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DS was born vaginally, and our doc recently diagnosed him with Reactive Airway Disease, and believes he has asthma...
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I'm a vaginal birth with asthma and all my sibs, all vaginal births, have seasonal respiratory allergies.

My son was a c-section baby and also has seasonal allergies.

Remember risk does not equal guarantee.
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I have one sister who has asthma and one who has eczema, both were born vaginally...
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My son had eczema shortly after he was born last jan, but it cleared up after I stopped giving him supplemental bottles of formula. I had supply issues and I have work/school part-time so it was necessary for a bit. I've noticed if I give him milk products he gets congested too, so I try to avoid it.
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All of my births have been vaginal without pain meds.My oldest two have eczema and the younger two don't even have a hint of allergies.my oldest has the worse case and he had RSV at 5 weeks even though he did not fit the risk profile.We have to read some these studies with a grain of salt.i read that if you have a Pit induction in CA your baby has a risk of Autism.I worried over it for awhile since my 2nd was born in CA with a Pit induction but then realized I did the best I could with the info I had and would deal with anything that happens when it happens instead of worrying and not enjoying my baby.
Love yourself, love your baby.((hugs)))
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My son has been diagnosed for asthma for almost four years.. and he is almost 5 1/2 now. The doctors didn't know why his asthma started so young but thought it could *possibly be* because he was an out-of-hospital waterbirth with respiratory distress and fluid in the lungs that entailed a five day trip to the NICU on delivery day. However both my husband and me have asthma at different times.
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All my boys were born vaginaly.
DS 1 selectively vaxed has asthma.
DS 2 even more selectively vaxedhas no allergies asthma or excema.
DS 3 unvaxed has seasonal asthma, excema, and is allergic to soy, corn, peanuts, cow dairy, and gluten.

DS 3 was born VERY rapidly (read; less than 30 seconds in the birth canal) I have wondered if perhaps his gut was not properly colonized as a result.
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I've had 4 vaginal births, with 2 children with eczema and allergies, 1 child with eczema, and one child with no known allergies and no eczema.

DH and I were both vaginal, unmedicated births with allergies and eczema.

We can trace a similar history to our grandparents... in our family it seems to have a strong hereditary component.
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one of my bffs had a vaginal birth, and her dd has pretty serious food and environmental allergies, as well as eczema. she also has allergies and asthma and was a vaginal birth.

i have allergies and food sensitivities, and was a vaginal birth. my dad is the same way. seems to me there's more of a connection to heredity than the manner of birth in things like this.
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My daughter and I were both born vaginally. We both have eczema.
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Three of my sisters were vaginal, med free deliveries, and two have allergies and asthma, one much more severe than the other. I was under the notion that it can be hereditary, and that seems to be the case in my neck of the woods.

I was a "bum-in-the-canal-three-weeks-overdue-c-section" delivery, and have both asthma and allergies, but as others in my family were not of the same delivery and have the same issue, I wouldn't jump to that conclusion.
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I have asthma and was born vaginally, w/ no pain meds, but I did receive the few vaxes they gave in the 80s. I also have lots of seasonal allergies.

My c/s baby had one set of vaxes and was my easiest baby. He only had problems w/ milk, soy, and egg.

Evan and Ilana were my VBAC babies, no vaxes, and were intolerant to just about everything, well, Evan was. I did the TED w/ him. They both had milk, soy, egg, wheat issues and Evan had way more. They both have had seasonal allergies as well, Evan has outgrown his, but Ilana still has some issues w/ hers.
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