is relevant to your inquiry. Make sure to click on the pics for detailed caption information.

IOW... *just* delivering by c-section has only a small effect. *Just* family history has only a small effect (but bigger than c-section). The two together have a synergistic effect that dramatically increases the chances of allergy.

You can start your child on probiotics now (sprinkle the powder on your nipples before nursing) and possibly improve or mitigate things. By being aware of the issue and the possible factors involved, you're going to be in a much better position to help this NOT be a lifelong problem.

Believe me, I know how you feel. Between 11 doses of IV antibiotics during labor and a c-section delivery, it's totally NOT a surprise that my son is allergic to wheat, dairy, and canola (so far). But we do what we can, and when we know better, we do better!
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